Bill Clinton’s Foundation gave $2M grant to his mistress’ company

No honoring of marriage vows here!

Fellowship of the Minds

It is interesting — and an indictment of the MSM — that a lowly supermarket tabloid once again has bravely gone where the MSM fear to tread.

The tabloid is The National Enquirer. Recall that in 2008, when former Democratic senator (NC) and John Kerry’s VP runningmate John Edwards was gunning to be his party’s presidential nominee, the Enquirer alone doggedly investigated and uncovered Edwards’ adultery with political groupie Rielle Hunter and their “love child.” For that, the Enquirer, justly, was nominated for the prestigious Pulitzer journalism award.

Bill Clinton & Julie Taubor McMahon Bill Clinton & Julie Taubor McMahon

The latest Enquirer scoop concerns former president Bill Clinton’s financial dealings with his rumored long-time mistress.

In his new book, The First Family Detail: Secret Service Agents Reveal Hidden Lives of the Presidents, former Wall Street Journal reporter Ronald Kessler gives readers a look inside the private lives of politicians as told by the…

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