After much prayer and soul-searching, I have reluctantly decided to vote for the Trump-Pence ticket. Here’s why.

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This is not easy for me. I did not get to this point lightly. Rather, it has been a matter of intense examination of the candidates and party platforms, studying the Scriptures (particularly I Samuel 8-12; see below), and listening to many thoughtful voices in the debate.

Anyone who has been tracking my writing during the course of this campaign knows how deeply concerned I am about Mr. Trump — his lack of experience, flip-flopping on issues, and the unkind and at times even vulgar or vitriolic language he uses against his critics. I had hoped he would be defeated in the primaries. Or challenged by a plausible third party candidate. Or would drop out after the release of the deeply offensive video of him speaking with Billy Bush.

But this is where we are. Now, it is truly is a binary choice between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. There’s no…

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Independence Day

kinder303This uniquely American holiday is a time to reflect on the greatness of our Nation and its people and the God who led our forefathers in the founding of our “land of the Free”

However, it is not really a time to celebrate as “Americans”. It is a time to celebrate as sovereign people of the States. The Fourth of July was the day (it was actually a few days earlier) the people of the thirteen colonies through their representatives in the Congress, declared to the world that they were now independent and free States. Free from the King and Parliament and a centralized government. However, it would take a long and bloody war to actually permit these newly independent Sates to remain free.

The Declaration of Independence was signed by men who knew they were risking their “Lives, fortunes and sacred honor”. According to the King, they were all traitors who warranted death.

When the war finally came to a successful end the King and Parliament had no choice but to declare that the thirteen States were now free. The first Article of the Treaty of Paris that ended the war stated:

His Brittanic Majesty acknowledges the said United States, viz., New Hampshire, Massachusetts Bay, Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia, to be free sovereign and Independent States; that he treats with them as such, and for himself his Heirs & Successors, relinquishes all claims to the Government, Propriety, and Territorial Rights of the same and every Part thereof.

It appears that we have forgotten who we are. We are a union of States that remain free and independent. The Articles of Confederation, our first Constitution, and the current Constitution never gave up the Sovereignty of the States. In fact the States delegated only limited authority to the Federal government. The Tenth Amendment made it very clear.

How does the Declaration of Independence sum up? Read it carefully:

We, therefore, the Representatives of the united States of America, in General Congress, Assembled, appealing to the Supreme Judge of the world for the rectitude of our intentions, do, in the Name, and by Authority of the good People of these Colonies, solemnly publish and declare, That these united Colonies are, and of Right ought to be Free and Independent States, that they are Absolved from all Allegiance to the British Crown, and that all political connection between them and the State of Great Britain, is and ought to be totally dissolved; and that as Free and Independent States, they have full Power to levy War, conclude Peace, contract Alliances, establish Commerce, and to do all other Acts and Things which Independent States may of right do. — And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor.

usaspinSo this Fourth of July why not fly your State flag? It will show to the world that you are still a Sovereign and free people who choose to remain part of a union of States. How did John Adams say to celebrate: “…It ought to be commemorated as a day of deliverance by solemn acts of devotion to God Almighty. It ought to be solemnized with pomp and parade, with shows, games, sports, guns, bell, bonfires, and illuminations from one end of this continent to the other…”

Let’s not forget who we are.4thofjuly


American History Tidbits

Battle of Alligator Bridge

The Battle of Alligator Bridge, also known as the Skirmish of Alligator Creek, took place on June 30, 1778, near present day Callahan, Florida, and was the only major engagement in an unsuccessful campaign to conquer British East Florida during the American Revolution. A detachment of Georgia militiamen under the command of General James Screven chased Thomas Brown’s Loyalist company into a large position of British regulars established by British Major Mark Prevost and were turned back.


Artist’s depiction of the Battle of Alligator Bridge

In the spring of 1778 an invasion of East Florida was organized by Georgia Governor John Houstoun and Continental Army General Robert Howe. However, the two men could not agree on overall command of the expedition, and Houstoun refused to share his plans with Howe, leading to organizational and logistical difficulties.

Howe, in command of 1,100 regulars was waiting for Georgia and South Carolina militia companies to arrive when he learned on June 18 that Loyalist Thomas Brown and 300 men were at Fort Tonyn on the Florida side of the St. Mary’s River. On June 28 his men crossed the St. Mary’s in a move that was observed by Brown’s scouts. Brown decided to retreat from the fort, which he burned after removing everything he could take with him.

