Cupid is a What?

Even as the last remnants of the Christmas merchandise is being removed from the store shelves, the nations proprietors are stocking cards, candy and cute little dainties for the annual celebration of Valentines day.  As a child I can remember my Mom buying packages of little Valentine cards to give out to our classmates. Those little embossed heart Valentine-Day-Images4-150x150shaped candy confections are still a favorite of children today.  Over the years, like many other events, the merchandise of Valentine’s Day has evolved into an art of sorts.  Gourmet delicacies, designer cards, and fantastic floral arrangements entice the lovelorn as they seek to purchase that one special gift that will express their love and adoration to the recipient of their affection, making this a 14 billion dollar annual enterprize.  So, where and when did all of this seemingly harmless celebration originate.  For some, this will come as an absolute shock!

The researching of the origin of Valentines day was enlightening to say the least.  The stories and or legends literally go from one extreme to the other with an intertwining of fact and fiction that almost boggles the mind.  There are certain facts that have allowed me to conclude that this yearly event originated from pagan worship.  Since the reference to this truth is none other than the Word of God, I am inclined to believe that the origin of Valentines celebration does have its roots in paganism.   In Genesis 10:9 we are introduced to Nimrod, the first full-time disciple of Satan.  His name means towerofbabel‘rebel’ and justifiably so for he rebelled against God.  You will recall that it was Nimrod who led the building of the Tower of Babel. After God scattered the people by instituting the various languages, the name Nimrod also became known as Tammuz, Adonis, Baal, Lupercus, and even Cupid.

The meaning of the word valentine comes from the Latin Valentinus, meaning to be strong, powerful and mighty – like Nimrod is depicted in the Bible.  Lupercus, the Roman god for ‘Nimrod’, was a heathen hero, their strong man, their valentine.   ST Valentines day was set aside by Roman pagans to worship him.  So, we can conclude that Nimrod/Lupercus, a heathen god known for being strong and powerful with his bow and arrow, a disciple of Satan, was the original St Valentine.   In fact, they were called St Valentine.

The Babylonian’s name for Nimrod is Tammuz,  the illegitimate son of Queen Semiramis.  She claimed that Tammuz was Nimrod, reborn.  Queen Semiramis the goddess of immortality, lusted after her son, in an incestuous relationship.   This is further confirmed by the incestuous  relationship between Venus and Cupid, the Greek counterpart to Semiramis and Tammuz. Their twisted sexuality is the object of Valentines Day.

Semiramis became the Queen of heaven and her relationship with Tammuz, her son, became the basis for the fertility cults throughout the world.  She was worshipped as the goddess  “Ishtar”,  during the feast of Easter in Saxon times.   During these festivals, immorality ran rampant.  Women and men sent cards to those of whom they desired to have a sexual encounter, thus the origin of Valentine Cards; bringing men and women together for sexual purposes  Nudity was a common site during these festivals and folk ran through the streets virtually naked.    Did you ever see a cupid with clothes on?

The Roman Catholic church tried to ‘Christianize’ this sordid event for whatever reason, and promoted a more Pictures-of-Saint-Valentine-11-150x150respectable celebration designed at minimizing the immorality.   They even came up with their own Saint Valentine as well as their own Semiramis/Tammuz’;  the Madonna and child.  Many of the traditions established by the church are still in practice today, such as the color red, the giving of  flowers and the heart, which originally was associated with Tammuz in that he was depicted with a heart-shaped fruit in his hand  Thus Tammuz  became known as the god of the heart.   Even though the more respectable Roman citizen was now able to participate in this religion-ized festival , the cultish practice of worshipping Ishtar continued and in fact is still practiced today in parts of the World, especially in Muslim countries.

When scholars dug into ancient ruins it was discovered that Nimrod of Babylon is the same god-symbol as Cupid.  It is not difficult to understand how Satan planted a diabolical trail throughout history of incorporating this pagan celebration into a socially acceptable practice by Christians.

