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The Death of a Nation

69748_4424090652435_978657956_n praying eagleWho is behind it?  What is it all about?  Where is it leading? When will it end?  The “it” is the downward spiral of the American Dream.  However, this scenario is not just devastating to the Land of the Free; it also is having a far reaching effect into the entire world.  Let’s connect the dots and see what is

To learn what this plot is all about let’s first take a look at the three institutions which were established by God, the Church, the Family, and Government.  Over the past 200 years since the founding of our great nation, we have witnessed the satanic attack on these God ordained institutions.

Today we have a myriad of churches that have left their first love and joined hands with the world, becoming more social clubs than bastions of spiritual truth. God’s people have become complacent, forgetting their scriptural responsibility to stand against wickedness, to be soldiers for the cause of Christ, and to take an active part in the affairs of men.  This fact lead to the destruction of the family, as set forth in the Bible.

Fractured families seemingly became the norm, Dads became more interested in pleasure than supporting their family, and Moms chose to abandon their domestic responsibilities in lieu of earning money for pleasure and possessions.  Children were conveniently foisted upon the state as their caregiver.  There was little desire to become active in the affairs of men because they were too busy living the good life.  Since the Church and the Family, the backbone of the Nation, became tarnished with secular ideology, it did not take long for the government to follow suit.

Men elected to represent the citizens veered from their servant role to one of seeking power, wealth and wicked agenda.  These folk have forsaken the edicts of the Constitution, have virtually defiled the work of our Founding Fathers and have done that which they deemed right in their own eyes.  The Biblical principle upon which this country was founded has all but been totally ignored.

There is just one entity that is causing the destruction of today’s society, and has been diligently and covertly working on his age long plan to rule the world.  Perhaps his first major in-road to accomplishing this goal was the establishment of the United Nations.  Many of that day heralded the establishment of this organization as the answer to the world troubles. Little did they realize the actual sinister purpose of this world organization.

We know from Biblical prophecy that in the last days, Satan will establish a one world church and bring the world’s population under one government control, ergo the reason for the establishing of the United Nations.  With the advent of Agenda 21, it is very clear that the liberties which we once took for granted are being slowly eroded. Christians are being persecuted and restricted in the practice of their faith, Parents are losing control over the education of their children and wicked men are thriving in positions of government.  Under the auspices of entitlements there has evolved a nation of couch potatoes and freeloaders, dependent upon the government for their livelihood.

All of these socialist effects are leading to a nation of people who are easily controlled, becoming servants of the State.  Via the covert intervention of the UN, the United States witnessed the elevation of the UN puppet to the presidency.  Most assuredly, within a relatively short time, the entire world will be brought under the control of one government, Satan’s dream come true.  Fortunately, his dream will turn into a nightmare of eternal torment at the return of Christ!

In the meantime, we as God fearing, Patriotic Christians, Soldiers of the Cross need to occupy until the return of Christ.  We are to stand against evil, become involved in the affairs of men, elect moral, conservatives into political office and educate our fellow men to the wiles of our wicked leaders and the United Nations Agenda 21.  We are to fight the good fight!




ICLEI was formed in 1990 for the purpose of promoting the UN’s vision of “sustainable development” as embodied in a document called Agenda 21. It now counts more than 1200 cities in its membership, the vast majority of whom use taxpayer money to pay membership dues to participate.   Agenda 21 wears a green cloak of caring and happiness to hide its much darker trappings. By utilizing universal concerns such as the environment and the economy, this United Nations program has co-opted legitimate activism to create a many-tentacled beast that aims to get it hooks into local communities across the globe . . . by stealth.

At its heart, Agenda 21 is a communitarian system — essentially collectivism — where the very nature of the human desire to connect and cooperate with one another is distorted to become a system of regulations, control mechanisms, dependence and servitude, and a revamp of the global economy, based on natural, human, and social capital. Humanity itself becomes the source of all problems instead of the source of all solutions and progress

The 4th Global Forum on Urban Resilience & Adaptation was recently held in Bonn, Germany. According to a press release from CFACT: Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow, delegates assembled for the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) are “dismayed over growing grassroots opposition” to Agenda 21.

The ICLEI conference held in Bonn was coordinated with a meeting of New York mayor Michael Bloomberg’s C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group, as well as the UN’s Climate Change Conference

Delegates gathered for the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) in Bonn, Germany, are expressing anxiety over the effectiveness of free market and property rights groups like CFACT and the Tea Party in calling attention to their activities. By sounding the alarm at city planning meetings, in the media, the internet and at grassroots rallies, property rights activists are successfully hampering ICLEI’s UN Agenda 21 program for local government and, as CFACT staff has learned, these challenges have them worried

“Michael Schmitz, Executive Director of ICLEI USA, admitted to CFACT staff members that while the council has been able to get ‘roughly 450 communities’ in America to join ICLEI, they are predominantly in liberal states. In more conservative states where the Tea Party is active, he confessed and lamented their inability to implement UN sustainable development programs.”