Brown ordered a company of men to circle around behind the Continentals while the rest of his men hid along the road heading south from the fort. British Major Mark Prevost had established a defensive position at Alligator Bridge, about 17 miles south of the fort. Howe sent General James Screven and about 100 cavalry south on this road. The men Brown sent to flank the Continentals were betrayed by deserters and ambushed, with most of them captured or killed.

Howe then sent General James Screven and about 100 militia cavalry to find Brown, who retreated before Screven’s advance. The leading edge of Brown’s men entered Prevost’s camp relatively casually, but his rear was chased in by Screven. Prevost’s regulars quickly took up positions and began firing on Screven’s men, while some of Brown’s men went around to come at their flank. In pitched battle, men on both sides went down, Screven was wounded, and some of the Patriot militia narrowly escaped being trapped before Screven ordered the retreat.

Howe’s army eventually withdrew from East Florida, effectively ending the idea of gaining control of the province. James Screven was killed in a surprise attack led by Brown in November 1778.

The site of the bridge has long been supposed to be in central Callahan, where a marker has been placed, but some historians believe that the actual site of the bridge was somewhat farther east.

Who will be a “Gideon”

  • christian_clr
    It is amazing to consider that God still has his remnant in our Nation’s Capitol. There are Christian men and women in Washington, who in their personal life, their public policies and actions, and in their leadership and example–stand for Scriptural values and principles and the Constitution of the United States.  These brave soldiers who are at the forefront of the battlefield need our prayers and support.  We must not let them down.
  •  Our mission is based in the grass-roots of America.  As we become informed and involved in issues of local and state level, we are establishing a firm foundation on which our Brethren in Washington can build upon. In addition to the ballot box, we still have access to e-mails, blogs, letters to the editor, and phone calls to State and Federal elected officials.  Too many of God’s people are ‘pew warmers’ when it comes to getting involved in the battle for their liberties.
  • Furthermore, as Christians, it is our duty to hold our civil magistrates to the oath they took to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States. Politically, our duty is to America–and no other country. (except Israel). Spiritually, our duty is to Christ and not to any particular religious denomination, ethnicity, or foreign entity. We need to stop playing God in the Middle East; we need to stop pretending that foreign entities are of greater value than our own country; (except Israel) and we need to stop elevating our own myopic understanding of prophesy above the clear teachings of Revealed and Natural Law relating to the principles of liberty and justice for all as defined in the Holy Writ.
  • Our meddling in the Middle East has only made things worse for our Christian Brethren living in those countries.  America’s interventionist foreign policy should focus on defending Israel and those people who are suffering at the iron hand of their governments.  If all of these do-gooders in Washington, D.C. were truly serious about helping the oppressed, they would determine to protect the liberties of the Citizens they were elected to serve.  These folk need to take a good, studious look at the Constitution of which they pledged to uphold.
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Sound The Battle Cry!

The foe is nigh; even at our doorstep.  We need to put our armor on and rest our cause upon His Holy Word!

Joshua fought the Battle of Jericho;  David slew the Philistines;  and even Deborah led the charge against the Canaanites.  So what is our problem?  Should we not also fight against the wickedness of these last days?  Some of the Christian faith are content to change the world by evangelizing and this is most honorable.  Evangelism and most assuredly. prayer. are essential in the battle against wickedness in high places, however, like the wickedness of Sodom, the Lord has given some over to reprobate minds and their ability to discern righteousness is nil.

In addition, there are also Saints that have an eschewed sense of responsibility when it comes to political matters.  This was most biblenoticeable in the last election when a significant amount of God’s people did not even vote!  So sad.  Many qualified young people have been discouraged from entering the political profession by well-meaning Pastors and parents because of the negativity; sort of like the good apple in the basket of rotten pomes.    Yet history reveals that during our founding years, one was required to be a Christian or they could not hold public office.

We often forget that the freedoms we have in the United States do not come from the government, but are derived from our Creator, as gifts to be defended and protected.  God’s  purpose for government is to restrain evil and promote good in society.  When government ceases to fulfill scriptural principle, then God’s people need to take the ‘bull’ by the horn and teach it a lesson or two of how God intended government to function.

For many years a covert spiritual battle has occurred within the halls of our government by which the powers of darkness actively worked to silence and suppress the church with thousands of small restrictions.  These losses of religious freedoms went mostly unnoticed until the forces of evil began legislating more visible limitations upon the Church.  More of God’s people began to sit up and take notice that their freedoms guaranteed by the United States Constitution were being taken away before their very eyes.  Unfortunately many of us still sat idly by, not lifting our banner on high.   Sigh!

