We the People vs Barack Hussein Obama

184437_10200243754646451_648288852_n  Obama DictatorFrom day one of his bid for the Presidency of the United States, Barak Obama should have been forbidden by Article 11 of the Constitution from seeking to be elected to lead this Nation.  His citizenship has been challenged since he took office and no one in the Senate has been willing or had the guts to challenge the authenticity of his birthright.  It would seem that the timing was ripe for such a sinister plot because the liberal, anti American, anti-constitutional, power hungry jackals were in position as members of the Senate to prevent and such challenge.

Since then this man and his cohorts have steadily eroded our fundamental rights as guaranteed by the Constitution.  We are currently in a battle to maintain our freedom of gun ownership.  These folk are diligently working to disarm the American citizens.     Should they be successful, especially if this law comes about by Executive Order,  we will have an open door for Obama to become a self made Dictator.  The Senatorial ‘Barak’ Squad and their cronies in the House are already contemplating removal of term limits on the Presidency.   Only an armed revolt will be able to stop this takeover of our Country.  Ironically, there are already ‘concentration’ camps being built for these ‘anti Obama’ militants.  Will I meet you there?

Freedom of speech and expression of American Patriotism will be eliminated, and do not be surprised if Old Glory is changed to bear the “O” emblem.  One can only imagine the song that will replace the National Anthem.  Christians will begin to be subjected to persecution.  Many God-fearing folk across the country will be imprisoned and even martyred for refusing to bow to the modern day for-runner of the anti-Christ.  We will be the new “racists”

As dismal as our future as a free Nation may seem, it is most exciting for Believers in the risen Lord, because this world is not our home, we are just passing through.  Seeing Bible Prophecy being fulfilled on a daily basis is breath-taking and strengthens our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.  “All of these things must come to pass before Jesus comes to set up his Kingdom on Earth.”  Our duty is to occupy until He comes and fulfill the Great Commission.  The third Judgment, the Sheep/Goat Judgment will is for those who are saved during the tribulation period.

What is the Great Commission, you ask?  God has commanded us that we are to go forth into all the world and preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  The Gospel of Jesus Christ is this:  John 3: 16  For God so loved the World that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.  It is appointed unto man once to die but after this the Judgment.  There are three specific Judgments spoken of in Revelation, the Great White throne judgment and the Judgment Seat of Christ.  Those who have rejected the Lord Jesus as their personal Savior will be judged by God at the Great White Throne Judgment and according to the severity of their sinfulness will be cast into the Lake of Fire where the degree of torment will be  commensurate with their wicked deeds.  For those of us who at one time in our life realized that we were sinners on our way to hell, then called upon Jesus to forgive us of our sins and save us, we will be judged at the Judgment Seat of Christ and receive crowns commensurate with our service to God, only then to lay them at His feet.

I have just participated in the Great Commission.  Now the decision is yours, my friend?  Which judgment will you stand before?


5 thoughts on “We the People vs Barack Hussein Obama

  1. Hi dmarienthee, thank you for joining up with us and we look forward to sharing with you,.

    It is True that God will give us what we want in Leadership and we will reap what we sow, if it is not Godly we will suffer but we are still to pray and obey those who are in Authority over us but we do not have to do what is evil , we are to stand up for God’s Truth.

    As for the first part of the Tribulation, yes many Christians will be Martyed but the last horific part, Jesus’ Church His Body will already have been Raptured and yes as you shared the goat and the sheep seperated.

    Christian Love Anne.

    • It is so exciting to watch Biblical Prophecy unfold! Yes, we are commanded to obey those who have rule over us, but it is so important to obey God rather than man. Thank you for your comments……………see you in heaven! Diann

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