Globalist Plans Nixed

globe-puzzleThe stage was set and the last piece of the puzzle was primed to be put into place.  The anticipation was sadistically being nursed by those who were behind the scene planning this dastardly phenomenon.  But then much to their grievous disappointment, their plan was destroyed like a giant earthquake upending their world and their evil plans. They were enraged and hysterical that their expectations of a dizzying final achievement of the total power of man as god had been smashed.  The culmination of the stage for the New World Order had been nixed.

image-shillalry-puppetAll the people in the various elements of this New World Order movement fully expected that Hillary Clinton’s election would lead to the implementation of the final stages of their plans to orchestrate their dream of the New World Order. Under Barack Obama and the powerful influence of the European Union,, UN and other elites, everything had been rapidly moving towards their gaining powers they have long sought. With that power, they were set to radically transform international society, take full control of the economies of all nations, eliminate national sovereignties and impose dramatic social changes and extreme depopulation measures in the world. The election of Donald Trump and a majority of Republicans to the Senate, Congress, governorships and other positions, have left the One-Worlders reeling.  Nothing else can explain the massive US and international howling and vicious, non-spontaneous, “spontaneous” demonstrations that have been taking place in many cities and nations.

soros-economic-forumGeorge Soros is one of the main drivers of the evil New World Order movement.  This Jewish, Nazi sympathizing evil man is personally financing the riots and chaos in retaliation of Donald Trump being elected President instead of Hillary, Soros’ puppet. The election of Donald Trump has caused the decades-old war that has been waged on what is left of Christian civilization to be suddenly revealed for the ugly and evil war that it has been all along. Until now the war has been very one-sided, with the one-world progressives generally being the only ones fighting, as the relatively passive Christians and their non-Christian allies have given naïve, timid and disorganized resistance. Most of the mainstream media in the West that are controlled by New World Order elites.. as information controllers have spewed shameless propaganda and lies to the American people.

The wide circle of the American Society and the whole wide circle of the Christian Community does not realize this fully. We are now facing the final confrontation between the Church and the anti-church, between the gospel and the anti-gospel, between Christ and the Antichrist.  God has been gracious by giving us an opportunity to turn the tide of evil in the United States.  It will not be an easy task because of Soros’ sponsored one-Worlders are angry and determined to inflict terrible injustices upon the citizens of this Nation. He has his minions and most of them are leaders in the Democratic Party of which is owned by Soros.  But liberal Republicans are also on the take from Soros;  McCain, Kasich, Graham, and Ryan, et al.
sinister-popeWe are now standing in the face of the greatest historical confrontation humanity has ever experienced. For the first time ever, the New World Order movement has gained powerful public backing for many of their agendas from the head of the Roman Catholic Church, who has aggressively insisted that climate change, open borders, anti-capitalism and more are now issues of moral and religious obligation to a new, worldly Catholic Church. It also appears that some in the Vatican may be laying the groundwork for a moral and religious case in favor of population control, use of contraception, small families and acceptance of homosexuality, again regardless of many contrary statements by Francis. Many signs point to this. Most astonishingly, the Vatican itself seems involved as Pope Francis, the download-popes-pleaGerman bishops and others around him have openly developed close relationships with many leading One-Worlders, inviting them to the Vatican to give talks and advice (contrary to strong statements from Francis against abortion, gay “marriage”, for large families, etc.). This has been a radical change from all past popes.

Bible raptureIt seems that Bible prophecy is being fulfilled every week.  However, the time for the New World Order is not now.  The next big thing on God’s agenda is the Rapture of the Church – those who have repented of their sins and have accepted Jesus, the Son of God, God in the flesh, as their Savior.


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The Spiritual Lessons Behind the 2016 Presidential Election WRITTEN BY: JASON CHARLES PUBLISHED ON: NOVEMBER 3, 2016

God’s Hand In this Election

It is my belief that God has supernaturally intervened in this 2016 election season.  Donald Trump simply would not be in the position he is in without the help of Wikileaks and the power of the alternative media. Truly a perfect storm has disrupted the corrupt Clinton machine from rigging the entire election. Those leaked emails and the ability to publish them outside of the lapdog Clinton media has made all the difference in the world for the Trump campaign. This truly has been a historic election season. I have to say watching the collapse of the corrupt House of Clinton has been the most fascinating lesson in morality and theology one could ever ask for.

