View from the Mountaintop

th5NBSTMYG  mountaqintop iiThe view that one gets as they gaze the panoramic scene from the top of a mountain is somewhat breathtaking to say the least.  Miles and miles of a picturesque images filter into the mind as one takes in the vast scope of sightings available through the tapestry of reality that lays before them.  Not withstanding, this scenario cannot compare to the visual one gets after coming up out of an horrible pit.

We all have had those mountaintop experiences when the Lord has blessed us, sometimes beyond measure, after we have gone through a time of testing.  How wonderful it is when our spiritual eyes gaze upon the reality of new lessons learned.  For many this is a time of spiritual growth, drawing us closer to the Lord.  Sightings of new opened doors of opportunity to serve, witness and minister bring joy and anticipation into our heart. It is indeed a welcome relief from the valley of despair from whence we just came.  Unfortunately this is a time when we are often most vulnerable to attacks from the Devil.  With a humble heart it is good for us to take a quick look down into the valley from whence we came to remind us of God’s hand in delivering us from our hour of testing.

Although is it not good to dwell on past sins, testing, and disappointments, we need to keep in mind that those very things were the instruments by which we were chiseled into becoming more Christ-like.  Once the abrasiveness of sin is tempered with the soothing lotion of forgiveness, our fellowship with the Heavenly Father is restored and it becomes easier for us to see that all testing comes from above and is meant for our good.  Those disappointments were roadblocks preventing us from turning away from the will of God our life.  Perhaps the most humbling site that pricks our soul is the evidence of God’s working in our life while floundering in the valley.

th6OI4QTPI  cool springAs we look closer into the pit we can see dredged into the sinking sand are drag marks from the time when the Lord had to literally drag us away from temptation and sin.  Further down the path can be seen only one set of footprints when we were being carried by our Savior.  There at the cool spring waters, Christ refreshed us, providing us with the strength to keep going. As our eyes look upon the side of the mountain we can see Jesus climbing upward carrying someone upon his back…………….  Oh, how he loves us.



WU13F11_abNORMALIn the midst of so many crises, it’s comforting to know that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) is focused on what matters: gender-less bathrooms. Unfortunately, that’s just one effect of a sweeping proposal that could destroy personal freedom in the American workplace. On Flag Day, Reid saluted the rainbow flag instead of Old Glory, becoming the 50th cosponsor of the Senate’s latest Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), one of the most anti-business policies this Congress will consider.

After two decades of debate, the legislation has new legs under President Obama, who said earlier in the month that the Senate needs to get the measure “done now.” Like most liberals, Harry Reid disguises the bill as an anti-discrimination policy when in fact, the bill itself discriminates against men and women who oppose cross-dressing or blatant homosexuality on the job. Although some people defend it as an innocent piece of anti-prejudice legislation, ENDA creates special employment protections solely on the basis of a person’s sexual preferences. Businesses would be forced to comply (or face penalties), regardless of the impact on their organization.

“The gender identity provisions,” FRC’s Peter Sprigg warns in an op-ed for CNN, “undermine the right of employers to impose reasonable dress and grooming standards, by forbidding employers to use the most fundamental standard of all — that people be dressed in a way [that’s] appropriate for their biological sex!” Not too long ago, Sen. Reid’s position — which orders employers (like preschools) to hire transvestites, transsexuals, drag queens, and drag kings — was considered “too radical” even for homosexual congressman Barney Frank!

And unlike past bills, Sen. Jeff Merkley’s (D-Ore.) version doesn’t include an exemption for bathrooms, which means that employers at -, public schools, and Christian businesses would all have to change their restroom and shower policies to accommodate men who dress like women and vice-versa. Can you imagine walking into your daughter’s classroom and seeing her teacher dressed in drag — or that same man using the ladies restroom with female students? Apparently Senate liberals can.

Apart from the bill’s obvious problems, this legislation would be a magnet for lawsuits. “With the law in place, everyone who doesn’t get hired or is removed for cause of any sort finds themselves with the opportunity to sue the employer under the new rules.” HotAir goes on to talk about the financial drain this litigation would be on an already struggling and over-regulated economy. “Dollars spent in such lawsuits and settlements are dollars not available to expand the payroll and get more workers off the unemployment lines.”

