As was the Apostle Paul, will it be with your Pastor?

wjpas0565  Paul in prisonIt has been said of  the Apostle Paul that when he entered into a new city he checked out the prison facilities for he knew that he would more than likely be residing there for preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  This civil incarceration was intended for his punishment, however, it was a testimony of blessing and  spiritual growth.    Paul knew that the Lord had allowed his imprisonment for a reason and that his Savior would never leave him or forsake him.  His faith in his Heavenly Father drove away all fear.  He was so secure in the Lord that he was able to sing praises to the God of the Universe.  Sadly, we have in many of the pulpits today, men who would not be a threat to evil and definitely would not be arrested for preaching Christ.  These are the wolves in sheep’s clothing, the anti-Christs of today.

Many Bible Believing churches today have on their Pastoral staff men (and some women; UGH!) who do preach the message of salvation.  These pulpit messages do provide a type of “Fire” escape insurance , but neglect the whole counsel of God.  Carnality runs rampant within the flock and most converts remain as babes- in- Christ.  The tendency to dance with the world in order to bring folk into the services causes dissention and strife.  These preachers would be on the bottom of the list to be arrested for their belief.

The better choice is to find a church that has ‘come out from among them’  and separated themselves from the influence of the world.  The whole council of God is preached, saints are discipled, and the flock is admonished about sinful practices in the lives of believers.   Only Christ-honoring music is used and the men dress like men and the women wear modest attire.

Unfortunately some of these fellowships are so separated that they are ‘starchy’, absolutely no flexibility; compassion is muted and sects or ‘Spiritual clicks’ are prevalent.  Believers are not encouraged to be informed in the current events let alone involved in stemming the tide of wickedness in government.  These people know the Scriptures as they are good students of the Bible.  In fact, I know of one church where the preacher’s goal is to teach through the Bible in 10 years.  It is more of a Bible Institute rather than a church.  An invitation to get saved is rarely given from the pulpit because the preacher assumes that everyone is saved.  One never hears an “Amen”, for fear of acting like an emotional-based religion.  But yet. they really are knowledgable in the Scriptures.  The men who fill the pulpits of these churches will probably find themselves in the middle of the list of Christian rabble-rousers.

There will never be a perfect church until the Lord Jesus Christ returns.   Each of us will readily agree that even our own individual churches have faults.  Perhaps your church, like mine has the proverbial pew-duster, who will not budge out of their comfort zone and use their God-given talents for the Lord’s service.  Or maybe there are the SMO’s – Sunday morning only crowd.  Perhaps your Pastor like mine will firmly address these issues from the pulpit, without apology.  Recently my Pastor rebuked the ladies in the congregation for not volunteering for nursery duty; sound familiar to you?   In addition not only do our Pastors preach against the sins of the congregation but also against the abominable sins of the world and wickedness in high places of government.

Our Nations pulpits should be hot against the abominable sins of abortion, immorality and sodomy!  Pastors need to keep their flock informed about the events taking place in their local and state governments as well as at the National level.   Fellowships of believers need to be admonished to contact their elected officials regarding suggested legislation which is contrary to Scripture.  It is absolutely inexcusable for a Believer in Christ not to exercise their right to vote in any election.  In the 2012 election in the United States, it is estimated that there was such a significant amount of Christians who did not vote, that had they voted, we would not have the President that we now have!  We have no one to blame but our own complacent selves.

The-Black-Robe-RegimentWe are now faced with tremendous civil unrest in the United States.  Citizen militias are forming all around the Nation.  Concealed carry permits are being issued as never before.  The majority of the ladies in my church own and carry.  It is promoted from our pulpit by our Pastor.  Think that is going to far?  Check into the Black Robe Regiment!  These Pastors wore their military uniform underneath their Pastoral cloak.  In fact, there is a statue of one of these Political-preaching Pastors in the United States Capitol!

With the advent of government deemed ‘hate’ preaching,  it is now becoming a crime to preach against sodomy, abortion, and even tyranny of the nations leadership.  One Pastor was arrested for teaching the spanking of children.  Yet the Lord commands the Man of God to do just that!  It comes down to whether a Pastor will obey God or man.  If he obeys man, he is not a Pastor, but a preacher, or maybe a religious leader.  For sure, one who obeys man will not need to worry about being imprisoned.

Pastor-Sentenced-To-2-Years-In-Prison-For-Teaching-That-Parents-Should-Spank-Their-ChildrenPerhaps like mine, your Pastor knows that he is at the top of the list of those marked by the unfruitful works of darkness, to be arrested for obeying the Word of the Lord, perhaps even martyred.  Laymen are already designated to assume the pulpit ministry.  It you are not blessed with such a man of God, may I lovingly recommend that you find a Church that does have such a man at the helm.

