The Original “Black Friday”

Throughout the United States retail businesses are gearing up for the one day of the year that their sales will take them out of the red zone thereby giving them a healthy profit margin for the year. This event is so important to retailers that millions of dollars are spent on advertising aimed at enhancing the covetous nature of holiday shoppers.  Some more daring retailers are now infringing upon the eve of Thanksgiving to begin their bid 2012-11-23_14-33-28  black fridayfor the big bucks.  Their ploy, that sparks the annual greed by consumers to flock to the stores that offer the particular bargains that appeal to their wants, causes undue anxiety, greed, anger, and pride on the many folk who succumb to this annual event. The majority of these consumers are oblivious to the most important black Friday that ever was; the black Friday whereby they could have obtained a free gift that was paid for by someone who truly loved them.

thSEF8ER9X  family prayingMany folk across the Nation are giving honor to this free gift on Thanksgiving, the gift that will last for eternity. As the prayers go up for the delicious meal of turkey, yams and pumpkin pie, giving thanks to the one who provided this free gift is always included in this prayer.  Amazingly this was a very expensive gift; a gift that required the life of the giver.  Who is this benefactor you ask?  It is none other than the Son of God; God in the flesh; The Lord Jesus Christ.

The original black Friday is told in the Gospels. We know that on the Friday that Christ was Crucified that there was darkness over all the land unto the ninth hour.  It was actually foretold in

Amos 8:9  “On that day, says the Lord God, I will make the Sun to go down at noon, and darken the Earth in broad daylight. I will turn your feasting into mourning, and all your songs into lamentations.” 

For those who do not believe the Bible account, much historical evidence exists to support the three hour period of darkness in 33 AD; actually more than almost any other ancient event in history.  Historians like Lucian, Terturtllian, Thallius, Julius Africans and Cornelius Tacitus write about the three hour of darkness on the day of the Crucifixion of Christ.  We learn in Luke 23 that:

 It was now about the sixth hour, and darkness came over all the land until the ninth hour, the sun failing” (Luke 23:44-45).
Luke says that ‘the Sun failed.’ The words used here are the Greek words, “tou heliou ekleipontos”. The word “Helios” is translated “the Sun”. The word “Ekleipo” is translated as ‘to fail, to come to an end.’thus the cause of the darkness was a failure in the Sun’s light.

th1CTU8A7M  Christ on the CrossSome two thousand  years ago God provided a way for sinful man to become reconciled to Him.  God sent his only begotten Son; God in the flesh; born of a virgin.  Jesus was born into this world to die; to die for the sins of mankind………… sins and your sins.  The Thanksgiving season is the time that we can remember the love of Jesus and the greatest gift that was ever bestowed upon mankind. It is the one gift that keeps on giving year after year after year  How appropriate that we celebrate this holiday prior to Christmas when we celebrate His birth.

If you have not received this gift it is available by admitting that you are a sinner in the need of a Savior.  On that Black Friday in AD 33 Jesus provided salvation to those who were spiritually separated from the Holy God.  May this Thanksgiving season be remembered as the time that you called upon the Name of the Lord to forgive your sins and grant you eternal life with Him in Heaven.


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