California under Judgment

How much can a Holy God take before his wrath is unleashed against wickedness?  According to Scripture, God is longsuffering, not willing that any should perish.  This promise is just not for wayward individuals who persist in sin, but also Nations.  Israel has a history of being judged by Jehovah as well as Germany and even the United States.  So it would stand to reason that God would also bring judgment upon a state that is spewing forth wickedness. Continue reading


Double dose of Judgment!

oklahomaflagFirst dose:

While deeply saddened by the horrific loss of life and the destruction of families and community in Moore, Oklahoma – it is also a fact that just one day before the worst tornado in the history of the planet strikes Oklahoma – Gay Pride Week is announced to begin on the Lord’s Day – Sunday at 4:00 pm.  For those who know the Word of God – this seems like an ominous connection. God will not be mocked, for whatsoever a man soweth that shall he also reap!  It is a serious thing to fall into the hands of an angry God.  Scripture clearly states in Leviticus 18 that homosexuality is an abomination to God and is punishable by death.  Although our prayers are with the dear innocent people of Moore, we cannot look at this disaster as a mere Oklahoma Tornadoact of nature for it is God that control the winds and the rain,

It will be interesting to see what happens to Ohio when the Sodomites put on their gay-pride parade this month in Cincinnati!  Personally, I pray that it is a heavy rain storm that would cancel the event……………Pray with me!

Second Dose:

These dear folk barely had enough time to catch their breath when they were hit with another devastating tornado.  God was seemingly not finished.  Why would he send a second disaster……………well, read on:

Israeli FlagObama Administration Lifts Veil on Secret Israel-Azerbaijan Alliance–
Former UN Ambassador John Bolton blasted the Obama administration today for intentionally leaking information on Israel’s secret military alliance with Azerbaijan.

According to a Foreign Policy report based on “four senior diplomats and military intelligence officers” Azerbaijan has given Israel permission to land planes on Azeri airfields after an attack on Iranian nuclear sites. The Obama Administration leaked this information putting the alliance in jeopardy and endangering the Israeli nation.

And, the Jerusalem Post also blamed the Obama Administration for the sensitive leaks.

‘Foreign Policy’ claims Azerbaijan granted Israel access to air bases along Iran’s northern border for potential use in strike.

Leaks regarding Israeli plans to strike Iran’s nuclear facilities continued Thursday, raising suspicion within the political and defense establishment that the Obama administration was intentionally trying to undermine potential military action.

And God said, “I will bless them that bless thee (Israel) and Curse them that curse you!”  In the book, “As America has Done to Israel”  the author correlates major catastrophic events in the United States in relation to our government abuse our political relationship with Israel.  Whether it has been making the Israeli’s give up their land, supporting their enemies or being politically obstinate to the Israeli government, God has sent judgement upon the United States.  Now, once again, by intentionally giving away their military secrets, our President has place the American citizens in harms way.  God will hold him accountable!