As was the Apostle Paul, will it be with your Pastor?

wjpas0565  Paul in prisonIt has been said of  the Apostle Paul that when he entered into a new city he checked out the prison facilities for he knew that he would more than likely be residing there for preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  This civil incarceration was intended for his punishment, however, it was a testimony of blessing and  spiritual growth.    Paul knew that the Lord had allowed his imprisonment for a reason and that his Savior would never leave him or forsake him.  His faith in his Heavenly Father drove away all fear.  He was so secure in the Lord that he was able to sing praises to the God of the Universe.  Sadly, we have in many of the pulpits today, men who would not be a threat to evil and definitely would not be arrested for preaching Christ.  These are the wolves in sheep’s clothing, the anti-Christs of today.

Many Bible Believing churches today have on their Pastoral staff men (and some women; UGH!) who do preach the message of salvation.  These pulpit messages do provide a type of “Fire” escape insurance , but neglect the whole counsel of God.  Carnality runs rampant within the flock and most converts remain as babes- in- Christ.  The tendency to dance with the world in order to bring folk into the services causes dissention and strife.  These preachers would be on the bottom of the list to be arrested for their belief.

The better choice is to find a church that has ‘come out from among them’  and separated themselves from the influence of the world.  The whole council of God is preached, saints are discipled, and the flock is admonished about sinful practices in the lives of believers.   Only Christ-honoring music is used and the men dress like men and the women wear modest attire.

Unfortunately some of these fellowships are so separated that they are ‘starchy’, absolutely no flexibility; compassion is muted and sects or ‘Spiritual clicks’ are prevalent.  Believers are not encouraged to be informed in the current events let alone involved in stemming the tide of wickedness in government.  These people know the Scriptures as they are good students of the Bible.  In fact, I know of one church where the preacher’s goal is to teach through the Bible in 10 years.  It is more of a Bible Institute rather than a church.  An invitation to get saved is rarely given from the pulpit because the preacher assumes that everyone is saved.  One never hears an “Amen”, for fear of acting like an emotional-based religion.  But yet. they really are knowledgable in the Scriptures.  The men who fill the pulpits of these churches will probably find themselves in the middle of the list of Christian rabble-rousers.

There will never be a perfect church until the Lord Jesus Christ returns.   Each of us will readily agree that even our own individual churches have faults.  Perhaps your church, like mine has the proverbial pew-duster, who will not budge out of their comfort zone and use their God-given talents for the Lord’s service.  Or maybe there are the SMO’s – Sunday morning only crowd.  Perhaps your Pastor like mine will firmly address these issues from the pulpit, without apology.  Recently my Pastor rebuked the ladies in the congregation for not volunteering for nursery duty; sound familiar to you?   In addition not only do our Pastors preach against the sins of the congregation but also against the abominable sins of the world and wickedness in high places of government.

Our Nations pulpits should be hot against the abominable sins of abortion, immorality and sodomy!  Pastors need to keep their flock informed about the events taking place in their local and state governments as well as at the National level.   Fellowships of believers need to be admonished to contact their elected officials regarding suggested legislation which is contrary to Scripture.  It is absolutely inexcusable for a Believer in Christ not to exercise their right to vote in any election.  In the 2012 election in the United States, it is estimated that there was such a significant amount of Christians who did not vote, that had they voted, we would not have the President that we now have!  We have no one to blame but our own complacent selves.

The-Black-Robe-RegimentWe are now faced with tremendous civil unrest in the United States.  Citizen militias are forming all around the Nation.  Concealed carry permits are being issued as never before.  The majority of the ladies in my church own and carry.  It is promoted from our pulpit by our Pastor.  Think that is going to far?  Check into the Black Robe Regiment!  These Pastors wore their military uniform underneath their Pastoral cloak.  In fact, there is a statue of one of these Political-preaching Pastors in the United States Capitol!

With the advent of government deemed ‘hate’ preaching,  it is now becoming a crime to preach against sodomy, abortion, and even tyranny of the nations leadership.  One Pastor was arrested for teaching the spanking of children.  Yet the Lord commands the Man of God to do just that!  It comes down to whether a Pastor will obey God or man.  If he obeys man, he is not a Pastor, but a preacher, or maybe a religious leader.  For sure, one who obeys man will not need to worry about being imprisoned.