We must recognize that this bill would be just another government club to beat businesses with. It wasn’t too long ago that homosexual activists said they just wanted “to get the government out of their bedroom.” Now we know why: they want to put their bedroom in the workplace!



Double dose of Judgment!

oklahomaflagFirst dose:

While deeply saddened by the horrific loss of life and the destruction of families and community in Moore, Oklahoma – it is also a fact that just one day before the worst tornado in the history of the planet strikes Oklahoma – Gay Pride Week is announced to begin on the Lord’s Day – Sunday at 4:00 pm.  For those who know the Word of God – this seems like an ominous connection. God will not be mocked, for whatsoever a man soweth that shall he also reap!  It is a serious thing to fall into the hands of an angry God.  Scripture clearly states in Leviticus 18 that homosexuality is an abomination to God and is punishable by death.  Although our prayers are with the dear innocent people of Moore, we cannot look at this disaster as a mere Oklahoma Tornadoact of nature for it is God that control the winds and the rain,

It will be interesting to see what happens to Ohio when the Sodomites put on their gay-pride parade this month in Cincinnati!  Personally, I pray that it is a heavy rain storm that would cancel the event……………Pray with me!

Second Dose:

These dear folk barely had enough time to catch their breath when they were hit with another devastating tornado.  God was seemingly not finished.  Why would he send a second disaster……………well, read on:

Israeli FlagObama Administration Lifts Veil on Secret Israel-Azerbaijan Alliance–
Former UN Ambassador John Bolton blasted the Obama administration today for intentionally leaking information on Israel’s secret military alliance with Azerbaijan.

According to a Foreign Policy report based on “four senior diplomats and military intelligence officers” Azerbaijan has given Israel permission to land planes on Azeri airfields after an attack on Iranian nuclear sites. The Obama Administration leaked this information putting the alliance in jeopardy and endangering the Israeli nation.

And, the Jerusalem Post also blamed the Obama Administration for the sensitive leaks.

‘Foreign Policy’ claims Azerbaijan granted Israel access to air bases along Iran’s northern border for potential use in strike.

Leaks regarding Israeli plans to strike Iran’s nuclear facilities continued Thursday, raising suspicion within the political and defense establishment that the Obama administration was intentionally trying to undermine potential military action.

And God said, “I will bless them that bless thee (Israel) and Curse them that curse you!”  In the book, “As America has Done to Israel”  the author correlates major catastrophic events in the United States in relation to our government abuse our political relationship with Israel.  Whether it has been making the Israeli’s give up their land, supporting their enemies or being politically obstinate to the Israeli government, God has sent judgement upon the United States.  Now, once again, by intentionally giving away their military secrets, our President has place the American citizens in harms way.  God will hold him accountable!

Citizens for Community Values

  • ccv-action-hdr 700


    Kroger, P&G, Fifth Third Bank, PNC Bank, USA Bank, Macy’s and others are sponsoring the Homosexual Activists Sex Parade in Cincinnati scheduled for June 19, 2013. Express your disappointment with these businesses by clicking on their names above. We encourage you to search and follow your own conscience as to whether you will support businesses that support anti-family and anti-marriage policies.

    Homosexual activists are pushing for a new special rights law in Ohio that will eliminate some of your Religious freedom. We have attached a document to this email that illustrate real life occurrences that have happened in other states as a result of passing similar laws. These stories will blow your mind! It is amazing that these businesses would support a group that want to limit your Religious freedom. The two new laws are HB-163 and SB-125.

    As for CCV and the Burress family, we will no longer do business with any of these sponsors.

    Since CCV’s founding in 1983, we have conducted our business through PNC Bank. This year PNC is a sponsor of the sex parade and we have decided to close all of our accounts and move to a bank that stays out of controversial issues like same-sex marriage and special rights laws. I personally have banked with PNC (formerly Provident Bank) for more than 40 years but I have begun the process of canceling my accounts and will switch to a bank that is more interested in banking than trying to force homosexuality on me and my family.