If the time comes when the Church is completely silenced on issues of importance, it is safe to say that our government will be less inclined to “promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to us and our prosperity,” as stated in our Constitution.  Instead, it will enforce conduct that is both contrary to the laws of Scripture and destructive in people’s’ lives.  The Church will be gagged from speaking out on issues such as abortion, same-sex marriages and preaching labeled as “hate speech”.

The day may well be on the horizon when our Pastors will be thrown into prisons, Christian soldiers will be martyred, and religious freedom will be a thing of the past.  There are Soldiers of the Cross who are preparing for that very day when they will need to “load the musket” to defend their freedom.  Churches will be resigned to meet undercover, as many do today on foreign soil.  Our children may be tortured in an effort to get us to deny our Savior.  But praise be to God, we can look up for our redemption draweth nigh!

644027_452115158160059_1308777013_nWhat to do; what to do!  Make it your responsibility to become informed of what is going on in the Federal government and your State government.  Contact your elected officials to vote against legislation which purport laws that are contrary to Scripture.  And last. but not least. seek the Lord’s will in running for public office, whether in your city or your state, AND support those candidates who stand and defend our Constitution.


Awake Americans!

The following is an except from the introduction to the book “America’s Constitution” written by Evangelist Caleb Galloway

At the beginning of time , God knew that one day a country of the West would rise and become one of the greatest weisgerber   flagnations in the history of the World.  He knew that this nation would rise to prominence because it decided to base itself solidly upon the Word of God.  This Nation was the United States of American.  The Constitution has remained the same and has effectively guided us for over 235 years. however, we are currently facing a time in which liberals, revisionist historians, judicial activists, sodomites,  and others are trying to secretly and slowly take away our liberties.  They are eagerly twisting the interpretation of our Constitution to suit their own agendas and fulfill their own demonic goals.  Furthermore, liberals and judicial activists are trying to use the Constitution to purge all aspects of Christianity from the public square.

In chapter VII  of this book Mr Galloway points out that this is a critical hour in which we find ourselves living.  However. God makes the brightest lights to shine in the darkest of nights.  In order to shine effectively and unhindered, however, we must know the truth.  The truth for every human being  is, first and foremost, the Bible.  Secondly, the truth for every American is the Constitution that was based upon the dependency of Jehovah God.  We must know what those truths are so that we can shine as beacons in a very  dark time in our nations’ history.

Every blood-bought believer in the Lord Jesus Christ needs to become a student of His Word.  This is our instruction book on life, our historical book on the existence of mankind.  The Bible is our guide to obtaining wisdom and instruction in righteousness.  In addition,written within the Holy Writ is listed warnings, for those who choose not to heed to the commandments that God has set forth.  This divinely inspired Book was the resource that our Founding Fathers used in writing our most precious Constitution.    Their desire was to have ‘One nation under God.’

Many American’s know that their Constitution was based upon the Bible, but that is as far as their knowledge extends.  bibleOh, some may be able to repeat the preamble, be familiar with the “Bill of Rights”, and even specific amendments such as the 1st, 2nd, and 10th.  However for the most part we do not know diddly squat about the contents of this great document.  Don’t be too discouraged, neither do the members of the United States Senate and House of Representatives.  To be sure, there are some parts with which the President and his liberal cronies are quite familiar with, the part that they want to go away with.     My fellow American’s we need to make the Constitution the second most important reading material in our possession! In my recent perusal of this document I have discovered some startling knowledge of which I had not before known.  For instance, it is  unconstitutional for the Supreme Court to pass laws governing our Land.  This is the job of the House of Representatives.  Just as the President and the members of the Senate, the Justices can be impeached for improper conduct.  It is illuminating to say the least at some of the reasons that former Justices have been impeached.

The principles of Government set forth in Scripture and incorporated into the Constitution of the United States are indeed under vicious attack.  Read for yourselves in Isaiah 33:22 how God established the three branches of government.  Then turn to Exodus 18:21 to see how that God divided the governing agencies into the Federal. State and local governments.  In verse 27, the principle for the Supreme Court is set forth.