I, by no means, am saying that God is a Trump fan, hardly, I make mention of this only to point out the greatest spiritual lesson from this election season, which is God is a judge of nations and kings. Watching the Clintons fall is a telling illustration of how God can bring the wicked to their knees by means that aren’t even fathomable to our human minds. Truly God raises up one and will put down another.

But God is the judge: he putteth down one, and setteth up another. Psalms 7

Thou didst cause judgment to be heard from heaven; the earth feared, and was still, When God arose to judgment, to save all the meek of the earth. Selah. Psalms 76:9

Evil Never Looks Like Evil

One thing about the Clintons is they are polished politicians. They have spent many years cultivating the perfect altruistic liberal-image. Hillary Clinton, in her debates, is always evoking the children with her answers on policy questions. On gun-rights we must ban them for the children, with her war with Assad she says look at all the children being harmed, on abortion she hypocritically says we must murder the un-born up to the 9th month lest they grow up in poverty, figure that one out.

Their emotional appeals are there only to create an illusion of morality that suckers enough people into actually voting for them when they need the votes. But thanks to Julian Assange and Wikileaks who had the courage to face their wrath, published those emails, and the facade is now starting to fall away. The public is beginning to see how they have preyed upon tax-payers, controlled the media, have had disdain for their constituents, threaten and intimidate investigators, have been selling political favors to rogue nations, have engaged in violent “bird-dogging” mob-manipulation tactics at Trump rallies, have worked to implement systems of election rigging throughout the country, and have even tried to falsify intel suggesting Trump is a Russian spy. Absolutely corrupt as they come.

This brings us to the second lesson of this election season, that evil is attractive. The Clintons have been liberal darlings for decades, but now they will forever go down in history as some of the most corrupt individuals in American history, casting a long shadow on both theirs and Obama’s political legacy.

And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. 2 Corinthians 11:14

For God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing, whether [it be] good, or whether [it be] evil. Ecclesiastes 12:14

Never Sell Your Soul

I try to be objective when watching both sides of the political debate. Meaning they both can’t be trusted. But watching the unraveling of not only the Clintons but also the DNC has been oh so satisfying. I can’t help but think that at some point young Hillary Clinton made a deal with the devil, and in this election cycle he has come to collect on that contract. Hillary has been in government for a longtime and has had tremendous opportunity to do good, but has instead only done wickedness.

I would say the Clintons are the perfect example of a power couple that has sold themselves to wicked institutions and power. They are without question the benefactors of a demonic system that has allowed corruption like theirs to proliferate like cancer. The lesson here is to take note at how our systems of government have allowed this corruption to continue uninterrupted for decades and decades without contest. Political institutions by default are horribly corrupt and twisted against the interest of the people. We simply can’t begin to understand how God has allowed so many alternative media personalities and outlets to arise that are capable of exposing the criminality of the political elite like the Clintons, but we just witnessed it all unfold. We must remember that the enticing things of this world are fleeting especially if gotten by lies, and evil. There is a judge that sits in Heaven and when judgment comes it comes swiftly and suddenly.

That the triumphing of the wicked is short, and the joy of the hypocrite but for a moment? Job 20:5

For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? Mark 8:36

The Need for Just Government

People should be besides themselves in rage at what the Clintons and others have been caught doing. Government’s only purpose is to promote justice and the general welfare of its citizens. Instead the Clintons have used government to enrich themselves through the selling of political favors. Looking at the Clinton mafia you quickly realize that EVERYONE was in on it too. This power structure that was available to the Clintons spanned from the private sector into government almost seamlessly thanks to the Obama admin insiders in the DOJ and State Department they were connected to. These insiders were willing to even cover-up for Hillary on multiple occasions.

Our ability to maintain good government will always come down to the will and the oversight of the people itself. God hates those who work against the systems of justice in any given political system, and he tells us in his Word that we are to destroy them that speak leasing, an old English word for deception and lying. Government is only as good as the people it is made up of.

