They Have No Clue

v1In a seemingly Robotic existence mankind awakens, gulps down a cup of coffee and runs out the door with a slice of toast in one hand, briefcase in another as he heads off to work to earn a living.  Focused on the day’s tasks and domestic responsibilities lends a person meager time to assess the situation of the world around him. This usually means tuning in the favorite news program or perusing the local newspaper.  Sadly, in order to get a reasonably accurate assessment of current events, one can only depend on a conservative news broadcasts like Fox News, even though these folk are also almost clueless as to the reason for all the turmoil.

So what is actually going on in the world?  Wars and rumors of wars, the projection of wickedness in high places, and the increase of government control in the life of its citizens; being fed by evil dispositions such as immorality, crime and corruption is a daily norm in this age.  Man has allowed himself to fall into the ‘days of Noah’ when sin abound so greatly that God was sorry He made man. Ouch!  Will the World be destroyed by a disastrous flood?  Absolutely not, for God set His ‘bow’ in the heavens as a promise that He would never destroy the World by flood. However, He does have a plan to deliver those who choose to live a life of righteousness and judge the wicked.

Man’s pursuit after abominable endeavors is a result of the seed of wickedness that originated in the Garden of Eden.  Adam’s blatant disobedience of God’s command set the stage for a spiritual warfare that has infiltrated man’s life throughout the ages. God was gracious and gave man a second chance, so to speak when He destroyed the wickedness in the World via the Flood.  Sadly, since the sin seed was still tempting man, we have once again tormented God with our wickedness.  What will He do now?

He has a plan, and it is not going to be pleasant for those who choose lives of sin. What actually is happening in the world is  a spiritual warfare between God and Satan. God is allowing Satan to run roughshod in the world, goading wicked men to create fear and destruction.  Satan is determined to usurp God and even though he will be sentenced to the Lake of Fire for Eternity, he is working feverishly to distort, disrupt, and disdain the message of the Gospel.  Many believe that the Allah of Islam is actually Satan, which is why Islam is feverishly trying to destroy Israel. Allah and Satan are both known as the “deceiver.”  Satan tried to do this through Hitler but God had a people who took up the torch and defeated the evil dictator.  .  This is not the case today. There are some who are in authority in the Untied States who are being duped by Satan to turn against God’s chosen people. This campaign is further geared to persecute anyone who names the Name of Jesus.  The annihilation of God’s people, both the Jew and the Born Again Christian is world wide.  Even in the one Nation which was founded on the Word Of God, persecution of God’s people is on the rise through legislative action.  All of these events is because of the spiritual battle, which will culminate with the ‘Battle of the Ages’ at Armageddon.  The unanswerable question is when will all of these things take place?

The Rapture of the Church, (redeemed Saints) is imminent.  Once this event takes place the Holy Spirit, who up until this time has stemmed the tide of wickedness, will be removed from the world thus lifting the restraint of evil. After a few seemingly peaceful years, Satan will move in for the ‘kill’.  Enormous armies will come against Israel; Russia and the Arab Nations, with China on their shirttails, will battle for the riches of the Jewish Nation.  All of this is in God’s plan. The judgments will begin. Hundreds of thousand will be slain. The final battle will come when the Lord Jesus will return with His Saints.and with His spoken word will destroy Satan and his followers.  It will be the ultimate blood bath.

url3  faceThere is much comfort in the realization that God is in control of the current events in the world today. While many fret and worry about the future, Christians have been told, in the Bible, of the prophetic events to come.  We know how the story ends.  And the great news is that GOD WINS! 

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