The Inalienable Rights of “Bill”

Not many saw it coming, it happened overnight.  The freedoms that we had are no longer considered our inalienable Right!  Our Fbill_of_rights_deadounding Fathers drafted this most  cherished formidable Bill,  that liberty would always be the way of our life,  for folks like Jack and Jill.
This is still my Country, the Land that I love.  I have served in her Military, marched in her parades, and sang her National Anthem with chills of pride radiating throughout my soul.  I can honestly state that I would not want to live anywhere else,  well, maybe Israel!

It saddens my heart with a deep sense of remorse when I consider the way that the leadership of our great nation is destroying all of most treasured and valued freedoms.  We are currently in a battle to preserve our Second amendment right to bear arms.  The sinister underlying reason for eliminating this right is to be able to easily control those Americans who are staunchly adamant about not allowing the government to control the Citizenry in the style of Hitler and Stalin.  The Muslim leadership of our Nation is fervently determined to accomplish just this and to establish Hussein Obama as the Grand Imam or Ayatollah or Maraji of the United States, or whatever Muslim leaders our called.

Looking back it is easy to understand where all of this began.  We allowed the Bible and prayer to be removed from the classrooms; we sat idly by and watch the education of our young be watered down by eliminating significant historical facts and truths about this great nation.   High School term papers are no longer required on  heroes like George Washington or Abraham Lincoln instead our children are assigned to reasearch the lives of folk like Marilyn Monroe and Jane Fonda.    The Hollywood cult made immorality universally accepted in the 60’s, thus destroying the sanctity of marriage.  With the advent of the women libbers, the role of the man in the home was diluted and many  of the male populace became proverbial panty wastes, being content in not maintaining the leadership in the home, but instead cowering to their shrew of a wife.   The rock culture and the acceptance of unwed mothers as a norm have swelled the welfare roles to such and extent that several states have more freeloaders on the government take than they do honest hard working men and women.   Folk, this falling away from our historical values is what brough us to where we are today.

An uneducated, lazy and unarmed society is easy to subdue and control.  After the 2012 election, it was settled within my heart that God was preparing us for the end times as set forth in scripture.  All of these events need to happen before Jesus Christ returns for the Church.  The Bible states that men will become lovers of themselves, given over to immorality and sodomistic life styles.  The well noted quote “As in the days of Noah” is being fulfilled today within our Nation.  God has had no choice but to remove his blessing from us because, in addition to being a Sodom and Gomorrah Nation, we have become a genocidal maniac in killing our unborn.  Mark my word, euthanasia of our elderly, handicapped and mentally challenged is on the horizon.  Before you develop a sense of comfort thinking that you do no fit into any of these categories, let me encourage you to look up the liberal definition of mentally challenged.   FEMA camps are already being built to house those people who have militant Biblical convictions and beliefs, because they are classified as being incompetent and loony and are a threat to the advancement of progressivism in this country.  Fema soldiers are being trained to assist the government in searching out these Patriotic Christian rebels and censor them, one way or another.  This is not a Militia of the United States per se, but a Gestapo of the Obama regime.

Once we lose our Second amendment rights, then we might as well accept the fact that our freedom of speech will come under heavy attack.   Pastors are already being harassed for being ‘political’ from the pulpit, for preaching against ‘alternate’ lifestyles.  Christians schools are being shut down because they will not hire homosexuals as teachers.  The Boy Scouts of America are being sorely pressured to accept sodomites into their organization; the Girls Scouts already bit the dust…………… more Girl Scouts Cookies for me!  Newspapers will probably face heavy fines for printing Scriptural based letters to the Editor.   Witnessing and passing out Gospel literature will become a punishable crime, ergo, the furtherance of persecuting Blood Bought, born-again Christians.  The list of illustrations can go on and on.  The bottom line is that when we see all of these things happen we need to look up for our redemption draweth nigh.   Even so, Come quickly, Lord Jesus!


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