Thou shalt destroy them that speak leasing: the LORD will abhor the bloody and deceitful man. Psalms 5:6

Woe unto them that decree unrighteous decrees, and that write grievousness which they have prescribed; Isaiah 10:1

God will Use the Wilderness Outcasts to Pronounce Judgment

God’s hand of justice comes from the most unlikely of places. This 2016 it came from people like Alex Jones, a hard-headed Texas radio Host known for his incredible documentaries and fiery personality. He has been on record condemning the world elite since the 1990’s and is very accurate in his analysis. It came from the Breitbart journalist Milo Yiannopoulos, a gay Trump supporter who has been a constant thorn in Hillary’s side and also a huge opponent of the PC culture that so dominates liberal politics. It came from Julian Assange at Wikileaks, a political whistleblower who has released countless thousands of emails revealing the inner works of the corrupt DNC and Clinton people to their ruin. It has come in the form of James O’Keefe of Project Veritas, whose team went undercover and exposed the DNC political operatives that were paid to create mob violence and rig the votes for Hillary. There is no question that God can rise up anyone, whether they be a Godly person or someone from a fallen secular bent to bring judgment on them that He deems as wicked enough to deserve His justice and wrath. This too is a spiritual lesson, though we may not agree with Alex Jones, Milo or Julian Assange there is no doubt that God has used all of them to bring the Clintons to their knees in a divinely perfect way. A way that truly exposes their criminality to all.

And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them. Ephesians 5:11

When I say unto the wicked, Thou shalt surely die; and thou givest him not warning, nor speakest to warn the wicked from his wicked way, to save his life; the same wickedman shall die in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at thine hand. Yet if thou warn the wicked, and he turn not from his wickedness, nor from his wicked way, he shall die in his iniquity; but thou hast delivered thy soul. Ezekiel 3:18-19


What can we take away from this election season? I think the main point is to know that no matter how bad things get, and no matter how entrenched evil seems to be in a system that we must wait on God. The Bible says that God is slow to wrath, but when he drops the hammer it decimates whomever is on the receiving end. In this case the Clintons. We can only hope that the investigations and a possible Trump presidency will continue to unravel the sanctuaries of darkness that have embedded themselves into the government system. We can’t kid ourselves into believing that just because the Clintons have been exposed that that is the end of the corruption in government, hardly. They are just a small factor in a larger network of evil.


After much prayer and soul-searching, I have reluctantly decided to vote for the Trump-Pence ticket. Here’s why.

This is a repost of another persons thoughts, which I agree with

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This is not easy for me. I did not get to this point lightly. Rather, it has been a matter of intense examination of the candidates and party platforms, studying the Scriptures (particularly I Samuel 8-12; see below), and listening to many thoughtful voices in the debate.

Anyone who has been tracking my writing during the course of this campaign knows how deeply concerned I am about Mr. Trump — his lack of experience, flip-flopping on issues, and the unkind and at times even vulgar or vitriolic language he uses against his critics. I had hoped he would be defeated in the primaries. Or challenged by a plausible third party candidate. Or would drop out after the release of the deeply offensive video of him speaking with Billy Bush.

But this is where we are. Now, it is truly is a binary choice between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. There’s no…

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The ‘ME-bola’ of Christianity

me-me-me-md There seems to be an epidemic affecting Christians.  The average person claiming to be a Christian is actually embracing and following unbiblical and contradictory ideas to the gospel.  This epidemic is the subconscious ingrained and errant belief that the Christian life is about “me.”  It’s about what Christ can give me.  It’s about the church accommodating me.  It’s about the worship programs being catered to me.  It’s about the worship style suiting me.  It’s about saving myself from hell in that Jesus is my eternal life insurance, so as long as I go to church and half-heartedly read my Bible every once in a while, I’ll be ok.
Many of us have been infected with the idea that the Christian life should be an easy life and therefore requires little to no effort and minimum obedience to God.  Some Saints believed that they can ease the symptoms of their indifference if they are faithful in church attendance and talk the walk.  This Laodicean approach to Christianity is the foundation on which apathy is built.  It is not the Church’s responsibility to ease the symptoms of carnal Christians, but instead to provide a prescription to worship God and be encouraged and instructed in the Word. When a church does its best to serve its people, it definitely makes the service a reservoir of blessing and instruction in righteousness.  ‘Cool’ music and fancy lighting and the beat of the drum is not what Christianity is about. The world’s music and theatrics are sensuous and feed the emotions and water down the scriptural basis for service.
The average Christian sitting is a worship service on Sunday morning most likely will hear something along the lines of  that God loves me and sent his Son to die for me.  As wonderful as this truth is, there is more to the story.  If we claim to be Christians, we should be following the call to spread the gospel and serve others. We should not allow the infection of our own selfish desires to hinder someone else’s salvation.
 “And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.”  Mark 16:15 
Some Christians are self-centered, self-absorbed, and self-saturated people who really do not have the burden of  spreading the salvation message to others.  Worshipping and witnessing are the primary responsibilities of redeemed sinners. However, there is one more thing that is needful.  So, what do we do now that it’s been established that Christianity is not all about me? Where do we go from here?