As you consider your thoughts on this timely subject it may help to understand that Nimrod is depicted as Cupid, the god of love.  His followers believe that he was the seed of the woman, and that he had a divine birth.  Sound familiar?  Valentines day is not an innocent secular holiday;  it has its roots in the occult.  Would you be further surprised to learn that this pagan celebration was held yearly on February 14th?   What would Jesus want you to do?


“What does the Bible say about sex before marriage?”

“What does the Bible say about sex before marriage?”.


Should Christians Celebrate Halloween?

The Autumn season blesses us with a myriad of warm colors as we watch God’s green vegetation slipped slumberly into hibernation for the cold winter months ahead.   The rays of the sun add a snuggly warmth as one takes a stroll along the pathways of the Creator’s world, enjoying the gentle breeze as it gingerly feathers the hair.  This is the season for hot mulled cider, toasted marshmallows over an outdoor wood burning fire, and of course for many true blooded Americans, the arrival of Football season.  We are indeed so spoiled!  As is true to form in this sin-cursed world, the beauty and  of autumn also has its blemish.

christian-halloween Each year, millions of children are allowed to engage in a ritual which is a reproach to God.  Included among those are the offspring of Born-again Christians who are  uninformed or choose to dance with the  world in participating in this event.  One only needs to meander through the candy aisle of a retail store to be reminded of the event of which this article addresses.

The last days of October have become a traditional time of dressing up in costumes, trick or treating, bobbing for apples and of course carving pumpkins.  It is an event in which people visit haunted houses and cornfields, and attend  masquerade parties.  Among the revelers are God’s people who are totally unaware of the Satanic  influence immersed in these traditions.

It is believed that the origin of Halloween began with the Celtic people.  Their festival of Samhein, the Lord of the Dead, was celebrated at the end of summer and the beginning of darker days of the year. These folk believed that as the days became darker  that this was a time when the boundaries between the worlds of the living and the dead became blurred and the ghosts of the dead returned to earth causing havoc and damaging crops.  These people would dress in costumes to scare away the evil spirits.  They also carved vegetables, such as gourds or pumpkins to further their belief that if they and their pumpkin reassembled evil spirits that the spirits of their dead would leave them alone.

The practice of ‘bobbing for apples’ originated with the Romans.  Their god, Pomona, the goddess of fruit and trees.  was celebrated in the festival of Parenthalia , to honor the dead. She was worshipped in the practice of bobbing for apples.  Other games which have become a tradition in our lifetime include the ouija board which advocates necromancy, an attempt to communicate with the dead.

The carving of pumpkins originated with the Legend of Stingy Jack.  Stingy Jack supposedly invited the devil to have a drink with him, and in true character, Jack conned the devil into paying for his drink.  This is the beginning of the story which concluded with Jack not being allowed into either heaven or hell.  He wanders around the world looking  for a place to ‘call home’, on Halloween.  Folk would place a lighted gourd, or pumpkin on their door step to frighten his evil spirit away.

In Ireland, they believe that their dead return to their former homes on Halloween.  Alters decorated with candy, flowers and samples of the deceased’s favorite food were erected in the home.  During the middle ages, the Egyptians considered cats sacred and thereby honored the Goddess Bast.  The Greeks worshipped  her sister goddess  Artemis, while the Roman counterpart was Diana, who is also known as the Queen of witches.  Thus the cat, especially the ‘black’ cat became associated with the worshipping of their dead.

Costumes were worn by Druids, a priestly class in Britain, Ireland and Gaul during the Iron Age, while they were offering live sacrifices in a bonfire; a fire of burning bones. ( bone – fire).   Their masks were to impersonate their gods, and in so doing supposedly manifested their pagan god in their flesh.

In recent years the god of this world has successfully lured the historical spiritual origin of this yearly celebration into a secular celebration.  It has become another one of those ‘let’s party and have fun’ events which has prospered in the world of commercialism.  As Christians we need to be aware that participating in this occult occasion cannot be glorifying to the Lord

During the Reformation period in England when Marin Luther shook up the church with the posting of his thesis, the celebration of Halloween ceased.  It is ironic that Luther posted his 95 Thesis of Contention on the Wittenburg church on Halloween of 1517.  In doing so he changed the course of history which led to the common people having access to God’s Word.  Therein they would find that the celebration of Halloween began with the Baal worship after the  fall of man.

