Exploring the Origins of the Common Core

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Jim Martinez decided to research the sources of the Common Core State Standards. Given their importance as a redesign of the nation’s highly decentralized education system, we can expect to see many more such efforts to understand the origins of this important document.

“Engaging the nonsense – a brief investigation of the Common Core”

A teacher asked me where the Common Core came from, another suggested that I “teach” the Common Core in my Master’s degree level courses.

So my curiosity got the best of me and I spent some time understanding something about Common Core from my perspective as a scholar and educator.

My first discovery is that the Common Core is a political document. That may seem fairly obvious, but what I mean is that there is an identifiable political ideology and history that has contributed greatly to the current document. I’ve attached a link to document that…

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The Ultimate Prodigal!

Man Bible Pick-up_cropI cannot begin to comprehend the distraught a man must sense when he first discovers that his son has become involved in a homosexual life style.  For a Dad who loves the Lord and believes in the Bible this has got to be a most devastating realization.  Painful emotions most assuredly must grip his heart; hurt, anger, disbelief and even guilt.  How much more is the disbelief when it is the mans first born son, his heir, his pride and joy?

The seems to be a special bond between a man and his son.  A camaraderie of sorts that women often share with their little girls.  Anticipation of having him grow up, play sports, find a good wife and bring forth the next generation are a few of the many visions a Dad has for his male child.   There is often that noticeable pride in the voice as a man shares the accomplishments of his budding protegé so to speak; let alone the way his chest seems to expand as he talks (boasts).  This scenario is shattered, literally destroyed when the Dad discovers that his son practices sodomy.

There is a problem with the term homosexuality.    A murderer is a murderer and a homosexual is a homosexual.  Both are lifestyles that people choose to follow, and both are sinful practices.  No one is born a murderer and no one is born with a genetic make up for being a homosexual.   It would be similar to having a horse born with a pig head.  It just does not happen.  God intended for a man to be a man in every sense of the being.

So where does a Dad go from here?  He love for his son is so great that he wishes he could just erase the sin and get on with life.   Some Dad’s have literally disowned their misfit of an offspring, perhaps to salvage their male pride.  God fearing men have not been exempt from this life trauma and even Bible preaching Pastors have had to deal with a son who chose to participate in a homosexual relationship.  The struggle within the souls of these men must be agonizing to say the least.

We know from the Bible that God hates sin.  The sinful practice of sodomy is especially an abomination to the most Holy God.  The practice is totally unnatural.  The Lord Jesus has set forth the example that we are to hate the sin but love the sinner.  It is ok for a Dad to continue to love his son who is involved in a homosexual life.  God commanded his love toward us in that while we were yet sinners……………..Regardless of the sin, God continues to love the sinner.  Understandably God cannot ‘look upon’ the sin, nor condone it, nor make excuses for the practice of the sin, and neither should the Dad involved in the same type of situation.  Oftentimes God allows harsh circumstances to evolve in ones life to bring them to himself, thereby setting the example for Dad’s to follow.   This is like ‘tough love’.  When a Dad learns of his son’s homosexual practices, he needs to prayerfully consider initiating specific guidelines or restrictions for the expressed purpose of guiding his son toward repentance.

Men who love the Lord usually keep an open door of communication with their son to reassure him that he is still loved.   The son could be included in family gatherings but the ‘friend’ is not.  Just as God cannot tolerate sin in his house,  the wayward son should not live at home, nor should the parents provide financial assistance that would sustain a homosexual relationship.  It is imperative that the Dad seek wisdom from the Lord and be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit in dealing with his son.   The Lord gave the example of a man being won to the saving knowledge of Jesus by the Godly example of the wife and so much more so the example of the Dad to the son.  Oftentimes, verbal witnessing or admonishing will fall on deaf ears and create unnecessary tension.  Some things can only come about by fasting and prayer, with a Godly example.

For those of us who have not been subject to this particular trial in our life, may we ever be mindful to lift these Dad’s before the throne of grace, that they might one day rejoice in the repentance of their prodigal son.

Suffer the Little Lass to come unto Me

75016_4832534166438_2029575679_n (1)Being a Registered Nurse has it’s advantages, one of which is the ability to understand what the Physician is talking about when you are in need of his intervention.  Many friends have turned to me over the years for assistance in deciphering what they have been told at the Doctor’s office.  This has been a ministry of sorts and I would like to believe that I have alleviated some of the apprehension associated with their illness.  My skills have enabled me the pleasure of caring for my Dad and my Stepmother as they battled the torments of cancer.  There developed a bond during those months of palliative care that have given much comfort as I reflect on those days.  After retiring, my stethoscope sorta got hung on the back of the closet door.   Well, it seems that the Lord has given me the need to hang the stethoscope around my neck once more.

