California under Judgment

How much can a Holy God take before his wrath is unleashed against wickedness?  According to Scripture, God is longsuffering, not willing that any should perish.  This promise is just not for wayward individuals who persist in sin, but also Nations.  Israel has a history of being judged by Jehovah as well as Germany and even the United States.  So it would stand to reason that God would also bring judgment upon a state that is spewing forth wickedness.

California was once the land of opportunity during the Gold rush days.  Many greedy opportunists left all to travel westward in hopes of cashing in on the dream life of riches and glamor.   California became the ‘place to be’.  The Clampetts thought so too, for they ‘loaded up their truck and moved to Beverly – Hills that is’. Sadly, with the greed came lawlessness and corruption, and immorality.

Today we no longer look to California as the land of opportunity.  Actually, when it comes to evil and wickedness, it is.  Much of this came about with the evolving of Hollywood.  The initial wholesomeness of Hollywood has plummeted into immorality and sadistic practices.  This sinister institution has permeated almost every household in the United States and even the World with its promiscuity and lack of moral values.  It has now become the Land of Opportunity for homosexuals and militant liberals. The tentacles of this wickedness have even permeated the State and Federal governments.

California is the home state of Nancy Pelosi and Dianne Feinstein, the two of the most liberal members of the United States Congress and Senate. These women are true modern day Californians, to say the least.  The liberal agenda which they promote is not only detrimental to the Republic, but also an abomination to the Lord.  Their pro abortion, anti gun, anti-Christian beliefs have angered a Holy God.

California Governor Brown looks on during a news conference at the State Capitol in SacramentoOn the California home front, you have a most liberal Governor who has skewed priorities. Gov. Jerry Brown, a Democrat Progressive came under fire amid reports that federal and state officials for years rebuffed or ignored calls to fortify the massive 50-year-old dam, which provides water to more than 20 million farmers and residential consumers. The Washington Times reported that California officials were warned about the Oroville Dam twelve years ago. In 2005, environmentalists warned that there was a considerable risk of the highest dam in the US, the Oroville Dam, failing. Ron Stork, a policy director with Friends of the River, said the officials were urged to address the issue but took no action.“We urged them to put concrete on the spillway. Our argument was that without a proper spillway, the hillside would wash away and cause catastrophic flooding.

dwr-oroville-0219-12Governor Jerry Brown runs  California like a socialist country of its own. they spend $25 billion a year on illegal aliens and ignore their infrastructure. Their priorities are foreigners above all.  Yet, 180,000 people needed to evacuate the Orville Dam area because of catastrophic flooding. The federal government has ordered California to immediately design repairs to the Oroville Dam’s damaged primary and emergency spillways. Was this a judgment of God?

Let’s address another issue.  Over 9000 businesses have left California in the last seven years.  Nestle was the most recent to relocate. Companies leave California for three primary reasons: “High taxes, excessive regulations and the threat of really ridiculous lawsuits.”  Many of these lucrative businesses have relocated to Texas.  In addition, there has been an exodus of several thousand residents into Colorado.
article-2109006-11fc8055000005dc-647_634x420bumsCalifornia is no longer the ‘place to be’. It has evolved into a progressive cesspool of wicked politicians and liberal activists.  Those folk employed by the entertainment community in California somehow believe that they are experts on what is best for this country. Ironically the noted sidewalk of fame has become a home for vagrants, drug dealers and other folks of ill- repute.

This place is definitely a mission field that needs to be considered.  For sure, God does have his remnant in this once honorable habitat.  Whatever is in store for California only God knows; time will tell.  An earthquake?




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