God commands us that we are to have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness.  We are to abstain from all appearances of evil  We may wish to believe that celebrating Halloween is not a serious matter, but God does and so does SATAN!.   I plead with parents in the Name of Jesus, that they research the origin of this Holy Day of the Occult and learn for themselves that it is a reproach to God for his people to participate in this event in any way, shape or form.

Minced Oaths – A Form of Cursing

There is a pink, moist, furrowed, flat piece of muscle, attached to the floor of ones mouth, fervently anticipating the opportunity to unveil its ability to dispense a myriad of unsuspecting antics.  The tongue was created by God to offer prayers and praises to the Saviour; to witness to the unsaved; to enjoy fellowship with other Believers; and to express words of love and encouragement to those whom we adore.  Unfortunately, mankind has taken this Divinely created instrument of good and turned it into a sneaky subtle tool for promoting evil and corrupt communication.

In considering the negative usage of the tongue we can easily create a listing of common sinful practices employed by unregenerate mankind, among them being rudeness, cursing, complaining, berating, screaming, arguing, bragging and profanity.  Whew, what a list!.   However there is another not so noted area in which even God’s people are sometimes guilty of succumbing.  This is the area of minced oaths, a subtly corrupted form of swear words or euphemisms.

Matthew 12: 35-37, reveals that “A good man out of the good treasure of the heart bringeth forth good things: and an evil man out of the evil treasure bringeth forth evil things.  But I say unto you, that every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account of in the day of judgment.  For by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy works thou shalt be condemned”.

The third commandment states that we are not to take the name of the Lord in vain.  There are several words used as substitutes for the Name of God, among these being GOSH and  GOLLY.   EGAD is an euphemistic for of the oath ‘by God’.  Goodness is another word that is used instead of God.    Phrases like “for goodness sake” and “for Petes’ sake; for the love of Mike and “for crying out loud” are more ‘cultured’ substitutes for the irreverent use of  “for Christ’s sake.  ” In a similar way the Name of Christ is abused by the words, Bee, Jiminy Crickets, Jeepers Creepers , cheese and rice, and Gee Willikers.

It is by God’s grace that he worketh in us both to will and to do of his good pleasure.  There is a tendency to replace “by God” with by Gum; by Jove; by George, and as well as by Golly and by Gosh.  References to the ‘goodness of God’ often is defamed by the expressions good grief and goodness gracious.  Comments such as Gosh darn; dad gum; darn; doggone; dang and tarnation  should not need interpreting.

As Christians we are admonished not to let  corrupt communication come out of our mouth. Ephesians 4:29  The bathroom words of the world should not become an acceptable part of our vocabulary.   Words referring to barnyard dung like shinola, shoot, shucks and sow patties are not pleasing to the Lord.  Trying to make vulgar words socially acceptable by using such terms as freaking, and fricken are highly obscene.  We have a new nature that desires to speak sound and wholesome words, comforting words.  Any type of cussing, swearing, profanity or off color speech brings harm to the cause of Christ.

Our society today is so jaded and perverse that swearing is looked upon as acceptable.  May times in my Christian walk I have had to tactfully asked folk not to use a certain word in my presence, some of which were professing Christians.  In view of the fact that more and more unacceptable words and phrases are being created by the world.  we need to be ever mindful of their origin and or substitutionary use.

May God prove our hearts as we purpose that our mouth will not transgress by using profane speech.   Instead  may our mouths be filled with praise  and honor to the Lord all throughout our days that we may stand before him as in Revelation 14:5……and in their mouth was no guile.”

Women in the Word – Jael

In days past, stories have reached the media about little old ladies who have thwarted off or fatally wounded an intruder intent on doing them bodily harm.  Even with women in the Military, it is still not the norm to picture women in a position of killing even the enemy.   We are introduced to a woman in the Bible who was placed in a situation whereby she took the liberty of killing a leader of Israel’s enemy.  Although her tactics were less than honorable, Deborah, Israel’s Judge at this time, bestowed upon her praise and honor, even stating that “Blessed above women shall be Jael.