Pastor-Sentenced-To-2-Years-In-Prison-For-Teaching-That-Parents-Should-Spank-Their-ChildrenPerhaps like mine, your Pastor knows that he is at the top of the list of those marked by the unfruitful works of darkness, to be arrested for obeying the Word of the Lord, perhaps even martyred.  Laymen are already designated to assume the pulpit ministry.  It you are not blessed with such a man of God, may I lovingly recommend that you find a Church that does have such a man at the helm.

It  was pointed out to me, and I concur: the problem is equally that of the pew as it is the pulpit. Christians have the kind of pastors they want. Look around you. There are many terrific patriot pastors across America. Granted, they are not a majority, but there are many. But do the vast majority of Christians attend their churches? NO! They go to the big-steeple churches, most of which are led by politically correct, sheepish pastors. Why? Because that’s the kind of pastor and church they want. The vast majority of these wonderfully courageous patriot-pastors are left to pastor relatively small churches. When there is an issue that concerned Christians want a minister to lead a charge for or against, they will contact the patriot pastor, of course. But where do they attend? Where do the tithe? – the uninvolved,  say-nothing, stand-for-nothing church.  Christians have the kind of pastor they want. If you want a pastor that will take a stand, then, bless God, SUPPORT a pastor that will take a stand!

May the Lord give you the wisdom to discern where he wants you to worship and serve Him.


The Other Joseph

Most Christians are familiar with Joseph of the Old Testament and his coat of many colors.  In the New Testament we learn of another Joseph, of Arimathea.  He was the disciple of Christ who requested from Pilate that he be allowed to remove the body of Jesus to his own tomb.  However there is another Joseph that gets little attention from the average Christian.  In a recent message by my Assistant Pastor,  I myself became more aware of this man.

The first thing that we learn when we begin a study of this man is that there is no record of anything that he may have spoken…… conversation at all……………not even a reference to anything he may have said.  Irregardless, his life was a shining example of which men of today can be challenged.  Studying his life gives us opportunity to examine our own walk with the Lord to see if any of his attributes are lacking within ourselves.

This man was the son of Jacob, and the soon to be son-in-law of Heli, the father of Mary.  In the beginning of the Book of Matthew it is written that Joseph was espoused to Mary when he learned that she was with child.  Knowing that the babe was not fathered by him, it would have been lawful for him to publicly humiliate her, even to have her stoned.  Instead, Joseph, being a just man, was not willing to make her a public example and was thereby minded to put her away privately.  The Bible is silent on any conversation that Joseph may have had with Mary in regards to her pregnancy.  For sure there may have been all sorts of thoughts going through his mind.  His flesh may have wanted to lash out in anger, hurt and disappointment.  There is nothing in the Word to indicate that Joseph responded in any manner but that of a God-fearing man.

V0034598 The angel speaks to Joseph in a dream. Engraving by F. MorelJoseph was a patient man, not given to jumping  to conclusions.  He may have looked upon this scenario as a testing of the Lord, thus prayerfully seeking guidance from His Heavenly Father.  A wise decision indeed,  because shortly thereafter,  an angel of the Lord appeared unto him and reassured Joseph that the child which was in Mary’s womb was  truly conceived by the Holy Ghost.  Joseph, being obedient to the will of God, took Mary to be his wife.  The Word of God records that Joseph was a man of self-control in that he did not know his wife until after the birth of Jesus.

The fact that God entrusted His only begotten Son into the hands of this man, as Jesus’ earthly Dad says volumes about the righteousness of Joseph.  Joseph was ‘hand picked’ by God because he was trustworthy.  It is ironic that millions of Catholic’s worship Mary and have little regard for her son let alone her husband.  Joseph’s life and calling, although not worthy of worship, should be an inspiration to all.

The Gospel of Luke records the presentation of Jesus at the Temple.  Their offering was two turtle which indicates that Joseph was not a wealthy man but he was rich in integrity and righteousness.  It was not long after this that Joseph received a second visit from the angel of the Lord, warning him to flee into The Flight into Egypt by Rembrandt Panel 1627 TouEgypt because of Herod’s decree to slay all the children two years and younger.  Joseph was a protector of his family by leaving in the nighttime to take his family to safety.  He more than likely used the stars to guide his journey which reveals he was a learned man in the area or astronomy.

