Who will be a Gideon?

In the early history of our Nation it was the prevailing accepted practice that only blood-bought born-again Believers were allowed to run for public office.  This thought evolved out of the truth that God established government and set the guidelines for this institution, even including our Judicial system.  Over the years, possibly due to the evolving corruptness in government, many Christians decided it was not a God honoring ministry to run for public office.  Now that there is a prevailing wickedness in high places, many men of faith are re-considering their God-given responsibility to avail themselves as public servants.

There is less than three weeks left to secure signatures and file to run for public office.  Many offices are available throughout the State of Ohio for a man to consider.  Township trustees, city councilmen, central and state committee members, Mayor, County Commissioner, State Representative, Ohio State and local school Boards, as well as Governor and Federal Offices are a listing of the offices which Godly men need to assume responsibility.
Gideon-Watches-His-Army-Drink_smLet 2104 be the year that men of God take back their scriptural responsibility to serve God in public office.  Remember, it is God that worketh in  you both to will and to do His good pleasure.  As you prayerfully consider what the Lord would have you do, keep in mind our friend Gideon.  Be willing to stand alone with God for the cause of Liberty!

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