It  was pointed out to me, and I concur: the problem is equally that of the pew as it is the pulpit. Christians have the kind of pastors they want. Look around you. There are many terrific patriot pastors across America. Granted, they are not a majority, but there are many. But do the vast majority of Christians attend their churches? NO! They go to the big-steeple churches, most of which are led by politically correct, sheepish pastors. Why? Because that’s the kind of pastor and church they want. The vast majority of these wonderfully courageous patriot-pastors are left to pastor relatively small churches. When there is an issue that concerned Christians want a minister to lead a charge for or against, they will contact the patriot pastor, of course. But where do they attend? Where do the tithe? – the uninvolved,  say-nothing, stand-for-nothing church.  Christians have the kind of pastor they want. If you want a pastor that will take a stand, then, bless God, SUPPORT a pastor that will take a stand!

May the Lord give you the wisdom to discern where he wants you to worship and serve Him.


Political from the Pulpit

A couple generations back we find that the Bible was one of the principle books used in the classrooms of America.  For over 150 years, the Word was an integral part of our educational curriculum.   As worldliness and humanistic practices invaded our culture the teaching institution turned to secular texts to educate young Americans, often leaving out the more important teachings not only from the Scriptures, but also our precious  Christian heritage. Today, we are cursed with a learning institution that not only avoids scripture references but also eliminates God in all areas of instruction.  How sad.  If the parents of children do not take the initiative of teaching their young the religious foundation upon which our Nation was founded then this knowledge will soon pass away.  Fortunately, those who home school their young have the opportunity to provide their children with truthful, scripturally sound curriculum that fosters a wholesome understanding of the Christian Heritage from whence we came.  In addition, there seems to be an awakening from the pulpits of America to instruct the people in not only their Godly heritage, but also in their God given right and responsibility to become informed, involved and influential in the affairs of government.

Separating the State from the Church is scriptural, but separating the Church from the State is not.  History records Pastoral initiative in educating their flock in the affairs of Government.  This was in direct obedience to the Word of God which indicates that the Lord will bless those Nations which follow his commandments.   What better place to learn about the truth in matters of civil government than from the pulpit of a God-fearing, Bible preaching man of God.   Far too long have the Christians of this Nation hidden their heads in the sands of irresponsibility and have not hearkened to the need to become involved in stemming the tide of evil within our government.  We now face in our Nation an ungodly administration that is bent on replacing God with Allah.  Folks, this ought not to be!.

God had given our founding fathers a blueprint for establishing our three branches of government in Isaiah 33:22.  He is also instrumental for raising up men of leadership in government as noted in Proverbs 8: 15,16.  Believer it or not, one of the functions of government as established by God was to punish evil doers. 1Peter 2:14.  In the previous verses we are admonished to submit ourselves to every ordinance of man for the Lord’s sake.  Granted, there are legitimate causes in which a Christian should honor God in being disobedient to government laws.  We know of Daniel who refused to refrain from praying to the Lord as was his practice.  Daniel 6;  The Apostle Paul was frequently thrown into prison for preaching the Gospel.   Martin Luther refused to recant his faith in God.

One of the ministries of my Church is “Constitutional Awareness for Christians”  Our assistant Pastor monitors what is going on in the State and Federal Government of which God’s people need to be aware.  We are given addresses, emails and phone numbers to contact our government officials regarding pertinent issues of  Biblical concern.  Christians need to be proactive in giving their input into these matters.    As members of the flock we are encouraged to pray for these issues as well as for the salvation of those who represent us in government without knowing Jesus Christs as their saviour.  For those we have in positions of authority in our nation who do know Christ as their saviour, we pray that their influence for righteousness will result in stemming the forces of evil that want to destroy our Nation.

There are other organizations founded by Christian men across America which are beginning to have a positive influence on matters of government   Awake America by Dr. Chuck Harding has been reaching out to National Political leaders in Washington, DC.  Another group is in the process of having Bibles printed and presented to the Senators and Representatives who are elected to represent the people of America .

I am saddened that there are Preachers in America’s pulpits today who refrain from educating their flock in the matters of government.  It would seem to me that this may be one of the reasons that we find ourselves in the mess we are experiencing today.  What is most God honoring is that the Under Sheppard of a fellowship of believers would exercise his God given responsibility to inform his people of the need to not only vote, but to become actively involved in the entre political process.

Pastors should diligently encourage members of their flock to vote.  With the access to absentee ballots and agencies who will transport shut-ins to voting precincts,  one is literally without excuse to exercise their constitutional right to vote.  Speaking of voting, in my humble opinion there are certain issues of which I believe one should always vote “NO” Among these issues are any tax increases; changes in our Constitution that take away our rights and freedom, thus giving the government more power over our personal lives, and any issue that is contrary to Scripture.

