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Dad Called

father-son-hugIt was as a teenager that I first learned about the need to be saved and have my sins forgiven at a youth meeting of a local church.  I had been invited by a friend and since I had no other plans it seemed like a good idea.   My family did not go to church, but they were good moral people.  Mom was pleased that I was hanging out with a good group of friends and Dad’s only concern was that I did not neglect my chores.  Neither of them were interested in hearing much about the Gospel, although Mom did seem listen with ears of conviction.  My Senior year was full of excitement and anticipation of the future.  Mom talked about college and Dad moaned that he would lose his farm hand.  There was several years between me and my youngest brother and my sisters were not able to help with the physical work.  It was decided that I would attend a local college so that I could continue to help my Dad on the farm.  I was kind of glad in a way, because my Mom was the best cook in the county.  She won many ribbons at the local fair for her baked goods.  Then came the unexpected.   I really enjoyed history and had planned on making that my major and getting a minor in teaching.  That was all going to change.

One evening after church my Pastor came to me.  We had been having evangelistic meetings  and he wanted to personally introduce me to one of the speakers.  He was an older man who served the Lord in Australia.  He and his family wanted to have a teen camp that summer and he wanted to know if I would come and help.  Emotions ran rapid in my mind……got to think….Dad needed my help on the farm.  Fortunatley the camp was to be held after planting season and before harvest.  It would be like a mini vacation.  Having worked with the young people in my church had given me the experience needed for such an endeavor……….hmmm.  the money!  ……………..the money!  The three of us chatted for a while longer and as we parted, the Missionary asked me to just pray about the request and if it was God’s will, He would provide the necessary finances.  It was God’s will, He did provide the money, and I went.

Family dinners on the farm were awesome and this time it was no different.  My parents seemed older, and my siblings were growing up before my eyes, but the laughter and conversation during the meal were a delight.  My Dad was an observant man, he could tell if ole Bessy was ill before symptoms appeared.  I was not ignorant of his questioning glances toward me and it made me uneasy.  There was something that I needed to tell the family and I was waiting for the right opportunity.  “Son, is there something on your mind?”    How did he know?

As I shared with my family that the Lord had called me to the mission field there was a  breathless quietness that filled the old country dining room.  All eyes were on Dad.  No one said a word.

Many years have passed since that evening.  The opportunities for me to return to the States were few and far between. The Lord blessed and a lady at the church had befriended Mom and was able to lead her to the Lord.  Fortunatley I was able to come home for the funeral, but Dad hardly spoke a word.  We were faithful in writing but he never answered.  There were times when Satan really tried to discourage me, to make me feel guilty about not being home with my Dad in his old age.  It was an ever ending battle and I persistently and fervently prayed for my Dad’s salvation.

Then one day Dad called:  “Son, aren’t you ever going to come home?”  Those words rent a fiery wound to my heart.  I was literally crushed.   We serve such a wonderful and all knowing God and He was acutely aware that the phone call was coming.   That very same day we received a letter from the Mission Board that they wanted us to come and disciple some folk who were wanting to go to the Mission Field.  It was a relatively new program and we were their first seasoned missionaries to participate  We would be in the States about a month and inclosed in the envelope were two airline tickets.

The reunion with Dad was somewhat tense at the beginning.  My younger brother and his wife had moved in with him and were managing the farm.  The dinner table was set with all the favorite foods that Mom always prepared.  Dad looked at me with tears in his eyes and said “Son, it is good to have you home,  Will you ask God to bless the food? ”  Two days later while we were working on the old John Deere tractor, I was able to lead my Dad to the Lord.

My wife and I were so thankful to be home.  It was the  harvest season and God had reaped the soul of my Dad.  After I shared this with the budding missionaries a week later, I was handed a note. by the Director………. Call home!

It was the most difficult funeral that I had ever presided over, yet it was also a time of rejoicing.  Three souls were saved that day as I shared my Dad’s salvation story with them.  Two of them were my siblings.



crbs0311930  behind bars‘PETE ALMOST DIED’.

