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Exploring the Origins of the Common Core

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Jim Martinez decided to research the sources of the Common Core State Standards. Given their importance as a redesign of the nation’s highly decentralized education system, we can expect to see many more such efforts to understand the origins of this important document.

“Engaging the nonsense – a brief investigation of the Common Core”

A teacher asked me where the Common Core came from, another suggested that I “teach” the Common Core in my Master’s degree level courses.

So my curiosity got the best of me and I spent some time understanding something about Common Core from my perspective as a scholar and educator.

My first discovery is that the Common Core is a political document. That may seem fairly obvious, but what I mean is that there is an identifiable political ideology and history that has contributed greatly to the current document. I’ve attached a link to document that…

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Public Education or Liberal Indoctrination?

At the rate things are going, only the God-fearing, Patriotic people, who are educated in a non-public school of learning will have the knowledge of any given truth about any given subject.  The textbooks used in the classrooms of America and the World college-text-on-president-bush have,  been edited to promote a liberal biased indoctrination of progressive socialism.  Heroes of our great Nation have either been given little attention in history books of today, or the information is skewed to show an unfavorable light upon the person.  Instead, the students are being subjected to personages such as Marilyn Monroe, Jane Fonda, and Jesse Jackson.  Gone are the days when students graduate with the knowledge of the unadulterated truth about our Nation’s Christian heritage, let alone the plight of countries which fought to stamp out evil rulers.  Those students who are fortunate to be trained and educated in Home schools or Biblical based Christian schools will more than likely be the remnant that know the truth about anything.  It stands to reason that since the world has rejected the ultimate truth, the Lord Jesus Christ; the Living Word; it will and has rejected all truth. Try as they have, the one history book that the socialists cannot eradicate is the King James Bible.

Within the pages of the Living Word is a history of the past, present and future of the world.  God has not only recorded 5214203-holy-bible-open-to-the-book-of-daniel-with-white-vignette-giving-the-image-a-clean-heavenly-feelfor us the mighty battles that have taken place in the past and the ones that will take place in the future, but also the answers of  the mysteries of all the sciences in the World.  Many discoveries in the realm of archeology, biology, meteorology, and all of the other ‘ologies’  have been attributed to the studying of scripture.  Yet this divinely inspired Encyclopedia is banned from secular schools.  One cannot fully comprehend the events taking place in today’s world without studying the scriptures of the Old Testament Prophets.  The Books of Ezekiel and Daniel are magnificent resources for learning about the past, present and future events that have, are, and will be taking place.  However, the final chapter in the History of the World is in the Book of Revelation.  What a blessing it is to watch Biblical prophecy unfolding before our very eyes.  The world’ s children have no clue,  because the god of their world has blinded their eyes to the Truth.

As God-fearing Bible believing, blood-bought Parents and Grandparents, it behooves us to make a concentrated effort to tumblr_lkqmnbnrr21qgeswwo1_500  dad reading bibloeshare not only the historical and ‘scientific’ truths from the Living Word, but also the amazing story of redemption.  For God did so love the World, that He did give his only Begotten Son to die on Calvary, from sin to set us free.  One day He is coming back………….what glory that will be!