ICLEI members from other countries also expressed their frustration with the growing opposition. Beth McLachlan, Senior Sustainability Officer for the City of Melbourne, Australia, and former employee at the Australian EPA, said that critics of climate change policies, headed by Tony Abbott, appear to be headed for electoral victory in her country. The political shift away from Julia Gillard’s global warming policies is why she left the Australian EPA, she confided. If the climate realists succeed on the national stage, she sees her mission as “carrying on the fight” at the local level. “This reveals the persistence and determination of ICLEI,” said CFACT Executive Director Craig Rucker, “to use unelected, local government bureaucrats to implement the most radical and unpopular aspects UN Agenda 21 policies regardless of the political winds.”

Private Property Rights and Agenda 21

For years Green campaigners have been quietly waging an effective campaign to advance the more radical aspects of the UN’s Agenda 21 at the local government level, but the stealth phase of their effort appears to be over. A press release  stated, “By sounding the alarm at city planning meetings, in the media, the internet and at grassroots rallies, property rights activists are successfully hampering ICLEI’s UN Agenda 21 program for local government and, as CFACT staff has learned, these challenges have them worried.”

For those of you who have focused on “Choose Freedom, Stop Agenda 21!” Your efforts have made a huge difference. Consider what you have done a great foundation from which to work from. Continue to educate your elected officials on their duty to protect private property rights and how the best stewards of the land are the owners themselves.





The Agenda of Sustainability

city if findlay
The following letters were published in the Courier in an effort to educate Findlay, Ohio residents of the perils of Agenda 21
Letter #1
Plan has ties to Agenda 21- sustainability is a vague term but policies and regulations will dictate
what it looks like.
Dr. Kent Portney, in “Our Green Cities Blog” (http://bit.ly/18Rr7Rd.), writes
that he visited Findlay on at least three occasions to assist and promote
sustainability in Hancock County.
But most telling is this statement from a paper he wrote with Zachary
Cuttler titled: “Local Environment, The local nonprofit sector and the
pursuit of sustainability in American cities: A preliminary exploration”
It clearly connects the local sustainability plan with Agenda 21. The
following is a direct quote.
“In terms of the pursuit of local sustainability, many national and
international organizations have been instrumental in serving as the
catalyst and coordinator of efforts to promote sustainability and
environmental protection. By now, the operation in the U.S.A. of large
environmental groups generally (Berry 1999, Shaiko 1999) is well documented,
and the role of the ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability (formerly
known as the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives),
through its Climate Change Program, and its Local Agenda 21 and Local Action
21 programs, is clear.”
On April 1, with the approval of Mayor John Gore, Marysville became the first town in Ohio to pass Resolution 6-13, entitled “Resolution opposing
United Nations Agenda 21.”
Clean air and clean water is embraced by all; the opposition has to do with
trying to create a Utopia that restricts use of property and eminent domain
that will be used to accomplish it.
More important than what the plan is called is how it will impact private
property owners of the community.
Letter #2
Perhaps we should be pleased that the Findlay-Hancock County area is so appealing to the federal and state bureaucrats.We are blessed with prime farmland, lucrative businesses, beautiful environment and conservative values.
Unfortunately, like the beauty of a damsel, this status has become a curse in that there are those socialistic sustainable development moguls who want to defile the very core of our habitat.
The push for government to force their flood-control agenda upon the grassroots of our community is being fueled by the Toledo Metropolitan Council on Governance and the sustainable development gurus
Gov. Kasich exposes his socialistic nature by joining forces with these federal zealots who want to seize power and control over the citizens of Findlay and Hancock County and their land.Their goal is to eliminate any private property ownership. We must not be fooled. This is not about flood control, but a sinister plot to seize property by deliberately flooding areas which are not currently being affected by flooding
Beware, this is just not a politically motivated goal of the governor but also of some of our own elected officials.Those very people who we entrusted with our life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness are in cahoots with the sustainable establishment. The promise of power and government monies has blinded these elected officials to their constitutional responsibilities.We must stand against these foes of our constitutional liberties, even if it means that we will be yelled at or threatened with lawsuits.
We did good by electing two men, possibly three, to the Findlay City Council, who will stand with us in this fight to retain our God-given liberties. We must become informed and involved in the issues which affect our livelihood.The Army Corps of Engineers has been notorious in flooding prime farmland for the sole purpose of seizing land, if even by eminent domain. Do not let this happen to our community.Start attending the City Council meetings and get to know those councilmen (women) who are bent on selling us out, and do not re-elect them!