While it is true that works cannot save us, it is a command that we are to work out our own salvation

  “Wherefore, my beloved, as ye have always obeyed, not as in my presence only, but now much more in my absence, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling.”  Philippians 2:12 .

We must not succumb to the Moses syndrome of worthless excuses: ” but I am slow of speech, and of a slow tongue;” for the Lord will say , “What is that in thine hand?”  Each of us has talents given to us by God, that can be used for his service.  In bringing together a fellowship of Believers God was not amiss in providing workers for the ministry.  Some are called to teach, some are called to clean, others are called to tend to wee ones in the Nursery.  Lest we forget, there is the landscaping, church dinners, organizers, planners and greeters.  For those Senior Saints the needful service of prayer is needful for the influence of any ministry. This is far from being an all inclusive list of available ministries in the Church.  Yes, cleaning is a ministry!

As we life for Christ, we must not do so in our own strength  God did not give you new life so that you could run around and fulfill your own selfish desires. There’s a greater purpose here to live your life to serve God whole-heartedly and strive to be Christ-like. It is hard to model Jesus every second of the day, in fact, it is probably impossible to do it. Instead of relying on yourself, let God guide you throughout your day.

And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.”  Romans 12:2 

 Serve others! This is a huge commandment in the Bible. Your life is no longer about your convenience, comfort, or accommodation. Go into the world and serve others thereby pointing everyone you meet to Christ.

caduceusThe Lord is the Great Physician who can deliver us from the spiritual ‘Ebola’ of Christianity. As we draw nearer to God and come to know Him more, He imparts unto us the antibiotic of selfless service that we might  a workman that needeth not to be ashamed………………………















Religious Freedom Upheld!

Bible and malletFollowing four years of battling with the city of Minneapolis, a Wisconsin man will be back next year at the city’s annual gay pride festival in Loring Park, handing out Bibles with no restrictions. The 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals issued an injunction allowing Brian Johnson, who has distributed Bibles at the event since 1998, to continue to do so while his case against the Minneapolis Park Board goes forward.

After handing out Bibles at the event with no complaints for 10 years, Johnson was told by the festival organizers in 2009 that he would not be able to continue because of his opposition to the homosexual lifestyle. That year Johnson and his family, from nearby Hayward, Wisconsin, were preparing to walk through the festival venue and offer Bibles to participants when a festival official ordered them to leave. “A police officer allegedly told Johnson that the park was ‘private property’ that day, and Johnson was arrested when they didn’t leave,” reported the Star Tribune in 2012. Charges against him were later dropped, but the prohibition against his Christian evangelistic outreach continued.

The city’s gay-themed Pride Fest has been an annual event for the past 30 years, with crowds of over 200,000 participants crowding Loring Park and surrounding areas near downtown Minneapolis for concerts, food, and exhibits of unique interest to homosexuals. Johnson said that the venue is ideal “to reach as many people as possible” with the Christian message.

In 2010, when the festival organizers again turned Johnson away, the Minneapolis Park Board appeared to side with him, ruling that his presence and activities were protected by the First Amendment. Festival officials sued the Park Board, leading U.S. District Judge John Tunheim to suggest a compromise. “In theory, Twin Cities Pride could designate ‘free-speech zones’ on the Pride Festival grounds in which anyone who wishes to distribute literature or display signage may do so,” Tunheim wrote in his ruling in the conflict.

The Park Board and festival organizers agreed, resulting in the Park Board prohibiting unapproved materials from the main festival site and requiring Johnson to be isolated with his Bibles to a “no pride zone” that rendered his presence at the festival irrelevant, said attorney Nate Kellum of the Center for Religious Expression, which is representing Johnson in the case.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune reported that the compromise “would have confined Johnson to distributing the Bibles at a booth in Loring Park outside the festival area as well as leaving them at a ‘material drop area’ within the festival grounds.”

