May God Bless American Christians

69748_4424090652435_978657956_n praying eagleMixed feelings prevail as I consider the writing of this article.  Sorrow grips my heart as I witness the deterioration of my Beloved America, yet I know it must be so in order for God to complete His redemption of mankind, and the restoration of His chosen Jewish Nation.  The sadness that engulfs my soul is, however, overshadowed by the knowledge that my redemption doth draweth nigh.

In the past six or seven years the World has witnessed the down-fall of the once-greatest Nation on the earth.  More recently we have seen a catalytic effect perpetrated by those who are adamant about destroying this Nation which was founded on the Word of God.  The man who rose to power in 2008 has been dubbed by many as the worst President that the United States has ever had.  The evidence to this title is indeed overwhelming.  Sadly, we Americans have reaped the wrath of God upon our Nation because of the evil which God’s people have not only allowed but in some instances even embraced.

the_bible_and_the_constitutionThe norm in days gone by was the overwhelming necessity to pray for other Nations as Christians were persecuted, evil men spewed havoc in foreign countries, and people even fled to the United States for religious freedom and a better life.  Not so any more, my friend.  We American’s are tasting the bitter root of wickedness as never before. Today we see a vast erosion of our Liberties.  Wicked men in high places are bent on destroying our beloved Constitution, a document riddled with Biblical principles.  Christians are considered radicals and enemies of the Statists, while Sodomites and abortionists are protected and idolized.

It is with shame that I admit that in times past I, like many Americans, was not sensitive to the persecution and political wickedness in lands across the sea.  Being content to remain in my little comfort zone, my lack of intercessory prayer for people in foreign lands was basically nil.  Yes, we did send our men and women to help you take back you freedoms, and yes, we have fed your poor, and last, but not least, we did send you our missionaries. All of those good deeds seem to pale as our government is now aiding and abetting the very enemies of your country.

Please understand that I still believe that the United States is the greatest nation in the world and I would not want to live anywhere else.  We 12630_475637122493006_1882853627_n Uncle Sam; Lady LibertyAmerican’s have a heritage unsurpassed in human history.  The tenets of the Word of God and the wisdom of our Founding Fathers established a “One Nation Under God” which ensured Liberty and Justice for All.  We lived up to the motto of our Statue of Liberty, welcoming the oppressed and downtrodden on the world.

As in times past God still has a remnant, a strong remnant in the United States.  God’s men and women are taking a stand against the wickedness in high places.  For too many years we have been silent, but God admonishes us to occupy until He comes for His Church.  This latent force is now blooming across our great land.  Godly men and women are running for elected offices on the local, state and national level.  Christians are speaking out boldly as never before and we are making a difference.  However, there will be a price to pay.

Those who are in the spiritual and political battle for Liberty are being intensely disliked by those who wish to turn this once great Nation into a dictatorship. We are now the enemy of the State.  Granted, all of this must take place in order for the One-World Government spoken of in Scripture.  However, there will be a price to pay for those of us who take a stand.  As others in times past, many of us may well give our lives in protecting our freedom.   Reports circulate that our wicked government has built modern-day gas chambers to eliminate the opposition.  We indeed will be witnessing our own Holocaust in America.

Ironically, it is now our turn to covet your prayers that we stand strong, grounded in the Word and increased in faith.  As we look forward to that trump, that shout, and dining around the marriage supper of the Lamb, who took the sins of the world upon Him, let us remember that our joy and rejoicing will culminate in spending eternity with the Lord Jesus.

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