Letter # 3

With the diluting of terminology, one can label a person a liar, which is a harsh connotation, or one can refer to a person as telling a fib.

The media uses this tactic in presenting propaganda designed to slant the perception on a particular sensitive issue. The liberal agenda is now known as progressive, a more positive connotation.

The same scenario has taken place in reference to the sinister “Agenda 21.” The liberal, I mean, progressive, media is now labeling it as “sustainable development” because Agenda 21 became a dirty word.

Now, the proponents of this unconstitutional infringement upon our rights are desperately trying to separate the two entities.

Agenda 21 accusations should not only delay future projects that would lead to property loss and livelihood of Findlay residents, but it actually needs to stop this iron-armed outreach of the United Nations from getting a hold in our community.

Findlay and Hancock County fall under the authority of the Toledo Metropolitan Council on Governance, which is tied to sustainable development, which in turn is one of the iron-arms of the United Nations.

Via the so-called flood control, these charlatans want to seize prime farmland in our area. Folks, do your homework! This issue is all about control, government-grabbing land control.

I would be discouraged to think the only folk who know about this impending danger are the members of the Findlay 9.12 group. In reality, there are many, many more!

These citizens have taken the initiative and the time to research Agenda 21, sustainable development and common core indoctrination. They are armed with the truth and their only goal is to educate their fellow citizens.

By the way, the citizens of Fostoria have chosen not to have affiliation with Toledo governance. Smart move!

Unfortunately, within Findlay city government are folks who like federal power and dollar signs to the extent that they will ignore the wishes of those who elected them to their office.

Government is meant to protect its citizens, whether federal, state or local. As citizens of Findlay, we need to hold our elected officials accountable!

Does U.N.’s Agenda 21 Education Mandate Push Common Core in USA?

Third  mcguffey readerDoes U.N.’s Agenda 21 Education Mandate Push Common Core in USA?.

An ‘educational article on the dummy-down of the American education system.

The need to wither privatize or home-school is imperative if we expect to nurture a generation of learned adults..


Removing the Dross from Your Armour

During special times throughout the year, Grandma would always get out the silver eating utensils only to discover that some needed the dark blackish dross removed.  Once the silverware was polished and shiny it was k11554455  cutlerythen ready for use.  Sadly, we often discover in our Christian Walk that when it is needful for us to use the tools that God has provided, they are often tarnished rendering them not very useful.   We can relate to those times in our Christian walk when we become frustrated because we cannot remember a Scripture verse, or a Bible promise of which to respond in a given situation.  Whether the need is to thwart off the temptation of the Devil or to encourage a brother in the Lord, it is imperative that we are learned in the Word of God.  Daily personal devotions does not always give one enough in-depth knowledge of the Bible to be an effective witness.  Although many of God’s people make an attempt to memorize certain key verses they often have difficulty finding where specific events and subjects are discussed within the pages of Holy Writ.  It is amazing that our Founding Fathers knew where to find the inspired principles of government set forth in scripture.  The Scripture principles are incorporated within our Constitution.  Would the average Bible Believing child of God be able to find in the Word where God says that homosexual activity is an abomination; or in which book and chapter that one finds the Ten Commandments?  Surely we would all know what verses were included in the Roman’s Road.  Without debate most Christians will testify to the importance of being a student of God’s Word.  We are commanded to put on the whole armor of God.  Our armor must not be tarnished by the dross of ignorance; it must possess the glittering shine of understanding. This can only come about by diligently studying the Bible. Why is this so important?  We will find the answer in Ephesians chapter 6.

God commands in verse 11 that we put on the whole armor of God………so that we may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.  We are living in perilous times and we need to be able to withstand in this evil day. Verse 12 reminds us that our battle is not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world; against spiritual wickedness in high places.  From now on until the Rapture we are in an all out war against those who are being used by Satan to foster his evil works.  We have an urgent need to resist the enemy and hold a critical position in the battle.  We are soldiers of the Cross of Jesus and we must assume the God-given responsibility to confront not only Satan and his demons but also World, National, State and local rulers who are involved in spiritual wickedness.   It saddens me that there are Fundamental Bible preaching Pastors who will not preach politics from the pulpit.   Moses and Aaron confronted Pharoah;  John confronted Herod on the sin of adultery;  our Founding Fathers not only confronted, but revolted against the British King in order to have religious freedom.  And what about the Black Robe Regimen The-Black-Robe-Regimentof the Revolutionary War;  these God-fearing preachers took off their clerical robe and donned the Union Army Uniform to fight alongside the men of their congregation.  May I dare say that we have a bunch of milquetoast men in the pulpits of America.  There is a drastic need for God’s people to get their heads out of the sand and get involved in the political issues of this day and age.  History records that in the early days of our founding that a man needed to be a bona-fide, practicing, possessing Christian in order to run for office of any kind.  Today, we have the fool-hearty idea that goodly men do not undertake a career in politics AND that is why our Nation is in such a mess.    In my particular community, there are about six city council seats up for election this spring.  Out of the three or four Bible preaching churches in this city, only one man took up the mantle to seek to represent his district.  So sad!

