Air Forced Religious Discrimination

afsealWhen it comes to religion, the Air Force really is the picture of intolerance. A California-based artist who was shocked to discover that one of his prints, the fifth in an inspirational “Heroes” series, was considered too offensive for an Idaho military base.

The portrait, which — until last week — hung in the Mountain Home Air Force Base dining hall, was first released after 9/11 in honor of the brave sacrifice of America’s law enforcers. Apparently, the brief tagline, “Blessed are the Peacemakers” from Matthew 5:9 makes the piece “repugnant” and “odious” to objectors, who demanded its removal. With the word “Integrity” stenciled across the bottom, the image is an innocent portrayal of a modern-day policeman with a faint picture of a white knight behind him.

Ron DiCianni, the artist behind the portrait, says he was stunned — first to hear the print was on the installation, and then to hear that it had been torn down. He and his son, Grant, who oversees Tapestry Productions, never dreamed that the Heroes series would be controversial. In their first public statement since the incident, Ron explains how “deeply saddened” they are by the military’s censorship.

It’s regrettable, he says, “to see the apparent hostility of Pentagon leadership to a message that is clearly in keeping with the foundation of this country and the Air Force — and whose communication is clearly protected by the First Amendment.” Although the DiCiannis didn’t send the artwork to the base, they understand why someone would think a piece called “Blessed Are the Peacemakers” would be appropriate. “The military is an embodiment of the ultimate peacemaker, a pursuit blessed in Scripture. It would seem this is a message that the Air Force should be willing to foster, not censor.”

Blessed Hero's paintingSince Fox’s Todd Starnes broke the story on Friday, Ron has repeatedly reached out to the Air Force base, in part to ensure the artwork isn’t destroyed. “This act of religious censorship appears to reflect the assurances that senior Pentagon officials provided to anti-Christian crusader Mikey Weinstein during a recent meeting at the Pentagon, that they would begin [regulating] religious expression in the military.” In a message to supporters, the Military Religious Freedom Foundation bragged that “the Pentagon most certainly is listening to Mikey Weinstein” — a not-so-veiled reference to Lt. Cmdr. Nate Christensen’s statements last month, attempting to distance officials from Weinstein.

If the Pentagon isn’t taking orders from the Foundation, why did it snap to attention when Mikey called? The wing commander at Mountain Home scurried to do Weinstein’s bidding, ushering out the painting “in 56 minutes” as if it were the single greatest threat to national security.

Talk about a double standard. Congress should continue to push until the DOD adopts a department-wide policy ending the attacks on Christianity and allowing service members to freely practice their faith. Join us in calling on Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel (703-692-7100) to stop this cycle of religious suppression and lead the military back to America’s core values.

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The Murder of Chris Kyle

Now I am not a quick minded individual to say the least, however it was not difficult for me to determine that the news release on the murder of Sniper Chris Kyle did not just set well.

04author_2-articleLarge  Chris Kyle  Perhaps I have watched to many NCIS  stories in the past and my perception of snipers is somewhat skewed.  But, wait, this Navy Seal, he wrote a book of being a sniper.  He is hailed as the greatest sniper in the history of America.    So how can a seasoned Seal sniper be taken in by a seemingly harmless guy, Eddie Ray Routh, a Marine Veteran,  whom he is trying to help?  Does this sound a little like a tilted tale from the White House?

Being a sniper means that you have been under a vigorous training that has prepared you for any surprise attack.  One is taught to have heightened alertness and perception in knowing their enemy.  They more than likely developed a sixth sense in sizing up those around them.  Trained in the art of body language and facial expression, this man would have known that there was a change in Eddie Ray’s countenance.  Kyle’s training would have enable him to overpower his assassin single-handed.  But wait, he was not alone…………………….

His friend Chad Littlefield had accompanied Kyle and Eddie to the shooting range.  Littlefield himself was a seasoned  veteran.  Are your suspicions beginning to mount?  One of the ‘good’  guys should have been able to take care of Eddie!

Now according to what has been published by the Obama controlled media, Eddie was suffering from post traumatic stress syndrome as a result of his combat experience, yet his honorable discharge states that he is eligible to re-enlistment,  He was even a current member of the Marine Reserves………………If the Marine Corps did not think he was psychologically unstable then why is the media portraying him as such.

