Awake Americans!

The following is an except from the introduction to the book “America’s Constitution” written by Evangelist Caleb Galloway

At the beginning of time , God knew that one day a country of the West would rise and become one of the greatest weisgerber   flagnations in the history of the World.  He knew that this nation would rise to prominence because it decided to base itself solidly upon the Word of God.  This Nation was the United States of American.  The Constitution has remained the same and has effectively guided us for over 235 years. however, we are currently facing a time in which liberals, revisionist historians, judicial activists, sodomites,  and others are trying to secretly and slowly take away our liberties.  They are eagerly twisting the interpretation of our Constitution to suit their own agendas and fulfill their own demonic goals.  Furthermore, liberals and judicial activists are trying to use the Constitution to purge all aspects of Christianity from the public square.

In chapter VII  of this book Mr Galloway points out that this is a critical hour in which we find ourselves living.  However. God makes the brightest lights to shine in the darkest of nights.  In order to shine effectively and unhindered, however, we must know the truth.  The truth for every human being  is, first and foremost, the Bible.  Secondly, the truth for every American is the Constitution that was based upon the dependency of Jehovah God.  We must know what those truths are so that we can shine as beacons in a very  dark time in our nations’ history.

Every blood-bought believer in the Lord Jesus Christ needs to become a student of His Word.  This is our instruction book on life, our historical book on the existence of mankind.  The Bible is our guide to obtaining wisdom and instruction in righteousness.  In addition,written within the Holy Writ is listed warnings, for those who choose not to heed to the commandments that God has set forth.  This divinely inspired Book was the resource that our Founding Fathers used in writing our most precious Constitution.    Their desire was to have ‘One nation under God.’

Many American’s know that their Constitution was based upon the Bible, but that is as far as their knowledge extends.  bibleOh, some may be able to repeat the preamble, be familiar with the “Bill of Rights”, and even specific amendments such as the 1st, 2nd, and 10th.  However for the most part we do not know diddly squat about the contents of this great document.  Don’t be too discouraged, neither do the members of the United States Senate and House of Representatives.  To be sure, there are some parts with which the President and his liberal cronies are quite familiar with, the part that they want to go away with.     My fellow American’s we need to make the Constitution the second most important reading material in our possession! In my recent perusal of this document I have discovered some startling knowledge of which I had not before known.  For instance, it is  unconstitutional for the Supreme Court to pass laws governing our Land.  This is the job of the House of Representatives.  Just as the President and the members of the Senate, the Justices can be impeached for improper conduct.  It is illuminating to say the least at some of the reasons that former Justices have been impeached.

The principles of Government set forth in Scripture and incorporated into the Constitution of the United States are indeed under vicious attack.  Read for yourselves in Isaiah 33:22 how God established the three branches of government.  Then turn to Exodus 18:21 to see how that God divided the governing agencies into the Federal. State and local governments.  In verse 27, the principle for the Supreme Court is set forth.

Brethren, we cannot blame the condition of our Nation on the liberals, or on the prince of darkness.  It is we, the American citizen who possess the saving knowledge of Jesus, the only begotten Son of a most Holy God.  Conservative polls indicate that thousands upon thousands of so-called professing Believers did not even vote in the 2012 election.  In fact, it is thought that if all of God’s people who were eligible to vote did so, the outcome of the election would have been much different.  That sore spot being behind us, now what.

As American’s who fear the Lord we need to become informed in the matters of our local, State and Federal Governments.  Log onto websites that have information regarding proposed Bills being introduced into the Senate and House of not only the United States but also of your state of residence, and your local community council.  Become involved in pointing out any unconstitutionality of any proposed legislation.  Call your elected officials and asked them to vote against issues that are contrary to the Word of God and the Constitution.  Finally, intercede to the throne of 12630_475637122493006_1882853627_n Uncle Sam; Lady Libertyheaven for God to have mercy on our Nation; to send revival; to save the souls of those who are determined to destroy the very constitution of which He inspired our Forefathers to write.  We will stand before God and give an account of  what we did to stand against the evil in our blessed United States of America!  Will He say “Well done thou good and faithful servant?  It is not too late – become a soldier for Christ and a defended of the American Constitution.



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