As the tentacles of the beastly Agenda 21 are interweaving into the very rural areas of our World, Nation and State, sucking away at our liberties, our unalienable rights, and our very lives, it becomes more imperative that God’ s 9922440-old-shield-with-sword-isolated-over-whitepeople  have their feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace, they must take on the shield of faith so that they will be able to quench the fiery darts of the wicked.  15140731-medieval-knight-helmet-knight-head-in-helmetWith the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit we need to give ourselves to praying with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit.  Persecution is coming, my brethren, no matter where you are in this world.  In order to fight our enemy we must get to know him and then do our best to prevent his socialistic doctrine into our lives.

As we are becoming knowledgeable of scripture, there is also a need to learn what is in our Constitution. Did you know that according to the Constitution it is illegal for the United States Supreme Court to make laws.  This fact in itself would strike down Roe v Wade.  In addition, we are instructed within the Constitution to impeach those members of the Supreme Court who are guilty of inappropriate behavior, like making laws!  How about Agenda 21 and the sustainable development that is being shoved down our throats.  This is not a conspiracy, it is an action plan by the United Nations in pursuing the one World Government.  With their Declaration of Human rights set to replace the freedoms of our Bill of Rights, our property, our possessions and even our lives will be at their disposal.  We have the right to impeach those in authority who are replacing our God inspired Constitution with this Satanic, socialistic agenda.  Our God 480929_453215201383388_744093045_nhas commanded us to occupy until He comes.  That means stand against evildoers.

 As we become informed as to what is going on in the world, we then need to engage in any honorable way to stem the tide of wickedness in high places, and then give ourselves to interceding at the Throne of Grace for our Brethren, our Country, and our Families.   Even so come quickly, Lord Jesus.

They’re Coming to Take you Away……….hey, hey!

Christians throughout the world are so blessed to be living in this day and age as the fulfillment of Bible prophecy is almost a weekly occurrence.  Perhaps the most obvious is the evolving of the One World Government.  The United Nation Globalists are fervently infiltrating the communities of the world with their Agenda 21.  Using the environment as their banner of is   united nations symbolsorts, the Green Machine is  imposing upon the unsuspecting citizenry, the tentacles of  control which will ultimately nullify any and all freedoms guaranteed us by the United States Constitution.  Their goal is to replace our Bill of Rights with their “Declaration of Human Rights” for the ‘common good’ of mankind.

Through their Sustainable human settlement development, they are in the process of implementing within our communities a  piece of legislation designed as a blank check to abolish private property.  This will be accomplished through the seemingly honorable effort to save the environment.  Government Communities will be designated for the elderly, the indigenous, disabled and even women.  In case you do not think that you fit into one of these categories, guess again.  Mentally handicapped are considered to be disabled, especially if you are one of those Bible believing fanatics who will be deemed not capable of making sound  decisions for the common good of mankind.

For  those folk who will take a stand against their tyrannical agenda, the political regime of the United Peacekeeping - UNMITNations has at it disposal armed troops that will be most persuasive in convincing the ‘rebellious’ troublemakers to submit to their doctrine or face the consequences.  These troops with their blue Berets willsmchkclsup  prison camp become a common sight in the streets of America and the World.  What may not be so conspicuous is the already established “concentration Camps” which will be the relocation center of those who refuse to become a part of the One World Order.  Yes, religious persecution is on the horizon.

Folks, our hope is built on nothing less than Jesus’ Blood and Righteousness.  As we enter into this most perilous time in the history of mankind we need to hold fast to the truth that God is in control and He is still on the Throne.  It is imperative that we saturate ourselves with scripture and become educated in the affairs of this World.  We need to keep our heads out of the proverbial sand and become informed, then involve ourselves in stemming the tide of wickedness in whatever way the Lord leads.  Lastly, we need to intercede at the throne of Grace that the evolving World Government will be hindered from rapidly destroying our inherent God given rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

In the near future I plan to post sequels to the Agenda 21.  In the meantime I encourage my readers to search the internet and become knowledgeable in this sinister endeavor that is proliferating our society.