An Ultimate Sacrifice –

This biographical story of an American Hero was related to this writer by the Father-in-law of the soldier.  It is another of those ‘not widely known stories’ that need to find its way to the headlines, above the fold status of our Nations newspapers.  But, alas, its fate is to be shared by word of mouth, by conscientious writers and of course, by the honored and proud family.  The story has been dramatized in order to catch the effect of the heroism.  May you be blessed as you read about this unknown to you hero, who gave his life for his country.

The dank air was filled with the thunder of gunfire piercing into the make shift compound.   The bodies of fallen soldiers lay lifeless upon foreign soil.  A small group of men huddled together, their eyes were filled with determination as they contemplated the precarious situation that was plaguing  their very existence.  Their minds were filled with myriad thoughts of  the training which they had received to prepare them for such a true life scenario.  It did not make it any easier.  Occasional glimpses of home, family and loved ones filtered into their thoughts only to be shrugged away;  imperative that they remain focused.  Five chosen men, totally dependent upon themselves …..and God!

He  received an order from his Lieutenant to radio for help but as they examined the radio it was apparent that the machine riddled with enemy bullets was useless.  They were doomed.  There must be a way….we just cannot sit here and let them kill us.  The young Lieutenant was at a loss for advice.  This was one part of being in charge that was most difficult.  His men had written that ‘blank check’ for the service of their country and now it  appears that the black ink of doom was filling in the price that they would pay for the freedom of their beloved Nation.

Silence gripped the mens souls as they searched and considered their own mortality.   It was then in the seemingly peaceful moment of decision that the young soldier approached his Lieutenant.    With the determination and steadfast assurance of the task that was before him, he stood before his Lieutenant and with a strong voice of conviction stated, “Sir, here is my rifle, I will not be needing it any more.”  His officer seems to know what is on his mind.  As their eyes met, they embraced that last moment of honor.

With that the  soldier took off across the compound and jumped into the back of the jeep that housed a radio.  He quickly sent out the word that his patrol needed backup.  The message was received.  Help was on its way.  This gallant man accomplished the mission that he truly believed was his.  He paused for a moment, pleased with the success of his mission and then……………………within seconds the fiery sting of the bullet went away; he sacrificed  his life!

This story could not be written without my shedding tears of heartfelt gratitude for this soldier.  According to his father-in-law, the soldier was a Christian.  He gave his life willingly for our freedom.  His comrades attended his memorial.  He saved their lives!

There is another who willingly gave his life for you and me.  His Father sent Him into world to die on the Cross of Calvary, shedding his blood for our sins.  He became sin who knew no sin that we by the grace of God should not taste spiritual death.  Yes, For God so loved the World that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have everlasting life.  There is a spiritual battle going on for your soul, my friend.  Who will be the victor?  The God who died for you or the god of this world?    As a soldier of Christ, I plead with you to confess your sins before the Holy God and accept His gift of eternal life through His Son, The Lord Jesus Christ.


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