Brethren, we cannot blame the condition of our Nation on the liberals, or on the prince of darkness.  It is we, the American citizen who possess the saving knowledge of Jesus, the only begotten Son of a most Holy God.  Conservative polls indicate that thousands upon thousands of so-called professing Believers did not even vote in the 2012 election.  In fact, it is thought that if all of God’s people who were eligible to vote did so, the outcome of the election would have been much different.  That sore spot being behind us, now what.

As American’s who fear the Lord we need to become informed in the matters of our local, State and Federal Governments.  Log onto websites that have information regarding proposed Bills being introduced into the Senate and House of not only the United States but also of your state of residence, and your local community council.  Become involved in pointing out any unconstitutionality of any proposed legislation.  Call your elected officials and asked them to vote against issues that are contrary to the Word of God and the Constitution.  Finally, intercede to the throne of 12630_475637122493006_1882853627_n Uncle Sam; Lady Libertyheaven for God to have mercy on our Nation; to send revival; to save the souls of those who are determined to destroy the very constitution of which He inspired our Forefathers to write.  We will stand before God and give an account of  what we did to stand against the evil in our blessed United States of America!  Will He say “Well done thou good and faithful servant?  It is not too late – become a soldier for Christ and a defended of the American Constitution.


The Godly and Gallant George

It was a cold frigid wintry night.  The troops huddled near the flames of the campfire in an attempt to keep warm.  Their ill-clad bodies were almost numb from being frost-bitten.  The morale among the men was very low; were they fighting a losing cause? As the men glanced at the General they were drawn to the look of despair upon his face.  He was their inspiration, their fearless leader, but now, seemingly facing defeat his countenance had faltered.  What were they going to do?

As the flames continued to lick the frosty night air, some of the men thought of their families.  It was Christmas, meager dinners were being planned…………the War had been hard on many folk………… was used to support the needs of the Army, but even for them food was scarce.  So here they sat, hungry, cold, and many in ill health, determined to fight for the cause of Freedom.

The General was indeed in a state of despair.  His soldiers had not had a good meal for weeks.  With a broken countenance he watched his men huddled together near the fire.  Bloody footprints of his men without shoes could be seen in  the snow.  Half of his men were scheduled to be discharged at the years end.   Within his mind there were no answers, yet his heart was afire with the need of persevering.  To retreat would be a disaster, all that they had fought so determinedly would be lost.  No, they just could not go back, they must press onward!  But how?  Knowing that he did George_Washington valley forgenot have the answer to that question the General took his request to the One who could give him direction, so he poured his heart out to his Heavenly Father.

In the stillness of the wintry night one could hear the drunken revery of the enemy encamped across the river.  Although the Hessian’s were known for their abuse of alcohol, the minds of the General’s men was focused on the food, clothing and warmth that the enemy enjoyed.  It just did not seem fair, but then life is not often fair.  The men were suddenly taken aback by the presence of their Leader.  He seemed to have a glitter in his eyes, his countenance was that of hope, the tone of his voice was that of encouragement.  “Men, God Almighty has given me a plan”

washington-delaware-lThe trip to  the river was arduous to say the least.  It was Christmas Day, and two of his men had gone on to their Maker.  As they crossed the Delaware the shore-line came into view in the early morning hour and they could see the camp of their enemy.  The scent of fire-burning wood was as the scent of expensive cologne.  The enemy was still asleep after a hard night of partying,  unsuspecting that a surprise attack was at their doorstep.  Because of the snow, blustery winds and freezing rain, the British did not send out their pre-dawn patrol.  God was so good!

Colonel Rall had sensing that an attack from the Continental army was possible had asked for more troops but was denied.  Apparently the British considered the American Army to be in such a disarray that an attack upon their troops was unlikely.  In addition, Colonels Rall’s officers strongly insisted that walls and fortresses be built, but he ignored the suggestion to construct fortifications.   Bad move!  Once again, the providence of God!

The rest is history as the saying goes.  The Hessian and British troops did not even have time to get dressed when the streets-trentonsurprise attack came upon them.  General Washington ended up with about 5 wounded men, two dead from freezing.  Colonel Rall was fatally wounded as well as over 80 of his men; and 22 wounded.  Because of this Christmas Day victory of General Washington, the morale of the American people was heightened and many more men enlisted in the cause for freedom.  It was God that worked in George’s heart, both to will and to do of His own surrender-l  Gen Rallgood pleasure.

Sadly, Secular historians omit the divine interventions in the founding of this great Nation.  It is now our responsibility to teach our children and grandchildren the truth.   The Lord worked through people like George Washington to establish this Country as One Nation under God.