Video: Christians rounded up in Benghazi for preaching the Gospel

Video: Christians rounded up in Benghazi for preaching the Gospel.more-persecuation-of-christians-than-ever-before.jpg.crop_display

Persecution in America

Americans are no longer exempt from being persecuted for their Christian faith.  Whether it be the little old lady who is forbidden to pray during her meal at the local Senior Center or the Valedictorian who was ordered to remove her Christian Testimony from her graduation speech or face incarceration, the war against God’s people is on the rise in America.  Sadly, the increase in anti-Christian sentiment has become a reality since the current President of the United States was elected.

With the advent of the secret sinister infringement upon our First Amendment rights it is inevitable that Pastors in America’s Pulpits will be forced to refrain from expounding on political issues.  Those Saints who faithfully witness by going door to door with Gospel Tracts will more than likely be prosecuted for ‘harassment’.  Families of slain military men are forbidden to mention the name of Jesus at the funeral of their loved one.  School children are not allowed to invite their classmates to church sponsored activities.  Since our government is bent on controlling the airways, broadcasts by fundamental Christian entities will more than likely be banned.

american-christian-pastor-saeed-abedini-may-hang-in-iran-for-his-faith-in-jesusOur Missionaries are already being subjected to intense persecution on the foreign field.  There was a time when the President of the United States would demand the release of a persecuted Christian Pastor from torture in foreign jails.  Not any more.  May the Lord continue to give Pastor Abedini the grace he needs to face this horrific trial of his faith.  This scenario will come to America!

Many of our Gospel preaching churches are being destroyed either by burning, bombing or blatant disfiguration.  The day may well come when FEMA troops will storm into the Sunday evening or Wednesday evening church services with assault rifles.  It is imperative that God-fearing church-goers attend worship services carrying not only the Sword of the Lord but also an effective concealed carry.  Many of the ladies of my Church are skilled in use of small arm weaponry.  We are indeed soldiers of the Cross, God demands that we stand for right and fight against the wicked wiles of the Devil.  Our Founding Fathers took up their rifles for the deliverance from tyranny and we should do likewise.  The sands of this time are not for hiding ones head!564909_424568434278518_334474829_n

Yes, American is no longer exempt from Christian persecution.  Our God-fearing citizenry is now facing the perils that our Brethren in foreign lands have endured for all long time.  The day when we will need to meet in secrecy, be incarcerated for our belief, and even martyred is on the horizon.  May the Lord give us the grace that He has bestowed upon our Brothers and Sisters in Christ who live in other countries.


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