    Instead of shopping at Kroger, we recommend Meijer, Jungle Jims, Remke or Walmart. Instead of P&G, use SC Johnson or other products. Check the label to make sure P&G does not make the product before you make the purchase. Instead of Fifth Third, PNC or USA Bank, we recommend Lebanon National or Huntington Banks. There are also many local banks that do not support the homosexual agenda and you will need to check the policies of the bank before switching.


    Conservative consumers made a difference when they stopped shopping at JC Penny in regards to their use of Lesbians in their advertising.  The company stock took a nose dive and the management is now in the process of trying to woo back their lost customers.  

    Scripture clearly teaches in Leviticus 18:22, that mankind is not to lay with mankind as with womankind!  It is an abomination to the Lord and in fact in Chapter 20:13 of Leviticus, GOD says they are to be put to death!

    I encourage my readers to support those businesses that share Biblical family values.  In addition, contact those businesses that support this abominable life style and voice your dissatisfaction on their stand for Sodomy


  • Senator Jeff Merkley (D-OR) now has a majority of Democrats (40) co-sponsoring ENDA, the mislabeled Employment Non-Discrimination Act, to actually punish Christian business owners, if they refuse cross-dressing men access to the ladies bathroom.

    The bill is hailed by liberals as promoting equality, but they don’t want you to read the actual text of the legislation. The bill will outlaw private Christian business owners, with full liability to lawsuits if they:

    (1) fail or refuse to hire or to discharge any individual, or otherwise discriminate against any individual with respect to the compensation, terms, conditions, or privileges of employment of the individual, because of such individual’s actual or perceived sexual orientation or gender identity; or

    (2) limit, segregate, or classify the employees or applicants for employment of the employer in any way that would deprive or tend to deprive any individual of employment or otherwise adversely affect the status of the individual as an employee, because of such individual’s actual or
    perceived sexual orientation or gender identity.

    The term “perceived gender identity” means if a confused man claims he feels like a woman, he must be allowed access to the ladies bathroom (at all public restaurants, shopping malls, and your office at work), or employers will be sued for “segregation.”

    The key paragraph of Senate Bill 815, says this:

    “(a) Dress or Grooming Standards – Nothing in this Act shall prohibit an employer from requiring an employee, during the employee’s hours at work, to adhere to reasonable dress or grooming standards not prohibited by other provisions of Federal, State, or local law, provided that the employer permits any employee who has undergone gender transition prior to the time of employment, and any employee who has notified the employer that the employee has undergone or is undergoing gender transition after the time of employment, to adhere to the same dress or grooming standards as apply for the gender to which the employee has transitioned or is transitioning.”

    In other words, they don’t actually need a sex-change operation to sue you, they just need to claim someday they may desire a sex-change, and YOU must protect your male employee’s right to dress like a woman, and have full access to the women’s bathroom, or be sued. The religious exemptions in this bill do not protect for-profit Christian business owners, such as Bible publishers, Christian retail stores, or public restaurants.

    This national bathroom bill, ENDA, S.815, also has a House of Reps version H.R. 1755 written by the openly Homose xual Congressman Jared Polis (D-CO) who assumed the mantle from the retired Barney Frank (D-MA), and has 168 co-sponsors.

    We must take action, to stop these two bills, S. 815 and HR 1755, by petitioning Congress.

    NEW free Petition, Stop ENDA “bathroom bill” to Punish Christian Employers.
    Select, sign, we will fax all 535 members of House and Senate (saving you time!)

    **Ladies, imagine you’re at a restaurant or shopping mall, with your little girl, and you walk into the bathroom, and are confronted by a man who “feels” like a woman that day. Or business owners, just imagine getting sued by that man, and bankrupted
    because you politely asked him to use the men’s room. You’ll pay both your lawyer, and his.

    What is ENDA, you ask? The end of women’s privacy in public bathrooms. This doomsday legislation, H.R. 1755, empowers homosexual complainers to bankrupt all Christian Business Owners, hurting the economy, if the business owner refuses cross-dressing men entry to the ladies room, even before the deviant gets any sex-change operation.

    GOP Congressman John Kline (R-MN) warns us that ENDA creates an entirely new protected class that is vaguely defined and often subjective. “The legislation extends protections based on – quote – ‘perceived’ sexual orientation,” Kline said. “These vaguely defined terms would result in an explosion of litigation,” costing millions in lawyers fees, paid by Christian Business Owners to homosexual complainers.

