He dared to be a Daniel!

anftflg2  soldier  horse480929_453215201383388_744093045_nWe, the People were blessed to witness a single American, a true believer in the Constitution of the United States, take a stand against the tyrannical intentions of the President of this Great Nation.  His flag-waving constitutional spirit was that of an infantry man leading the charge against a tyrannical enemy.  His determination and resolve to persevere were indicative of a Senator who truly took his vow to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States seriously

Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky, that beautiful blue-grass state, held the torch of freedom for almost 13 hours.  We the American people were stirred with patriotic fervor as we listen to every word that was spoken by Mr Paul and his fellow freedom bearers.  Our hearts embraced the knowledge of our Constitution espoused by freedom loving men who actually represented eagle7their constituents.  Our Patriotic spirit was exhilarated as a high flying eagle upon hearing that there were elected officials who were not afraid to address the Unconstitutional plan of the President to kill unarmed Americans on American soil with the use of Drones.

Senator Paul and his supporters exemplified professional and learned conduct as they shared with their colleagues and the American citizens; even the World.  The information which they presented was informative, educational and within the framework of the concern of the filibuster.  It was indeed a historic event in the history of our country.
They have lit the torch, they have encouraged and inspired We the People.  We must not let this flame dwindle; we must fuel it with our own belief that with God’s help the evils of our nation can be squashed.

The citizens of many states are passing legislation to protect the right of individuals to bear arms.  Other states are creating laws against the blatant murder of unborn children.  We can make a difference.  We are Americans!  A people with a heritage of fireworkewwfreedom fighting men who stood and prevailed against against the tentacles of tyranny. Our responsibility is to pray for our elected officials; to defend the Constitution was secured by our Founding Fathers, and to personally become involved in the activities of our government.  Log on to http://awakeamerica.org.  and http://CCAtoday.com. for starters.  Pick up a copy of the 644027_452115158160059_1308777013_nUS. Constitution and become knowledgeable of the contents , especially memorize the Bill of Rights.

Getting involved in your local government is perhaps the easiest way to ‘get your feet wet’.  Attend city council meeting; participate in open meetings of government leaders in your community.  Write letters to the editor relating to unconstitutional issues.  Download the phone number of your elected officials and make it a practice to voice your constitutional-backed concerns.  Do not faint in well doing.  We are in a battle to defend our Constitution.


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