The Death of a Nation

69748_4424090652435_978657956_n praying eagleWho is behind it?  What is it all about?  Where is it leading? When will it end?  The “it” is the downward spiral of the American Dream.  However, this scenario is not just devastating to the Land of the Free; it also is having a far reaching effect into the entire world.  Let’s connect the dots and see what is

To learn what this plot is all about let’s first take a look at the three institutions which were established by God, the Church, the Family, and Government.  Over the past 200 years since the founding of our great nation, we have witnessed the satanic attack on these God ordained institutions.

Today we have a myriad of churches that have left their first love and joined hands with the world, becoming more social clubs than bastions of spiritual truth. God’s people have become complacent, forgetting their scriptural responsibility to stand against wickedness, to be soldiers for the cause of Christ, and to take an active part in the affairs of men.  This fact lead to the destruction of the family, as set forth in the Bible.

Fractured families seemingly became the norm, Dads became more interested in pleasure than supporting their family, and Moms chose to abandon their domestic responsibilities in lieu of earning money for pleasure and possessions.  Children were conveniently foisted upon the state as their caregiver.  There was little desire to become active in the affairs of men because they were too busy living the good life.  Since the Church and the Family, the backbone of the Nation, became tarnished with secular ideology, it did not take long for the government to follow suit.

Men elected to represent the citizens veered from their servant role to one of seeking power, wealth and wicked agenda.  These folk have forsaken the edicts of the Constitution, have virtually defiled the work of our Founding Fathers and have done that which they deemed right in their own eyes.  The Biblical principle upon which this country was founded has all but been totally ignored.

There is just one entity that is causing the destruction of today’s society, and has been diligently and covertly working on his age long plan to rule the world.  Perhaps his first major in-road to accomplishing this goal was the establishment of the United Nations.  Many of that day heralded the establishment of this organization as the answer to the world troubles. Little did they realize the actual sinister purpose of this world organization.

We know from Biblical prophecy that in the last days, Satan will establish a one world church and bring the world’s population under one government control, ergo the reason for the establishing of the United Nations.  With the advent of Agenda 21, it is very clear that the liberties which we once took for granted are being slowly eroded. Christians are being persecuted and restricted in the practice of their faith, Parents are losing control over the education of their children and wicked men are thriving in positions of government.  Under the auspices of entitlements there has evolved a nation of couch potatoes and freeloaders, dependent upon the government for their livelihood.

All of these socialist effects are leading to a nation of people who are easily controlled, becoming servants of the State.  Via the covert intervention of the UN, the United States witnessed the elevation of the UN puppet to the presidency.  Most assuredly, within a relatively short time, the entire world will be brought under the control of one government, Satan’s dream come true.  Fortunately, his dream will turn into a nightmare of eternal torment at the return of Christ!

In the meantime, we as God fearing, Patriotic Christians, Soldiers of the Cross need to occupy until the return of Christ.  We are to stand against evil, become involved in the affairs of men, elect moral, conservatives into political office and educate our fellow men to the wiles of our wicked leaders and the United Nations Agenda 21.  We are to fight the good fight!


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