    Lesbian activist Patricia Nell Warren admitted this, during interviews with Bill Berkowitz:

    BB: How do you react to charges from Religious Right leaders that ENDA will sanction cross-dressing in the work place?

    PNW: In a sense, the charge is accurate. If ENDA is passed, employees should be allowed to dress in the manner that’s appropriate to their chosen gender identity, whatever that is. And they will do that if allowed by law.

    BB: And when ENDA is passed?

    PNW: If and when ENDA passes, having people with changed gender identity in the workplace — working side by side with them, and
    even using the same bathroom with them — is something that some people will just have to get over. [She then compared those who don’t want co-ed bathrooms to racists.]

    NEW free Petition, Stop ENDA “bathroom bill” to Punish Christian Employers.
    Select, sign, we will fax all 535 members of House and Senate (saving you time!)

    Friends, their version of tolerance now requires bankrupting Christian employers, or any public restaurant or retail store that refuses men full access to women’s bathrooms. We must take action to stop ENDA from becoming law.

The Roots of Infanticide

Margaret Sanger

oval_ms  marg sanger

Woman and the New Race, ch. 6: “The Wickedness of Creating Large Families.” Here, Sanger argues that, because the conditions of large families tend to involve poverty and illness, it is better for everyone involved if a child’s life is snuffed out before he or she has a chance to pose difficulties to its family.

[We should] apply a stern and rigid policy of sterilization and segregation to that grade of population whose progeny is tainted, or whose inheritance is such that objectionable traits may be transmitted to offspring.

Plan for Peace” from Birth Control Review (April 1932, pp. 107-108)

Article 1. The purpose of the American Baby Code shall be to provide for a better distribution of babies… and to protect society against the propagation and increase of the unfit.
Article 4. No woman shall have the legal right to bear a child, and no man shall have the right to become a father, without a permit…
Article 6. No permit for parenthood shall be valid for more than one birth.

“America Needs a Code for Babies,” 27 Mar 1934

Give dysgenic groups [people with “bad genes”] in our population their choice of segregation or [compulsory] sterilization.

April 1932 Birth Control Review, pg. 108

Birth control must lead ultimately to a cleaner race.

Woman, Morality, and Birth Control. New York: New York Publishing Company, 1922. Page 12.

We should hire three or four colored ministers, preferably with social-service backgrounds, and with engaging personalities.  The most successful educational approach to the Negro is through a religious appeal. We don’t want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population, and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members.

Margaret Sanger’s December 19, 1939 letter to Dr. Clarence Gamble, 255 Adams Street, Milton, Massachusetts. Also described in Linda Gordon’sWoman’s Body, Woman’s Right: A Social History of Birth Control in America. New York: Grossman Publishers, 1976.

A woman’s duty: To look the whole world in the face with a go-to-hell look in the eyes… to speak and act in defiance of convention.

The Woman Rebel, Volume I, Number 1

[The most penetrating thinkers] are coming to see that a qualitative factor as opposed to a quantitative one is of primary importance in dealing with the great masses of humanity

Pivot of Civilization, 1922. Here, Margaret Sanger speaks on her eugenic philosophy – that only the types of “quality” people she and her peers viewed as worthy of life should be allowed to live.

Such parents swell the pathetic ranks of the unemployed. Feeble-mindedness perpetuates itself from the ranks of those who are blandly indifferent to their racial responsibilities. And it is largely this type of humanity we are now drawing upon to populate our world for the generations to come. In this orgy of multiplying and replenishing the earth, this type is pari passu multiplying and perpetuating those direst evils in which we must, if civilization is to survive, extirpate by the very roots.

The Need for Birth Control in America (quoted by Angela Franks.)

Women of the working class, especially wage workers, should not have more than two children at most. The average working man can support no more and and the average working woman can take care of no more in decent fashion.

“Family Limitation,” eighth edition revised, 1918

LifeNews Note: Lauren is a Legislative Associate for Texas Right to Life and a graduate of Ave Maria University. This post originally appeared at Live Action News and is reprinted with permission.