No greater love than that of a Father laying down his life for his son!

The Sinister Reelection of Barak Hussein Obama

evilobamaWhat the Reelection of President Obama could mean.

Many stories are circulating the conservative media concerning the man who is currently the Leader of the once-upon-a-time- greatest nation in the world.  For us who name the Name of  Jesus, his re-election opened our eyes to the exhilarating fact that the rapture of the church is definitely ‘at hand’  Mr. Obama, in my opinion is a wicked person who is being used by Satan to destroy our Christian Nation by taking away the freedoms we have enjoyed as a result of God working in the hearts of our forefathers in drafting our magnificent Constitution.   From what knowledge I have of the Scripture, BHO, is not the Anti-Christ, but in view of his actions over the past four years, he is most assuredly one of the Evil ones disciples.  It is so exciting to watch Bible prophecy unfold almost on a daily basis.

Knew it – but Blew it – Hobab

As a youngster, I always looked forward to summertime and family reunions on Grandpa’s  farm.  My cousins and I would thoroughly enjoy climbing into the haymow,  running into the pasture and getting into all sorts of mischief.  Each year we would reminisce about last years antics and then proceed to make new ones to be shared the following year.  My Dad and his five siblings would relate their accomplishments of the year, new babies would be fussed over and the women folk would dish up one of the hardiest down on the farm meals that would cause any mouth to salivate.   Reunions can be a sad time as well, such as in the passing of a loved one or the  deployment of a family member in the military.  God records in his Word, a family gathering that not only entails the sadness of loved ones moving to another country, but also the heart wrenching disappointment of a particular family member choosing to remain behind.

The story begins in the Wilderness of Paran.  Moses had led the children of Israel out of Egypt and they were in route to Kadesh-Barnea.  As the Cloud of God rested in the wilderness of Paran, Moses and his family took advantage of the opportunity to have a family gathering of sorts.   Moses of course, was present as well as his wife Zipporah, their children,  Miriam, the sister of Moses, Jethro, her father and Moses’ father-in-law, and Hobab.  This is the only place in the Bible that this person is named, and he was the brother of Zipporah.  Their father was Jethro, the Midianite.

During the festivities of the gathering Moses has the opportunity to share with Hobab about their journey to the place where God said that He would give them.  It would be interesting to know if Hobab responded as most unsaved relatives and sort of tolerated the conversation so as not to cause any ruffled feathers, or perhaps the man was one of those head nodderers who sat there with a sly grin on his face.  Irregardless how Hobab responded, Moses took advantage of the opportunity to share His God with his brother-in law.  During the conversation, it is recorded in Numbers 10: 29, that Moses asked Hobab to come with them.

The world’s people can come up with a plethora of excuses why they do not want to journey with us to heaven.  Some are just down right ridiculous.  In verse 30 we learn that Habab stated that he would not go, but that he would depart to his own land, and to his own kindred.  Hmmmm!  Now wait Hobab, your sister and your father are going with Moses, and they are kindred.!   Moses pleaded, “Leave us not, I pray thee, forasmuch as thou knowest how we are to encamp in the Wilderness, and thou mayest be to us instead of  eyes.”  Hobab had talents that could be used for God, and as a result he would receive any goodness that the Lord bestowed upon Moses and his family………….

Hobab sustained his answer.  What could possibly keep him from journeying into the Promise Land with God’s people?  Well, let’s check out some historical practices in those days.  Jethro, Hobab’s father was not just any ordinary Midianite.  He was their high priest.  The custom of the Midianites was that when the High Priest stepped down, his oldest son would become the new High Priest of the Midianites.  Hobab was the oldest son, and he knew that when he returned to his people there would be much celebration and praise as he accepted this coveted position among the Medianites.  The wealth and fame that would be his was just too much for him to sacrifice in order to accompany Moses on their  journey.