Men of God who are called to preach His word should also encourage Christians to become active in campaigning for those candidates who exemplify by conduct that they believe in Scriptural values.  The teens in their ministry should be encouraged to seek God’s will as to whether He would call them into the ministry of Political office holder.  Would you believe that one of our former Presidents was an ordained minister of God’s Word?   Our Government needs to be purged of liberal, God hating self serving politicians who do not faithfully represent the majority of the American people.  There is an urgent need to replace these socialistic heretics with God-fearing men and women.

Finally, but alas most importantly we need to be admonished by our Pastors to pray for our government officials.  We need to implore the gates of heaven for God to either change the hearts of those who are antagonistic toward Christians, or get rid of them. The God-fearing men whom God has raised up to serve in government need us to pray that they will have wisdom and discernment as they fulfill their role as a servant of the people of this Nation.rnment in Isaiah 33:22.   Revive us again, O Lord!

My Church Home

Being a firm believer that one should worship in the Church were God leads them,  I spent several years in a fellowship of believers where I perceived that I did not belong.  The Word  was  being taught in accordance with the scripture; the King James was the primary version of the Bible being used.    The Missionary program was adequate and the music was Christ-honoring.   Over the years I taught Sunday School, served  as an officer in the Ladies missionary Group, and volunteered with church dinners and other social events of the church.  Yet, in the inner workings of my soul I did not seem to fit into the mold of those in authority.  It was as though I was on the outside looking in.  Many times I sought to leave but there was not another fundamental separated church in the area that appealed to my need.  It was my lot to be content where the Lord had led me.  Afterall, I was learning a lot of Bible knowledge, but that was the limit of my gleaning  from the ministry of this church.    Sadly, this was not the case when the Lord first led me to this particular church.  The pastor at that time was my “Grandfather” in the Lord.  He was able to see past my crusty sinned scarred exterior and see a heart that genuinely wanted God’s will to be done in her life.   After he went home to be with the Lord, another man was called to the pulpit whom I truly believe that if he was God, I would never be allowed in heaven.

In the course of time the Lord allowed events to take place in my life that required me to relocate.  I was excited about finding another church in which to worship and serve God.   After several months I was made aware of a Baptist church that captured my interest.  After checking out the website, I attended a morning service.  One needs to understand that I am basically a shy person and visiting a church where I knew absolutely no one was indeed a challenge.  The Lord was gracious and gave me a loving boost in the bucket.  The message I heard that morning, and the songs that were sung gave me no doubt that this is where the Lord wanted me to attend.  His will is always perfect and even though it must have its faults, I believe my church is perfect.

The ministry of my new  hone church is focused on preaching the Whole Counsel of  God from the scriptures.  We use the King James Bible and I dearly love the ‘thee’s and thou’s as well as the poetic presentation of the Word.    I mentioned that the Scripture is being preached.  In my former church is was taught.  The difference is that the former speaks to the heart while the latter educates the mind.  My Pastor preaches the Word and his messages are geared primarily to my heart, where the changes need to be made.  However important head knowledge is, it cannot take the place of  heart knowledge.   I never tire of the Pastor’s preaching.  There are many times when I am disappointed that the message is over.

Music is an important part of worship.  Many instances are recorded within the Word of when singing was incorporated in worshipping God.    The Lord has blessed us with great hymns with which to praise and honor Him.  Churches today employ different types of music in their services.  One I attended leaned more toward the Classical in that it came across somewhat ‘starchy’ in nature.  Another, on the flip side, sounded like the congregation was singing a funeral dirge, it  w e n t   s o   s l o o o o w!   The music at my church is serious when the message in song needs to be and also happy when singing praises to the Lord.   There is joy in serving Jesus and I believe it ought to be reflected in the music we sing.  In no way, under any circumstances would my pastor allow so-called “Christian’ Rock or Contemporary music to be included in the worship service of our church.  These types of music appeal to the emotions, not the mind or the heart.

Perhaps one of the dearest ministries of my church is that in which the outreach is toward our blessed American and the evils within the government.    Our Christian heritage is expounded from the pulpit as well as our responsibility toward keeping wickedness  from running rampant within the halls of congress.  As Christian citizens we are encouraged to become aware of what is going on in government, to become involved in staying the wicked.  On one occasion I walked into church and much to my pride and amazement I saw our men who were able dressed in their military uniforms, even my Pastor.   Our Nation under God is an important part of our church ministry.  Separation of Church and state is NOT scriptural!

On a personal note, I no longer sense that I am on the outside looking in.  There is no evidence of anyone, not even the Pastor , being a respecter of person.  The fellowship of believers in my church is in one accord.  I do not believe I have even heard anyone gossip, and that is very rare!  In addition, the Lord has answered on of my lifetime prayers in that I have found a very special friend, a close friend, one that I can pray with, cry with, rejoice with, and share God’s working and blessing in my life.  We are so comfortable  together.  My God is good!

Christians are a unique group of people who love God, The Bible, and their blessed American heritage.  My desire is that you have found the one special place where God wants you to worship and serve Him.