Sanger addressing KKK meeting

A Future “Golden Book” best seller? God Forbid!

When I was in high school it was still a shame and an embarrassment for a girl to get pregnant out side of marriage.  Sadly, I was in the beginning of the sexual revolution of the 60’s and by the time the 70’s rolled around, it became socially acceptable to shack-up with your partner and not get married.  Your roommate was considered your significant other, a term which later incorporated a person of the same-sex.  Many a teen-age girl went on the ‘pill’ just in case they gave in to 1stabortiontheir fleshly lusts.  Although the stigma for taking an oral contraceptive was justified in that is was being used for dysmenorrhea, the fact still remained that it was a preventive measure for not having an untimely pregnancy. This allowed their sin to continue without the repercussions of having an unwanted child.  After all, what teen age girl would delight in being on public display for nine months with a big belly.  The town busy-bodies would have field day exchanging rumors and well-meaning but tactless friends would offer unsolicited advice, especially when it came to the welfare of the unborn child.  Being a society of the ‘quick fix’ it did not take long for people to institute a remedy for  their sin, which could be dealt with in a short time frame……without having to wait nine months ………………with a big belly………………and no social life…………………………..And so the murdering of babies began!

I am not going to go into the statistics or the where and why-fores of having an abortion only to state that it is a murder, “Thus saith the Lord”  Millions of babies have been deliberately and intentionally killed by their own mothers. There are those who deem this slaughter of innocent lives as no more than a removal of a growing tumor.  Well, they muse,  at least this way no one will find out!  Doesn’t that sound like a slick-willy justification for covering your sin of promiscuity.  Of the two I believe, no, I know, that I would choose to have the baby and not to compound the sin by committing the sin of murder.

Sadly, there are thousands of parents who are totally unaware that their grandchild was killed by their own daughter, the child’s mother.  Moms and Dads are privy to their child having a tonsillectomy, appendectomy, and all of the other ‘ectomies, but the government declares that they do not have the right to be informed when their daughter is having an abortion.    Just recently an article was posted  at, about the New York City School system distributing ‘morning after pills’ tomorning-after-pill-jpg teenage girls, without their parents permission.  Schools cannot give out ibuprofen without parental consent, yet they can distribute this drug to induce an abortion.  The program, CATCH, Connecting Adolescents to Comprehensive  Health is none other than a user-friendly abortion program geared to terminate the pregnancy within the first 72 hours.  Parents can opt-out to have their child participate, but they cannot be informed if the child does participate.

Folks, our Nation is in a mess.  God will surely bring his judgment soon!  It is so unnatural for a woman to kill her offspring;  this is no different than sacrificing children on a blazing heathen altar of fire, only they are the god who is being appeased.  Suffer the little children to come unto me, saith the Lord.  He did not intend for this to happen by killing them!

Yet, while ye were in the womb, I knew thee.  How grieved the Lord must be each time a baby is murdered.  Yet, because he is God, he still loves the sinner, just not their sin.  There is forgiveness for those who have aborted a child.  I think of a young mother who recently went to a Woman’s Clinic to get an abortion.  She just had delivered a beautiful full term little girl and now she was pregnant again…………she did not want this baby, not now, maybe later.  If there was only someway 77080_497113770319908_1364072473_n  baby in sacto do a fast forward toward the end of the nine months so that the Mom could see her perfect child in the womb, maybe then she would change her mind.  Perhaps as she gazed  upon the little head full of dark hair like her own, and then count the little fingers and toes, ……. Wow, looks like the child is going to have big feet!  Can we see? … the little leg is in the way,  it has to be a boy, look at those broad shoulders.

God sent His only Begotten Son into the World to die on the Cross of Calvary for our sins.  There will be repented thieves, adulterers, and even murderers in heaven.  You see, at one time in their life they realized that they were a sinner, deserving of an eternity in Lake of Fire, but the Holy Spirit opened their eyes that the god of this world, Satan, had blinded  and they were able to see the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Upon asking God to forgive them, they were wonderfully and gloriously saved.  God remembers their sin no more.  The scars of our sinful life may remain with us until glory, but as far as the east is from the west, God hath removed our transgressions.