In due season, the Angel appeared unto Joseph again to return to Israel, because those who wanted to slay Jesus were dead.  However, once Joseph learned that Herod’s son reigned in Judea, he became concerned for the safety of his family.  The angel of the Lord appeared unto Joseph the fourth  time, instructing him to turn aside into Galilee. He took his family and dwelt in Nazareth.  Still there is no documentation in Scripture that he shared the vision or the other three with Mary, his wife.  It may well be that by having knowledge of the scriptures that Joseph would have realized that  prophecy had been fulfilled which was spoken of by the prophets, “He shall be called a Nazarene”.

JosephAndJesus159x200 Jesus is referred to as the Carpenters son in Matthew 13:55  We can rest assured that Joseph taught Jesus the skills necessary to be a good carpenter.  Spending many hours together in their workshop would have given them ample opportunity to form a close bond.  It is built within a man to teach his son the skills which he himself has honed over the years.  Joseph was most likely eager to teach the child the art of carpentry.  Perhaps in later life, Mary would gaze upon the furniture that her husband and son had built together.

murillo_holy_family_detail_250x249Some Bible historians believe that Joseph was an old man when he took Mary to be his wife.  These same men also believe that Mary was as young as twelve when she conceived of the Holy Ghost.  In Bible times it was not unusual for a maid to be married at such a young age.  We notice in Scripture that after the Lord turned 12, Joseph was no longer mentioned, for whatever reason.

It is not easy to entrust your children to someone else.  God entrusted Joseph with a great responsibility in being the earthly Dad to His only begotten Son.  In view of all of the unexpected events in his life I wonder if perhaps Joseph clung to Proverbs  3:5-6  Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thy own understanding.  In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths.

Video: Christians rounded up in Benghazi for preaching the Gospel

Video: Christians rounded up in Benghazi for preaching the Gospel.more-persecuation-of-christians-than-ever-before.jpg.crop_display

Persecution in America

Americans are no longer exempt from being persecuted for their Christian faith.  Whether it be the little old lady who is forbidden to pray during her meal at the local Senior Center or the Valedictorian who was ordered to remove her Christian Testimony from her graduation speech or face incarceration, the war against God’s people is on the rise in America.  Sadly, the increase in anti-Christian sentiment has become a reality since the current President of the United States was elected.

With the advent of the secret sinister infringement upon our First Amendment rights it is inevitable that Pastors in America’s Pulpits will be forced to refrain from expounding on political issues.  Those Saints who faithfully witness by going door to door with Gospel Tracts will more than likely be prosecuted for ‘harassment’.  Families of slain military men are forbidden to mention the name of Jesus at the funeral of their loved one.  School children are not allowed to invite their classmates to church sponsored activities.  Since our government is bent on controlling the airways, broadcasts by fundamental Christian entities will more than likely be banned.

american-christian-pastor-saeed-abedini-may-hang-in-iran-for-his-faith-in-jesusOur Missionaries are already being subjected to intense persecution on the foreign field.  There was a time when the President of the United States would demand the release of a persecuted Christian Pastor from torture in foreign jails.  Not any more.  May the Lord continue to give Pastor Abedini the grace he needs to face this horrific trial of his faith.  This scenario will come to America!

Many of our Gospel preaching churches are being destroyed either by burning, bombing or blatant disfiguration.  The day may well come when FEMA troops will storm into the Sunday evening or Wednesday evening church services with assault rifles.  It is imperative that God-fearing church-goers attend worship services carrying not only the Sword of the Lord but also an effective concealed carry.  Many of the ladies of my Church are skilled in use of small arm weaponry.  We are indeed soldiers of the Cross, God demands that we stand for right and fight against the wicked wiles of the Devil.  Our Founding Fathers took up their rifles for the deliverance from tyranny and we should do likewise.  The sands of this time are not for hiding ones head!564909_424568434278518_334474829_n

Yes, American is no longer exempt from Christian persecution.  Our God-fearing citizenry is now facing the perils that our Brethren in foreign lands have endured for all long time.  The day when we will need to meet in secrecy, be incarcerated for our belief, and even martyred is on the horizon.  May the Lord give us the grace that He has bestowed upon our Brothers and Sisters in Christ who live in other countries.

In the Valley

In the Valley.


There are those times in our Christian walk when we need a “hug from Heaven.”  These are those scenarios when only one set of footprints are in the sand.  May you be encouraged as you read this article on being in the Valley of discouragement.