Kellum noted that the compromise site set up for Johnson “was a tract of land in a corner of the park where nobody would ever go because it was not part of a festival.” In similar fashion the material drop area amounted to tables under an unmarked canopy where no one would think to place literature. “The government should not be exiling free speech, it should be protecting it,” Kellum said of the “compromise” his group is challenging in the suit on behalf of Johnson. “It’s ridiculous to say that the only place where people can hand out Bibles is an area where there’s no one to hand Bibles to. The Constitution simply does not permit the board to relegate free speech to isolated regions where no one can receive the message. That’s not free speech at all. It’s pure censorship.”

While a U.S. district court ruled against Johnson, saying that the city was within its rights and had sufficiently accommodated his ministry, Kellum appealed the ruling to the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals, which reversed the lower court and opened the way for Johnson to continue next year in offering Bibles to festival participants while his suit against the city is heard in court.

The appeals panel noted that while Johnson said the Bible identifies homosexual behavior as sin, “he tries to avoid the subject of homosexuality when passing out Bibles at the Festival, and he does not believe that homosexual or heterosexual temptations, in and of themselves, constitute sin.”

In a press release concerning the case the Center for Religious Expression noted that the 8th Circuit had previously granted Johnson an emergency injunction against the city that allowed him to distribute Bible at the city’s 2012 and 2013 gay pride events. After considering the merits of Johnson’s case more fully the appeals panel reversed the lower court decision, which will give Johnson unfettered freedom to continue his longtime Christian outreach at the homosexual gathering.

“We are pleased that the appellate court recognizes the fundamental freedoms at stake for Johnson,” said Kellum. “In a public place during an event open to the public, Johnson has every right to share his views and contribute to the marketplace of ideas — just like everyone else.”

Kellum said that as Johnson’s suit against the city moves forward he feels optimistic that the court will rule in favor of his client. “I do think the 8th Circuit has signaled how the law is interpreted,” he said. “We feel very optimistic.”

Joel Nichols, a professor at Minneapolis’ University of St. Thomas School of Law, located just blocks from the pride festival venue, agreed that Johnson’s suit has merit, explaining that while the city can impose reasonable restrictions on the time, place, and manner of public speech, the restrictions cannot result in blocking the message from the speaker’s intended audience. Nichols told the Star Tribune that if Johnson’s activities aren’t disruptive, “he’s clearly allowed to be there.”

According to the Star Tribune, “Nichols said if [his booth is] tucked into a corner, then Johnson has ‘a pretty good claim’ that he’s not being treated equally. And if the Park Board has a policy allowing free speech but makes an exception for this event, Nichols said, ‘then he really is being discriminated against.’”


Compliments of New American Magazine

Iowa – Home School Haven


 The Iowa legislature betrayed its obligation to protect the well-being of that state’s home-schooled children. In one fell swoop, the legislature removed every safeguard designed to ensure that they were actually receiving an education. It’s gone now, all of it, every little protection, and there is now nothing left to ensure the needs and interest home-schooled children. Nothing. And that is, of course, how Home schooling advocates wanted it.

First we have an obvious conflict of worldviews at play.  Who is ultimately responsible for a child’s well being?  If you say the state then you are a statist – wear it loud and proud.  A biblical worldview would state that God gave parents responsibility over their child’s well-being.

Secondly – this assumes that parents who choose to home school care less about their child’s education than the state does.  Which is untrue, absolutely untrue.  Those who choose to home school make great sacrifices to home school, they do it because they want a great education for their children, and they take their responsibility to home school very, very serious.

Do we want the state to leave us alone?  Guilty as charged.  One liberals like Libby Anne and Hemant Mehta don’t understand is that people who choose to home school are already under a ton of scrutiny often by friends and family.  There is accountability.  There is accountability from family members – what grandparent would want their grandchildren to be neglected educationally (by the way educational neglect is still part of Iowa’s Child Abuse laws)?  There is accountability from the church (at least those who are Christians, there are a lot of non-Christians who are choosing to home school as well).  Ultimately we are all accountable before God, and while Mr. Mehta, who is an atheist, doesn’t believe that – those who home school do.

We take our responsibilities very seriously, and we, unlike the state, love our kids and want to see them do well.

