The Murder of Chris Kyle

Now I am not a quick minded individual to say the least, however it was not difficult for me to determine that the news release on the murder of Sniper Chris Kyle did not just set well.

04author_2-articleLarge  Chris Kyle  Perhaps I have watched to many NCIS  stories in the past and my perception of snipers is somewhat skewed.  But, wait, this Navy Seal, he wrote a book of being a sniper.  He is hailed as the greatest sniper in the history of America.    So how can a seasoned Seal sniper be taken in by a seemingly harmless guy, Eddie Ray Routh, a Marine Veteran,  whom he is trying to help?  Does this sound a little like a tilted tale from the White House?

Being a sniper means that you have been under a vigorous training that has prepared you for any surprise attack.  One is taught to have heightened alertness and perception in knowing their enemy.  They more than likely developed a sixth sense in sizing up those around them.  Trained in the art of body language and facial expression, this man would have known that there was a change in Eddie Ray’s countenance.  Kyle’s training would have enable him to overpower his assassin single-handed.  But wait, he was not alone…………………….

His friend Chad Littlefield had accompanied Kyle and Eddie to the shooting range.  Littlefield himself was a seasoned  veteran.  Are your suspicions beginning to mount?  One of the ‘good’  guys should have been able to take care of Eddie!

Now according to what has been published by the Obama controlled media, Eddie was suffering from post traumatic stress syndrome as a result of his combat experience, yet his honorable discharge states that he is eligible to re-enlistment,  He was even a current member of the Marine Reserves………………If the Marine Corps did not think he was psychologically unstable then why is the media portraying him as such.

We may never be privy to the truth in this matter, but I would encourage you to purchase Chris Kyle’s book ” American Sniper” , I am certain his widow can use the financial support.       And as always, thank a Vet for serving and Support our Troops!


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