The TRUE Christian Conservative: Why I Support Ted Cruz Over Trump and Rubio

Biblical Signs In The Headlines


Now that the battle for the 2016 Presidential Nomination has turned into a 3 man race, I want to make sure that my God-fearing, Christ-loving, Israel-supporting brothers and sisters know who our hands down BEST choice is for the next Commander-in-Chief. And I can say with clarity and conviction that it is Ted Cruz. He is the most outspoken and consistent candidate on the issues most important to Christians and Jews, and he has the record to prove it. Trump and Rubio on the otherhand may talk a good game, but their past stances and some concerning behind the scenes alliances raise red flags. If you are a Trump or Rubio supporter you may not want to read any further, but if you staunchly support Israel and oppose Gay Marriage, as I and all true Holy Bible believers should, then you need to know why I’m not supporting either of…

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