We may never be privy to the truth in this matter, but I would encourage you to purchase Chris Kyle’s book ” American Sniper” , I am certain his widow can use the financial support.       And as always, thank a Vet for serving and Support our Troops!

Behind the Scene Servant – Benaiah

In His infinite wisdom, God designed man in such a way that each one has a specific genetic makeup to perform certain tasks with the skills with which the Creator has blessed.  Some are endowed with outstanding leadership abilities, while others perform superbly in the role as ‘followers’.  There are those who are brainy in mathematics and others whose curiosity lends them to be inventors who have provided the world with notable technology.  Perhaps the greatest gift and calling that the Lord has bestowed is men who are soldiers of the Cross, not only in preaching the Word, but also in defending the faith with military skills.  Scripture is full of men who are listed among God’s “the Few, The Proud. and the Brave”.  Indeed, there are some who because of their military accomplishments are esteemed with the “Special Forces” of the Lord’s ‘Marine Corps’.   Allow me to introduce to you the leader of one of God’s special forces units, a man by the name of Benaiah.

We begin in 2 Samuel 23: 20 where we learn that Benaiah, a man from the tribe of Ephraim, was the son of Jehoiada from Kabzeel; a priest and a valiant man.  There does not seem to be any record of Benaiah having a wife.  He came from a Godly heritage through not only his father, but also his grandfather.  These men were great leaders because they were skilled in following the commands of their authority.  Whether it be Jehovah or their earthly king, they submitted willingly and loyally to their authorities.  These men did not seek their own, they did not ‘fight for the microphone’; they just did their job and did it well.

Benaiah was  skilled in combat performance. It was not a surprise that his accomplishments soon gained the attention of King David.  Stories of Benaiah killing two very ferocious ‘lion-like’ men of Moab must have raised the eyebrow of the king, but perhaps not as much as his slaying of a 7 foot tall, muscle-bound Egyptian who carried an enormous 15 pound spear.  This spear is described as a weavers beam in 1 Chronicles 11, and Benaiah was only armed with a staff.  The spear was wrenched from the Egyptians hand by Benaiah, whereby he was slain. Benaiah’s  obvious lack of fear must have made an impression upon King David. especially when he heard that Benaiah had chased a lion into a pit during the snowy winter and then jumped into the pit himself and slew the beast.

David set Benaiah over his guard.  Although he was not one of David’s top three men, Benaiah fulfilled his responsibilities with reverence and faithfulness.  Because of their tremendous courage and bravery, King David chose 30 special warriors to be an elite force and placed Beniah as the leader.  It is recorded that at one time Benaiah had command over 24,000 men. The testimony of his devotion to God and to his king was so widely known that when Adonijah attempted to seize the throne from David, he did not bother to consult with Benaiah.

While on his death bed, King David learned of Adonijahs’ plot to seize the kingship and we read in 1 Kings 1:32, that he summoned Zadok, Nathan and Benaiah, the Priest, the Prophet and the Patriot.  Benaiah was David’s trusted and loyal soldier to the end.   Interestingly, David’s inner circle of the “three’ valiant men are not listed in this meeting.  Perhaps they were no longer, or perhaps Benaiah had ‘arrived’, so to speak.

Once Solomon was crowned King, he was blessed with the loyalty of Benaiah.  Without hesitation, Benaiah obeyed the orders to slay the leaders of the insurrection, Joab and Adonijah.  He later became the Commander of Solomon’s army.  Benaiah was a God fearing man, a warrior who lived life to the fullest, never complaining, never compromising or backing down in the face of adversity.  He was a man’s man.  His bravery and fighting skills earned him his honor  and a place in the Holy Writ as one of God’s behind the scene servants.



Acknowledgment to Pastor Andy Douglas for his inspiration that led to the writing of this artile.