Third – They act as though no other state has done this.  Actually there are a number of states with relaxed homeschooling laws so while this is a change for Iowa, it’s not new phenomenon.

Fourth – liberals ranting and raving about the process frankly don’t know what went on in Iowa.  Home School Legal Defense Association, did not initiate this, but they did help with some of the language.  The Network of Iowa Christian Home Educators didn’t even initiate all of the changes.  So this wasn’t some grand scheme because no one thought this would have landed in one bill and many didn’t think all (actually any) of these measures would be passed this year.  We are still trying to figure out what it all means and how it meshes with the Iowa Code.  Democrats were not caught unaware.  They had to make a choice.  Republicans gave them what they wanted.  They had to actually – gasp – compromise on some items that we believe will help raise student achievement – educational liberty.  This is a win-win.  It’s sad some liberals and Democrats can’t see that.

Are there bad homeschooling families?  Sure.  There are some who find out this isn’t their cup of tea and end up back in private or public school.  Homeschooling isn’t for everybody.  How many kids in public school are failing?  How many public schools are failing?  How many public school kids graduate high school not ready for college or a career?  How many public school teachers complain about parents not being engaged?  Yet liberals want to target parents who are engaged?

But some are so blinded by their ideology that the neglect to mention studies that show home schooled students are well-prepared for college, studies that show they are well socialized, and on average perform better than their public school counterparts on standardized tests.  Yes some liberals simply want to ignore the research that is available and instead be driven by their statist ideology and anti-religious bigotry.


Thank you, Citizens of Illinois!

What same-sex marriage advocates won in the Illinois Senate on Valentine’s Day 2013 was just reversed. After weeks and months of hard work to accomplish what should have been easy, gay Democrat sponsor Greg Harris could not muster the votes, while Democratic Speaker of the House, Michael Madigan, did not even call for a vote to establish same sex marriage in Illinois.

“Today a broad grassroots coalition of Illinois families of Faith of all creeds and colors took on all the Illinois political bosses from Washington to the Governor’s Mansion to Chicago’s City Hall who tried to pay back the homosexual community for their political support,” said Paul Caprio, Spokesman for the Coalition to Protect Children & Marriage.

Throughout the day, same-sex marriage proponents hammered the Speaker relentlessly, threatening to withhold support for his daughter, Attorney General Lisa Madigan, a gubernatorial hopeful.

Equality Illinois and other groups brought in celebrities and generated thousands of phone calls. Governor Pat Quinn pushed hard, purportedly offering back room deals to members of the Black Caucus. But under the leadership of former Democrat Senator the Reverend James Meeks and Bishop Lance Davis, black legislators pushed back.

Representative Monique Davis, when asked by the Sun Times if same-sex marriage is a civil rights issue, said, “Have they ever hung from trees? Were they ever slaves for 500 years? Then I don’t think so.”

“I don’t think (the issues are) equal… simple as that,” she explained. “African-American people have the same right to be conservative on issues that everybody else has.”

With Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel, Obama advisor David Axelrod, Republican State Chairman Pat Brady, Republican Senator Mark Kirk, the Chicago media, and hometown favorite President Barack Obama lobbying hard for the measure, it was a stunning defeat.

The battle in Illinois began just before Christmas 2012, when same-sex marriage activists moved to call a vote during the holidays. Twelve family groups quickly formed the “Coalition to Protect Children & Families.” In an unprecedented act of cooperation, the Illinois Family Institute rallied thousands to the capitol and Family PAC made over 600,000 calls into legislative districts.

While pastors held breakfasts, the National Organization for Marriage gave financial support and provided expert testimony in Springfield with Dr. Jennifer Rohrbach Morse on the troubling side of same-sex marriage. Cardinal Francis George wrote and spoke with conviction against the proposal, as did Bishop Thomas John Paprocki of Springfield. Churches rallied and, in spite of the odds, to the surprise of Chicago media and the much better resourced gay gobby, pro-traditional family forces stopped the vote.

In the end, it came down to enormous pressure on twenty black Democratic legislators “I think after President Obama came out as a supporter of equal marriage there was a belief that it would be a no-brainer,” Representative Christian Mitchell said. “But I don’t think folks properly understood the influence and role of the church as it relates to African-American politics.”

Illinois is the first state to stop the gay marriage momentum since North Carolina in 2012.