Judges chapter 4 introduces us to Jael.  Her name means “wild or mountain goat, ‘  a seemingly fitting name for a Bedouin’s wife.   Being a tent dweller, these folk would travel wherever there was work.  These particular desert dwellers were tinsmiths who made tools, utensils and weapons.  Thus we find them dwelling near the battle between Israel and the Canaanites, supplying the armies with weapons.

She was the wife of Heber, the Kenite.  Bedouin women were responsible for making, pitching and striking tents..  Jael was an expert in all areas of tent making.  Her upper arm strength was sufficient enough to drive the tent pegs into the ground with one fell swoop.   One would think that the stakes needed to be long enough to sustain a tent in the sandy soil of the desert. Another of her responsibilities was being hospitable.  Hospitality was one of the most strictly adhered to of all the desert obligations, and was a matter of honor among the Hebrew women.  Perhaps this was because of the harshness of the environ on weary travelers that Bedouin women offered comfort and relief for those who came their way.

Jael was not a crude or coarse person.  In fact it is suggested that she was an  attractive woman as well as being strong and determined.  We are told that she had kinship ties with the Israelites through her husband, Heber, from Jethro, the father of Moses’ wife.  Thus, she had a fondness for the Jews and for their Judge, Deborah.  She must not have had any preconception that she would be the one person appointed by God to render stern justice on an enemy.  However, in doing so, she sinned.

The setting is evolved as Deborah and Barak fought against Jabin, the King of the Canaanites.  God intervened by unleashing the powers of nature which completely disorganized Jabin’s army.  Sisera, the captain of the Army escaped into the desert.   Sisera came to the tent of Heber, the Kenite and was met by Jael.  Knowing that Heber was on good terms with King of the Canaanites, Sisera sensed a measure of security in seeking out the hospitality of Heber.  However, it was Jael who invited him into her tent.  Perhaps he was lulled by her femininity or maybe he was just so tied and exhausted that he welcomed the first safe place to rest his weary bones.

Seeing how worn and weary he was she urged him not to be afraid and to come in and rest.  Jael set in motion her talent of hospitality by giving him a rug in which to hide and goats milk, not only quenching his thirst but supplying nutrients as well.  She falsely assured him that she would hide him from any searchers as he requested.   Being exhausted and having escaped death by sheer skill, Sisera welcomed the opportunity to rest and regain his perspective on the events of the day.  His eyes most likely became heavy, heavy, heavy………………

Jael patiently watched as her guest settled into a deep sleep.  She was keenly aware that he was an enemy of Israel.   Knowing that Israel was defeating the Canaanites, Jael realized the Sisera would be captured and killed.  The opportunity was at hand, she could cement her friendship with Deborah if she herself became Sisera’s executioner!  This irrational impulse to slay the persistent enemy of God’s people was less than honorable for she had not obtained her husbands consent to commit this act, let alone doing so in such a cruel manner.

As he slept Jael quietly came to his side.  Perhaps she stopped for a moment to look at the man who spewed so much wickedness to her friends, the Israelites.  I doubt if she considered whether he had a family.  The Bible records that Sisera’s mother was at home, watching for her sons chariot.   The one fact that she did know was that one way or another, this man was doomed to die.  Steadily she eased the tent staked toward the sun-bronzed temple of her victim.   Many times she had driven a stake into the ground as she pitched the tents.  She had an eye for hitting the stake firmly with the first blow.  Jael raised the mallet into striking position with her right arm and with one swift steady expertly maneuvered blow she pinned Sisera’s head to the ground.

Jael had broken the code of Hospitality when she treacherously murdered God’s enemy.   She did so without consulting her husbands wishes.   Yet these sins are dismissed in the seemingly more important fact of her courage, even though she did not attack Sisera fairly.   God had already proclaimed that Sisera would be shamefully killed at the hand of a woman, but Jael did not seek God’s wisdom in the execution of her plot to kill Sisera.   Instead, she resorted to trickery and  she slew him by foul and treacherous means.

