Sound The Battle Cry!

The foe is nigh; even at our doorstep.  We need to put our armor on and rest our cause upon His Holy Word!

Joshua fought the Battle of Jericho;  David slew the Philistines;  and even Deborah led the charge against the Canaanites.  So what is our problem?  Should we not also fight against the wickedness of these last days?  Some of the Christian faith are content to change the world by evangelizing and this is most honorable.  Evangelism and most assuredly. prayer. are essential in the battle against wickedness in high places, however, like the wickedness of Sodom, the Lord has given some over to reprobate minds and their ability to discern righteousness is nil.

In addition, there are also Saints that have an eschewed sense of responsibility when it comes to political matters.  This was most biblenoticeable in the last election when a significant amount of God’s people did not even vote!  So sad.  Many qualified young people have been discouraged from entering the political profession by well-meaning Pastors and parents because of the negativity; sort of like the good apple in the basket of rotten pomes.    Yet history reveals that during our founding years, one was required to be a Christian or they could not hold public office.

We often forget that the freedoms we have in the United States do not come from the government, but are derived from our Creator, as gifts to be defended and protected.  God’s  purpose for government is to restrain evil and promote good in society.  When government ceases to fulfill scriptural principle, then God’s people need to take the ‘bull’ by the horn and teach it a lesson or two of how God intended government to function.

For many years a covert spiritual battle has occurred within the halls of our government by which the powers of darkness actively worked to silence and suppress the church with thousands of small restrictions.  These losses of religious freedoms went mostly unnoticed until the forces of evil began legislating more visible limitations upon the Church.  More of God’s people began to sit up and take notice that their freedoms guaranteed by the United States Constitution were being taken away before their very eyes.  Unfortunately many of us still sat idly by, not lifting our banner on high.   Sigh!

If the time comes when the Church is completely silenced on issues of importance, it is safe to say that our government will be less inclined to “promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to us and our prosperity,” as stated in our Constitution.  Instead, it will enforce conduct that is both contrary to the laws of Scripture and destructive in people’s’ lives.  The Church will be gagged from speaking out on issues such as abortion, same-sex marriages and preaching labeled as “hate speech”.

The day may well be on the horizon when our Pastors will be thrown into prisons, Christian soldiers will be martyred, and religious freedom will be a thing of the past.  There are Soldiers of the Cross who are preparing for that very day when they will need to “load the musket” to defend their freedom.  Churches will be resigned to meet undercover, as many do today on foreign soil.  Our children may be tortured in an effort to get us to deny our Savior.  But praise be to God, we can look up for our redemption draweth nigh!

644027_452115158160059_1308777013_nWhat to do; what to do!  Make it your responsibility to become informed of what is going on in the Federal government and your State government.  Contact your elected officials to vote against legislation which purport laws that are contrary to Scripture.  And last. but not least. seek the Lord’s will in running for public office, whether in your city or your state, AND support those candidates who stand and defend our Constitution.



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