Christians in the Military

During the devil-lution of the infamous “60’s” our commander-in- chief’s failed to rally Americans in the fight against wicked atrocities that were taking place in Vietnam.  Many young men chose to avoid their patriotic duty of military service by fleeing to Canada under the guise of conscientious objectors.  Even at the wars end, the liberal media launched a vindictive and demoralizing attack upon our returning troops who willingly served to protect the advance of evil in our world.   Many fathers of those same men served courageously in WWII and defeated one of the most wicked tyrants of our history.  Yet, somewhere in their distorted upbringing the vision of being a patriot was lost.  Today, we are facing perilous times once again.  Young men are being called upon to defend our country even though the current Commander-in- chief is dogmatic about tearing down the very foundation of our great Nation.  Our blessed America was founded upon the principles and precepts in the Word of God.  Let’s take a journey into the Scriptures and see what the Lord has to say about stemming the tide of evil.

There are those who are of the frame of mind, that by militarily fighting against the wicked rulers of this world that this task should be left up to God.  Their prevailing thought is that we should “Love one another” into peace and harmony.  Well, this is an admirable thought, however there are times when tough love is needed.  Within the pages of the Old Testament we are introduced to many armed conflicts in which the children of Israel under the direction of Jehovah, were victorious in defeating the armies of the enemies of God.  Sometimes, God allowed Israel to be defeated by the enemy as a measure of punishment to get their attention and being them back to him.  The conquests of King David, a man after God’s own heart;  an outstanding military leader, gives us historical accounts of the military conflicts fought in the battles against the enemies of Jehovah.  Among the many kings of Israel and Judah we also find honorable judges like Deborah who led the Israelites in a victorious battle against the Canaanites.  Since all scripture is given by inspiration of God and is profitable for doctrine, reproof, and instruction in righteousness, we can accept the example that God does not want us to sit idly by while wicked rulers spew destruction and chaos in the world.  WWII was a prime example when the Lord used our great Nation to defeat Hitler the satanic executioner of God’s chosen people.  Being one nation under God we are endued with a divine responsibility to fight for the cause of Christ.

In the book of Ecclesiastes chapter 3 God lists that there is a season for everything.  Among those listed includes in verse 8 is a time to love, and a time to hate; a time of War and a time of peace.  In the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke it is written that ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars; for nation shall rise up against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, and these are the beginning of sorows………… ye not troubled:  for such things must needs be.  It would stand to reason that if the Lord informed us about these prophetic conflicts, that he expected his people to march forward as soldiers of the Cross and fight the enemies of God.  In 1775, Pastor John Muhlenberg concluded a sermon:  “in the language of the Holy Writ, there is a time for all things.  There is a time to preach and a time to fight.  And now is the time to fight.”  He threw off his clerical robes to reveal the uniform of a Revolutionary Army officer and lead three hundred men to  join General Washington’s troop.

The annuls of the history of our great nation record the many Godly men who in the cause of Christ fought against the wickedness in high places.  General George Washington sought the Heavenly Father’s wisdom on numerous occasions during the Revolutionary war.  Abraham Lincoln was guided by the leading of the Holy Spirit as he led the battle to defeat the practice of slavery.  Ronald Reagan thought it necessary to seek wisdom from on high when Lybia attacked and killed American citizens.  General Douglas MacArthur is quoted as saying that the soldier, above all other men, is required to practice the greatest act of religious training – sacrifice.  In battle and in the face of danger and death, he discloses those divine attributes which his Maker gave him when he created man in his own image.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt wrote that there comes a time in the affairs of men when they must prepare to defend, not only their homes alone, but the tenets of faith and humanity on which their churches, their families, their governments and their very civilization are founded.  The defence of religion among nations is all the same fight.  In the writings of Calvin Coolidge, we read that the welfare of America, the cause of civilization will forever require the contribution, of some part of the life, of ll our citizens, to the natural, the necessary, and the inevitable demand for the defense of the right and the truth.

Let’s remember the second stanza of the  Battle Hymn of the Republic

I have read a fiery gospel writ in burnished rows of steel:     “As ye deal with my contemners, so with you my grace shall deal;     Let the hero born of woman, crush the sepent with His heel,  Since God is marching on.      March on O Christian Soldier!

Honoring ‘Old Glory’

A lifetime friend recently posted an article on face book that bears reading by those of us who love this country and respect the flag that is representative of the sacrifice and bravery of the men and women who over the years have given their all to the preservation of our freedom.  Feel free to place  yourself in his shoes as he reminisces about his love for his country and the flag which represents the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave!

