America’s Receding Values

Recently I had the blessing of hearing a message by Evangelist Byron Foss entitled “Why has God Blessed America”  The truths brought out in his message were timely as well as disheartening.  This article is representative of the jist of his sermon, but approached in a different manner so as to emphasize the need of our Blessed America to heed to 2 Chronicles 7:14

America  has sinned against God in…………..

The dignity of Human life:     Our Founding Fathers were all pro-life!  They believed what the Scriptures stated in Psalms 71:6 and 139:13 that life began at conception.  In the infamous year of 1973, Our Nation made it legal for mother’s to kill their unborn babies.  Since then over 59 million babies have been murdered prior to birth.  Hitler in his atrocious Holocaust is estimated at slaying 6 million Jews.   In comparison, we are not only more wicked, but also much more apathetic because at least Hitler considered his victims to be human.  Currently, in my state there is a concentrated effort to bring before the State Senate the HeartBeat bill which would essentially make it not only unlawful to commit abortions, but also judicially punishable.  It is understood that if my state is successful in this Christ honoring endeavor, that many other states will follow suit.

In addition, under the “Obama Care” provisions, those Americans who are deemed too old or infirmed, either physically or mentally will be denied health care benefits.  The practice of euthanasia is hidden between the lines of the script of the Obamacare.   Woe unto the elderly in our nation who are deemed, non functional.  Are you aware that the liberal shrinks in our nation consider Christians to be fanatically insane?   Will we be forced to succumb to mind altering medications or imprisonment in state run institutions for the mentally insane?

Biblical Blueprint for marriage:         It is recorded in the infallible Word of God, that the institution of marriage was established in the Garden of Eden between a man and a woman.  This perverted generation is fervently forcing upon us a sinful ‘alternate’ life style which is an abomination to God.   There was a day when this blatant sin was kept in the closet because of the societal disgrace.  Not so any more.  The practice of homosexuality has been endorsed by the immoral Hollywood crowd as well as businesses like Jc Penny’s.  and has even been embraced by top liberal government officials.  Sin is sin!  Man cannot make it a non-sin issue.

Common decency:     The Lord initiated the concept of modesty when he made Adam and Eve clothing from skins.  Today we have lost all concept of modesty, which has enhanced the  obsession with immorality.  We are instructed in scripture to wear modest apparel, as instructed in 1 Timothy 2:9.   We are to dress with clothes which becometh women professing godliness, with good works.

Work Ethic:   In our Nation we have seen the evolution of a generation of wimpy men who either refuse to work or are content on letting their wife,  their parents or the government support them.   These folk who allow their grown sons to mooch and not seek gainful employment are enabling their offspring to be no more than worthless bums.   God states that in the sweat of thy brow shall men eek out a living and if a man does not work, then he should not eat.  In recent years our government has made it easy for men to shirk their responsibility in providing for their family.

Rejection of Abrahamic covenant:      Historically we  have stood with Israel, and according to my understanding of prophecy we will continue to do so until the end. God says in his Word, to his people that  “I will bless them that bless thee and curse them that curse thee”    The Conservative Patriots in our country were shocked during the recent Democratic Convention whereby we actually witnessed liberal worshippers of government not only boo God.  but, they also had to reinstate into their platform that Jerusalem would remain the capital of Israel.  How the Heavenly Father must have shuddered at the sight of this mockery of our Godly heritage.  Romans chapter 11 give a good overview of God’s dealing with his beloved Israel.  Our Nation has been and needs to be continually blessed by God in befriending and defending Israel.

God centered Education:   For over 150 years, the Word of God has been an integral part of our education system.   Deuteronomy 6 states that we are to  teach Gods principles and precepts diligently to our children.   Abe Lincoln did not have a formal education , however the Ten Commandments were read to him by his mother on a frequent basis.  She died when he was 9. but God’s word remained with him throughout his life and was incorporated within his presidency.  In 1973, the Christians in American sat by and allowed the liberals to initiate the removal of God from our educational system.    How sad, indeed!

Divine Institutions   The Home, the Church and the Government are institutions established by God.  Satan has successfully attacked each of these groups to destroy the very foundation upon which they are created.  Homes have been shattered by divorce, the infiltration of homosexual ‘rights’, and by men and women who refuse to carry out God’s instructions for a Godly home.  Our churches have succumbed to the numbers game and have watered down and altered the Bible to be socially acceptable.  Judeo-Christian values are being hammered out of our government by men who are intent on promoting a socialistic agenda.

No other generation has had the privilege of seeing so much Bible Prophecy fulfilled.  The coming of the Lord most assuredly must be near.  God has commanded us to ‘occupy’ until He comes.  As we pray for God’s mercy upon our Nation let us remember 2 Chronicles 7:14,  ask the Lord to forgive us for our sins as a Nation  and seek to turn from our wicked ways by electing men and women who will honor God’s Word.


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