The death of a parent can be most devastating especially is there was a close bond.  My friend had a special close relationship with his Mom and even wrote an article commemorating her passing. (http://jpfinn7, )  Since I was a survivor of an abusive childhood, I did not share this type of deep emotional attachment to my parents.  As a young mother though, I often broke into tears over the thought of losing a child.  A dear sweet Aunt lost two of her sons, three years apart at Easter time; one of cancer (age 17), one from injuries sustained in a car wreck (had been home from Nam  two weeks)  It aged her tremendously.  And the Lord God said,  Diann, it is your turn!

Recently, my sweet firstborn granddaughter developed some black irregular growths on her left foot and her back.  She is preliminarily diagnosed with metastatic melanoma.  As she begins this year she will turn 16 on January 3rd.  The potential challenges which she could face are extremely difficult for an adult let alone a young lass in her prime years of youth.

The process of her treatment began with the successful removal of the tumor on her foot.  The Podiatrist was pleased that he was able to remove all of the affected tissue.  On the 8th of January she will be examined by a Dermatologist specializing in melanoma’s and an Endrochronologist to assess the tumors on her thyroid.  Although this Clinic is noted for its aggressive treatment of cancers, her Mom has wisely decided to seek confirmation of any adverse diagnosis via a second opinion.

Our family is holding these truths to be divinely evident; 1 – That God is in control and he knows all about this trial of our faith; 2 – Our Heavenly Father is the Great Physician and should the final diagnosis confirm the presence of metastatic melanona he is still in the business of miraculous healing, and 3 – the promise of Romans 8:28 is still in the Living Word of God, and the Lord is allowing this difficult time in her life to show forth his glory and honor.

It is not unusual in clinical settings to discover that in the process of treating one disease, other ailments rear their unsightly head.  The Physician is then bound by his promise within the Hippocratic Oath to render appropriate treatment.  In my granddaughters case the Great Physician has already began to heal  ‘spiritual’ ailments within her and also in our immediate family.  In allowing this trial in her life, the Lord is not only using this as an opportunity to deal with malignant tumors of sin in the lives of others, but also as a catalyst in helping us to draw nigh unto Him.

The Holy Spirit reminded me that I needed to keep short accounts with God in order that my prayers for my granddaughter would not be hindered.  As I diligently bring her before the Throne of Grace I am pleading with the Holy Spirit to reveal to me those sins which the tempter has caused me to conveniently forget.  In doing so, I was given the opportunity to make things right with a Sister-in-Christ that I had offended years ago.  It will be most important that the Holy Spirit has free reign within my heart!

For those of my Blog family that know the Lord Jesus as your personal Savior, I covet your prayers as Tori and our family begin this New Year with challenges from God.  May we face them with His strength and grace as our mantle.

Obama: Meet Norma McCorvey!

Who on earth is Norma McCorvey.  I am so glad that you asked, Barack,  although I must admit that I did not know who she was until today.  The internet provides us with a plethora of meaningful information and I just  became aware of the former and current life of this most controversial lady.  Perhaps her name should become one of those ‘household’ names, once again, as it was in the past.

Norma became a nation wide media buster in the early 1970’s, but like you, Sir, it was not in a positive way.    In those days as she relates, she could out-cuss and out drink, many of the tavern regulars as cigarette smoke barreled out of her mouth and nose.  She used her explosive tongue to slash and burn those who disagreed with her.  She was indeed a ‘mean mama’ and her temper could be ignited with very little provocation.  Through a set of circumstances in her life she became the puppet, like you, of a sinister organization, which spewed godlessness and murder upon millions of innocent human beings.

Enjoying her new found notoriety, Norma found herself employed by this sinister organization in fostering their wicked agenda.  She states, Mr. Obama, that her new found mission in life was the only thing she lived for, it seem to consume her entire being.   However, because of her caustic personality, the hierarchy of her organization soon relegated her to a less visible role.  Still no clue as to who this lady is?   Just keep reading……………………

The organization for which Norma worked was located in the dip of a ‘u’ shaped cul-de-sac.  This was strategically chosen to place the business several hundred yards from the public walkway, away from the legally gathering site of protesters.  Yes, protesters!  By the providence of God, another business also relocated in the same business park.  The goals of these two enterprises were on the opposite side of the coin.  They were sworn enemies and often heated arguments would evolve between the respective employees.  Police sirens and flashing lights were not an unusal occurrences several times a day because of the bitter clashes in the parking lot.  However, on occasion, the clashes would evolve into friendly  conversation..  This is how Norms became friends with Flip!

Flip often carried his Bible under his arm as he exchanged words with Norma and her colleagues.  He confessed to being a great big sinner, saved by a great big God.  Norma never considered him a sinner and soon became an avid listener of the stories of his past.   Other of Flips associates also began witnessing when the doors seem to be open and in return she shared her beliefs; sort of a Elijah and Baal confrontation.  Each was content to let the ‘true God win’. and He did!