Shortly afterwards, Barak arrived in his pursuit of Sisera.  Jael came out to meet him and said, “Come, and I will shew thee the man that thou seekest……..”  She did not boast of her accomplishment but rather let Barak learn for himself of her deed.  Later, in Chapter 5 of Judges we read of Deborah’s praise of Jael in her song to the Lord.

God fulfilled his prophecy that he would deliver Sisera into the hands of a woman, a humiliating way to die.   One day the enemy of this world, Satan will be delivered into the hand of the “Seed of a Woman”  Christ Jesus, himself.


“UNPOPULAR PREACHERS”.     A very good article shared by my friend at this site –

Worshipping with Reverence

In recent years there has been a casualness that has crept into some church services; even those of fundamental separated churches.  The mindset seems to be geared toward the gathering for a seminar rather than a worship service.  With the advent of hand-held electronic devices this attitude has plunged even deeper into the realm of mediocre worship.  For sure, these practices may fit into the category of respectable sin; but then again, if by doing so one is showing disrespect to the Lord, then perhaps the sin should not be respectable.

There was a day when friends and family understood that on certain days of the week, at certain hours of those days, those who attended church could not be reached by telephone.  Now that the cell phone has seemingly become a fifth appendage, it is becoming more common to notice members of a flock sending and receiving text messages during the worship service.  Is that being rude or what?  Granted, there are those professionals who pull weekend on-call status that depend upon their cell to receive notification that they are needed.  This is acceptable.  In addition, should there be a catastrophic emergency within ones immediate family, it would understandably be acceptable for them to be in a stand-by mode.  These folk are fulfilling their responsibility of not forsaking the assembling of theirselves together but are also being available to help hoist the ox out of the ditch, so to speak..  However, it would not be a major hardship for most people to leave the cell phone at home.

It would be amiss to leave the topic of electronic devices without mentioning the I-Pad.  More and more Believers are using this device as their source for scripture.  Granted, the King James Bible is available as a download and is somewhat practical in its use. Unfortunately, I once noticed a lady viewing photos of the family vacation during the morning service.  The overwhelming temptation to misuse ones I-Pad during a worship service should be a red flag to those who have difficulty paying attention to the message.  It should be a given that any electronic device should be closely monitored when being used by teens and younger children.

Another distraction for the Prince in the Pulpit are the clock watchers.  These rubber-neckers are frequently checking the clock at the back of the sanctuary or bobbing their heads to look at their wrist watch.  One man in particular had a theatrical way of checking the time on his watch so that the Pastor would be sure to notice that he was running over in his message.  These very same folk would rarely watch their clocks while viewing a video, a television program or an athletic event.  Why would a Christian place a time limit on the preaching of God’s Word?  Shamefully, their heart is not in tune with the message being preached.  Their appetite for being fed with spiritual food is in the anorexic mode because they are focused on the physical appetite; the “whats- for -lunch- bunch.”   One Pastor would remind his flock, when he ran over his allotted time limit, that Bob Evans would still be serving when they were dismissed.   We should never tire of hearing the Word preached, NEVER!

In addition to the clock watchers and the cell phone addicts, there has evolved a group of people  who are not capable of going 45 minutes without a drink of water.  Prior to bottled water, folks would wait until the end of the service to whet their thirst. Children knew better than to ask to go to the restroom let alone get a drink of water.  Not anymore!  So here you are, in the middle of the most important part of the sermon, the Holy Spirit is working in your heart and then………the person in front of you lifts up the bottle of water, tilts their head back and begins to guzzle………………….pure distraction!  Folks, this is an appropriate behaviour for athletic events and seminars, but church?  There are some churches who do not allow food or beverages in the sanctuary.   Good for them!  I wonder what the Lord thinks when we prefer to satisfy our desire for physical water rather that His Living Water.

It would seem that how we perceive a church service is commensurate to what we will glean from the message.  Worshipping God is a serious solemn matter.  Yet so many Christians seem to have a ho-hum, lackadaisical attitude toward this sacred service.  Their attentions spans seems to be handicapped by the cares of this world.  they draw nigh unto God with lip service but their heart is far from Him.  This Laodicean attitude is most distasteful to the Lord.  We are admonished that whatsoever we do, in thought word or deed, we are to do all to the Glory of God.