Isn’t this so typical of the unsaved in today’s world.  Instead of accepting the opportunity to spend eternity with the Lord Jesus, they hold onto their fortune, fame and friends.  Hobab knew that he had a golden opportunity to begin a new life with his father and sister, but he chose to return to his heathen lifestyle.  Can you imagine how Moses must have felt when he returned to his tent to face his dear sweet Zipporah?  How he struggled in sharing with her that her brother had refused to journey with them?  Perhaps tears of sorrow trickled down the cheeks of this dear lady as she contemplated the fate of her rebellious brother.  There are those today, who can relate to the sorrow and heartache that Moses and Zipporah experienced, when a love one refuses to accept Jesus as their Saviour.

The Bible does not specifically state what ever became of Hobab, but we do know that in Numbers chapter 31, the  children of Israel under the direction of Moses, after God spoke to him, armed themselves and warred against the Midianites as the Lord commanded; and in verse 7 it states that they slew all the males., and the Kings, and others.  Hobab?


“UNPOPULAR PREACHERS”.     A very good article shared by my friend at this site –


How Beautiful are Your Feet?

There is a song that carries the message “How beautiful, How beautiful, How beautiful are the feet, that spread the Gospel message, How beautiful are the feet.”………………Much to my delight the composer gleaned the theme of this song from scripture!  How exciting!  Romans 10: 15, ……….”How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel…..and bring glad tidings of good things”  The Lord is so inclusive that He has a purpose for the seemingly most taken for granted appendage of our mortal body.   God  has made it quite clear that we are to use our feet to go into all the world and fulfill the great commission.  Unfortunately there are those who have defective and/or deformed feet that are not being used in obedience to the Lord in witnessing the Good News.

Let’s take into consideration those feet which are encumbered by callouses…………the callouses of indifference toward lost souls.   Oftentimes callouses numb the area of the foot on which they have evolved.  And so it is when it comes to soul-winning, the person is numb, insensitive it you will,  to the need of the lost souls.   These callouses need to be soaked in the living water so that they can be scrubbed away by the pumice stone of conviction.   Keeping our spiritual feet free from hardened callousness will help us to become sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit when He brings someone into our pathway who needs to hear the Gospel.

Some feet have ingrown -toenails……………..painful memories of past experiences in witnessing.  We need to  understand that this hostility is toward God.   There will be times when doors are slammed in your face; curse words are spewed out in rebuff of your witness and of course those who” gave at the office”  if you catch my drift.  The Bible says that we are not to become discouraged if the world hates us. The reason for this is because in John 15:18, Jesus tells us that if the world hated him, it will hate us.

Then there are the toe-nails on our feet that are plagued and disfigured with fungus…………..the fungus of sin.  Sin causes us not to be in fellowship with the Lord.  When this fellowship is broken we become useless vessels and the Lord cannot work through us.   Although fungal infections are difficult to get rid of, God has promised in his Word that if we confess our sin he is faithful and just to forgive us our sin and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.   Thus the joy of our salvation is restored and we desire to please God by sharing with others His glorious Gospel.

Hammertoes are a physical deformity………….the spiritual  deformity of  being conformed to this world.  God specifically states that we are to come out from among them and be separate.  We were not created to have fellowship with unbelievers and when this is our bent then we develop spiritual hammertoes, deformed by the pressure of worldly shoes.   Our feet are to be shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace.  The ‘shoes’ of the world are ill-fitting and thereby cause deformity to our spiritual feet.  making us less effective in our gospel witness.

Bunions  are caused by pressure…………. the peer pressure of what others will think.   What will my unsaved friends or acquaintances think if I knock on their door?  Many Christians have dealt with this issue.  Romans 1:16 reminds us that we are not to be ashamed of the Gospel of Christ.   We are to love our friends and acquaintances so much that the fact that they are on their way to hell would overshadow our timidity.  One person held onto the thought  that friends would not be able to point their finger from hell and cry in a painful voice “You did not tell me!”

Our feet are to be beautiful, spiritually healthy in spreading the Gospel message.  God did not make then just to wear stylish shoes.  They were designed to go into all the World and preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.