The Lord allowed another friendship to develop with a young girl by the name of Emily.  You, see, Barack, God was allowing these friendships in Norma’s life to bring her to the saving knowledge of His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.  God also loves you enough to do the same.  Has he?  The unlikely relationship that developed between these two individuals is a heartwarming editorial of what God can do in the life of a sinner.  Emily’s parents had the wisdom to note that the Lord was using their daughter to being Norma to himself.    I would really like to go into detail about the relationship that God fostered between these two but for time sake I will invite you to look up the story on the internet.  Through the witness and friendship of Flip and Emily, the Lord took the circumstances in Normas’ life and opened her eyes that the god of this world had blinded (Satan) and Norma confessed her heinous sin and ask God to forgive her and accepted the blood bought salvation of His Son the Lord Jesus Christ.

Barack. even though your actions indicate that you are as wicked as Norma was, the fact is that God so loved ‘you’ that He sent his only begotten Son into the World, to die on the Cross of Calvary, shedding his blood for your sins.  John 3:16, is the very same verse that God not only used to bring Norma to salvation, but also myself.  In the Book of Romans 10:13, God states that whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord, shall be saved……………….even Barak Hussein Obama.

Oh, I almost forgot………………..Norma?   You will recognize her by her pseudonym  “Jane Roe”   Since the 1990’s Norma has been working to undo the atrocities of Roe v Wade.  God has forgiven her for the millions of babies that she was instrumental in advocating their abortion.  She is one of those ‘tainted’ Christians, like the Apostle Paul and Bathsheba, who although committed atrocious sins, are and were used for God for His glory.  This can be your testimony also, Barack.  May God have mercy on your soul.

Incest – the Defilement of Children

The media is becoming more riddled with heart breaking articles of children, young and old, being abused at the hands of their parents, relatives, friends or others in supposedly positions of trust.  Although many of the nastiest cases reported are those of physical abuse,  rarely are there reports of emotional or verbal abuse.  Whatever the type of degrading treatment a child receives at the hands of others, it often leaves scars that hinder the childs life, sometimes even into old age.  The most devastating, degrading and disgusting infraction upon a child is sometimes at the perverted hand of the very one who brought them into the world.  The scars of this abuse interfere in almost all aspects of the childs maturty, in their relationship with others, their marriage partner and especially in their trust of authority.   This particular heinous sin against children for the most part is a sordid relationship of a father to his daughter, but cases are reported where a Mom entices her son.  Whether the act is by force or intimidation, it is not only an abomination to God, but it violates the entire mind, body and soul of a child.

Sadly, this sin is not necessarily limited to the unsaved parent, but it is becoming evident that even those who name the Name of Christ are guilty of practicing   incestuous relationships with their children.  A wall of secrecy prevails within the ‘closets’ of the Christian community.   God states in Luke 17: 1 that it would be better for them that a millstone were hanged about their neck, and be cast into the sea, than that they should offed one of these little ones.  Thrown into the sea where there is not burial maker to acknowledge their prior existence.  Jesus spoke harshly to religious leaders whose facade covered their true character.   In Matthew 23:27,28, he referred to them as white sepulchres, which appear beautiful on the outside, but within are dead mens bones and all uncleaness…… also outwardly appear righteous ……..but within ye are full of hypocrisy and iniquity.

Because of the secrecy of this horrendous infraction upon the innocency of children, these youngsters often suffer in silence.  Their trust and innocence has been betrayed and they are hesitant to seek help because they have been ‘sworn’  threatened or bribed into secrecy.  These ravaged little ones are unable to trust anyone; their minds are filled with distorted knowledge which  tarnishes their innocence.  Their cry can be found in Psalm 41:9  Yea, mine own familiar friend in whom I trusted….hath lifted up his heel against me.  Sometimes a parent will find out through a Camp counsellor that their child is being molested by the spouse; others have found out when the child had been admitted to the hospital for an unrelated ailment.  However, or whenever a parent discovers the sexual abuse of the child, she should seek the counsel of the Pastor to assist in dealing with the problem.

Non verbal cries for help  in these scenarios can sometimes be detected by changes in behaviors.   Some sexually abused children will not want to be left alone with the abusing parent.  Young girls will want to go to the grocery with Mom, or even accompany her to the hairdressers rather than stay home with Dad.  There may be an uneainess in their demeanor or a pleading in their eyes, when being instructed to remain at home.  Other children will indulge in overeating to compensate for the stress related to the confusing nature of this type of abuse.  Some children will go from the extreme of profound modesty to sensuousness in dressing.   Many books have been written by unsaved authors that set forth other symptoms displayed by victims of incest.  The important thing to remember is that when the child has noticeable changes in their behavior it is a red flag that something is amiss.  It is important to seek wisdom from the Lord to direct you to the source of the problem.  Whether  it be sexual abuse or any other  issue, the child will need to be dealt with in a compassionate caring manner.

Years ago, a wise Pastor counselled a young mother to write a letter to the wife of the president of a Christian University about her history of paternal sexual abuse.  Much to her surprise, the lady sent her a manuscript of her new book “Mount Up on Wounded Wings”.  The book was written from a Christian perspective on overcoming incest as well as other childhood atrocities.  I would recommend this publication to anyone who needs or is in need of being counselled concerning this topic.  The author of the book is Beneth Peter Jones.