Honoring ‘Old Glory’

A lifetime friend recently posted an article on face book that bears reading by those of us who love this country and respect the flag that is representative of the sacrifice and bravery of the men and women who over the years have given their all to the preservation of our freedom.  Feel free to place  yourself in his shoes as he reminisces about his love for his country and the flag which represents the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave!

     I like driving through town on special holidays and see all of the U. S. Flags hanging in front of nearly every house; the streets are lined with those ‘pieces of cloth’ that bear the red, white, and blue.  It really gives me the feeling that all is well with the country and that every citizen is a patriot.  Well, not really, the sight of those non-running colors that represent my country and the true American people, who have collectively protected her, does make me huff with pride, but it also makes me wonder why it is that these ‘just pieces of cloth’ are only displayed on special holidays.  What is it about the “proud” Americans that makes them so selective of when and where the colors of our great country should be displayed?  Is not being an American everyday just a thrilling and as important as the elusive “special day?”  Are true Americans so intimidated by the possibility of offending non-Americans that they choose to hide who they are and what the believe in?  Are they so afraid they choose to hide that grand old flag because of what it stands for?  It may be a piece of colored cloth, it may represent the probability of defeat to our enemies, and to some it may represent aggression and war.  Most of all, the old girl represents the greatest country ever, the resolve of the honest and proud true Americans.  Shouldn’t she deserve the right to be displayed everyday and command the respect of the very people she has represented for over 235 years?  Shouldn’t she be displayed 24/7/365?   Mine is!

David K. Straub, 1st Sgt, USMC, Ret.   Vietnam Veteran

I am a free American.  I will not bow to, nor pledge allegiance to any man.  I will fight to the death to preserve the freedom of my country and my fellow Americans; and I will do so by any and all means available to me   DKS