Citizens for Community Values

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    Kroger, P&G, Fifth Third Bank, PNC Bank, USA Bank, Macy’s and others are sponsoring the Homosexual Activists Sex Parade in Cincinnati scheduled for June 19, 2013. Express your disappointment with these businesses by clicking on their names above. We encourage you to search and follow your own conscience as to whether you will support businesses that support anti-family and anti-marriage policies.

    Homosexual activists are pushing for a new special rights law in Ohio that will eliminate some of your Religious freedom. We have attached a document to this email that illustrate real life occurrences that have happened in other states as a result of passing similar laws. These stories will blow your mind! It is amazing that these businesses would support a group that want to limit your Religious freedom. The two new laws are HB-163 and SB-125.

    As for CCV and the Burress family, we will no longer do business with any of these sponsors.

    Since CCV’s founding in 1983, we have conducted our business through PNC Bank. This year PNC is a sponsor of the sex parade and we have decided to close all of our accounts and move to a bank that stays out of controversial issues like same-sex marriage and special rights laws. I personally have banked with PNC (formerly Provident Bank) for more than 40 years but I have begun the process of canceling my accounts and will switch to a bank that is more interested in banking than trying to force homosexuality on me and my family.

    Instead of shopping at Kroger, we recommend Meijer, Jungle Jims, Remke or Walmart. Instead of P&G, use SC Johnson or other products. Check the label to make sure P&G does not make the product before you make the purchase. Instead of Fifth Third, PNC or USA Bank, we recommend Lebanon National or Huntington Banks. There are also many local banks that do not support the homosexual agenda and you will need to check the policies of the bank before switching.


    Conservative consumers made a difference when they stopped shopping at JC Penny in regards to their use of Lesbians in their advertising.  The company stock took a nose dive and the management is now in the process of trying to woo back their lost customers.  

    Scripture clearly teaches in Leviticus 18:22, that mankind is not to lay with mankind as with womankind!  It is an abomination to the Lord and in fact in Chapter 20:13 of Leviticus, GOD says they are to be put to death!

    I encourage my readers to support those businesses that share Biblical family values.  In addition, contact those businesses that support this abominable life style and voice your dissatisfaction on their stand for Sodomy


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