     I like driving through town on special holidays and see all of the U. S. Flags hanging in front of nearly every house; the streets are lined with those ‘pieces of cloth’ that bear the red, white, and blue.  It really gives me the feeling that all is well with the country and that every citizen is a patriot.  Well, not really, the sight of those non-running colors that represent my country and the true American people, who have collectively protected her, does make me huff with pride, but it also makes me wonder why it is that these ‘just pieces of cloth’ are only displayed on special holidays.  What is it about the “proud” Americans that makes them so selective of when and where the colors of our great country should be displayed?  Is not being an American everyday just a thrilling and as important as the elusive “special day?”  Are true Americans so intimidated by the possibility of offending non-Americans that they choose to hide who they are and what the believe in?  Are they so afraid they choose to hide that grand old flag because of what it stands for?  It may be a piece of colored cloth, it may represent the probability of defeat to our enemies, and to some it may represent aggression and war.  Most of all, the old girl represents the greatest country ever, the resolve of the honest and proud true Americans.  Shouldn’t she deserve the right to be displayed everyday and command the respect of the very people she has represented for over 235 years?  Shouldn’t she be displayed 24/7/365?   Mine is!

David K. Straub, 1st Sgt, USMC, Ret.   Vietnam Veteran

I am a free American.  I will not bow to, nor pledge allegiance to any man.  I will fight to the death to preserve the freedom of my country and my fellow Americans; and I will do so by any and all means available to me   DKS

An Ultimate Sacrifice –

This biographical story of an American Hero was related to this writer by the Father-in-law of the soldier.  It is another of those ‘not widely known stories’ that need to find its way to the headlines, above the fold status of our Nations newspapers.  But, alas, its fate is to be shared by word of mouth, by conscientious writers and of course, by the honored and proud family.  The story has been dramatized in order to catch the effect of the heroism.  May you be blessed as you read about this unknown to you hero, who gave his life for his country.

The dank air was filled with the thunder of gunfire piercing into the make shift compound.   The bodies of fallen soldiers lay lifeless upon foreign soil.  A small group of men huddled together, their eyes were filled with determination as they contemplated the precarious situation that was plaguing  their very existence.  Their minds were filled with myriad thoughts of  the training which they had received to prepare them for such a true life scenario.  It did not make it any easier.  Occasional glimpses of home, family and loved ones filtered into their thoughts only to be shrugged away;  imperative that they remain focused.  Five chosen men, totally dependent upon themselves …..and God!

He  received an order from his Lieutenant to radio for help but as they examined the radio it was apparent that the machine riddled with enemy bullets was useless.  They were doomed.  There must be a way….we just cannot sit here and let them kill us.  The young Lieutenant was at a loss for advice.  This was one part of being in charge that was most difficult.  His men had written that ‘blank check’ for the service of their country and now it  appears that the black ink of doom was filling in the price that they would pay for the freedom of their beloved Nation.

Silence gripped the mens souls as they searched and considered their own mortality.   It was then in the seemingly peaceful moment of decision that the young soldier approached his Lieutenant.    With the determination and steadfast assurance of the task that was before him, he stood before his Lieutenant and with a strong voice of conviction stated, “Sir, here is my rifle, I will not be needing it any more.”  His officer seems to know what is on his mind.  As their eyes met, they embraced that last moment of honor.

With that the  soldier took off across the compound and jumped into the back of the jeep that housed a radio.  He quickly sent out the word that his patrol needed backup.  The message was received.  Help was on its way.  This gallant man accomplished the mission that he truly believed was his.  He paused for a moment, pleased with the success of his mission and then……………………within seconds the fiery sting of the bullet went away; he sacrificed  his life!

This story could not be written without my shedding tears of heartfelt gratitude for this soldier.  According to his father-in-law, the soldier was a Christian.  He gave his life willingly for our freedom.  His comrades attended his memorial.  He saved their lives!

There is another who willingly gave his life for you and me.  His Father sent Him into world to die on the Cross of Calvary, shedding his blood for our sins.  He became sin who knew no sin that we by the grace of God should not taste spiritual death.  Yes, For God so loved the World that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have everlasting life.  There is a spiritual battle going on for your soul, my friend.  Who will be the victor?  The God who died for you or the god of this world?    As a soldier of Christ, I plead with you to confess your sins before the Holy God and accept His gift of eternal life through His Son, The Lord Jesus Christ.