America; Abandoned by God’s People!

I am not ashamed of America!  This Nation of the Free was founded upon the Word of God.  It was established by men who loved the Lord and wanted the freedom to worship God.  They chose to sever themselves from the tyrannical Statue-of-Liberty-Dressed-in-the-American-Flag--43144government of England. They founded a Nation that mirrored God’s guidelines in scripture.   We became a people who feared the Living God, were hard-working and whose men were determined not to allow those who were not Christians to hold government offices.

Most Bible Believing Christians will at least know of 2 Chronicles 7:14 even if they have never memorized the  verse.  This admonition from God is addressed to ‘”My people”, not the unsaved, but the Christian!  No, I am not ashamed of this Land that I love; I am ashamed of my brothers and sisters in Christ who have failed to be soldiers of the Cross in protecting our God-given country from the evils of the wicked one.

Where were God’s people during the 60’s when immorality began to flourish, when the hippies and the yuppies started disregarding authority and set out to find themselves?  For sure, there were those gallant men who stood in the pulpits of this land and preached against the sins which were threatening the moral fabric of America, but for the most part Christians refused to accept their scriptural responsibility to rise up and stamp out the rebellion of their youth.  Their apathy was so entrenched that when the Satan launched his campaign to remove prayer and the Bible from our schools these same professing Saints hid their head in the sand, as the saying goes, and did not prevent this evil from becoming law.  And, if that wasn’t sad enough, America’s Bible Believing Citizens allowed the success of Roe v. Wade.  The blood of millions of aborted babies is upon our hands.

The hearts of Born again believers have become so numb to the wickedness in high places, that they no longer stand against those who are God’ enemies.  Folks, our battle is against the spiritual wickedness in high places.  We have Satanic forces within our Government starting with the office of the Presidency.  Had those who name the Name of Jesus took up the banner of the cross and  voted in the 2008 election, our Nation may well have been spared the spiral downward trend in which we find ourselves. We have no excuse for the 2012 Presidential election.  Yes; it was a choice between two evils, and yes, there was widespread voter fraud, but statistics prove that is all those who had been redeemed by the blood of Christ had voted, Obama would not have been re-elected.

Yes, I am ashamed of God’s people.  Few are they who will get involved in the political realm of our blessed America.  Pastors who urge their flock to get involved in government matters are scorned.  Well, you say, their job is just to evangelize.  Hogwash!  God commanded Moses to establish levels of  government,  Federal, State and local.  These were God’s men in positions of political responsibility.  Moses was commanded to confront Pharoah;  Paul rebuked Herod. The very men who founded our Nation and drafted our Constitution were God-fearing men.  It is God’s people who are supposed to be in positions of authority, not the heathen!

The signs of the times indicate that we are definitely in the ‘last days’.  These are perilous times in which we live.  God has had no other choice than to bring judgment upon America for the sins of her people.  The powers of darkness are fervently establishing a “Hitler” regime within this country.  Most Christians are totally ignorant of Agenda 21, or the Obama Youth Camps. GIVE.  Nor do they know what a COG or Sustainable development has to do with their freedoms.  With the advent of these organizations from the United Nations we are at the threshold of one world government.

So,. now what?  Do we just sit back and let “it” happen?  God forbid!  We are commanded to occupy until the Rapture.  Occupy is a Military term which means to  maintain control over; to hold or fill an office, or to seize possession of.   We will be held accountable to our Heavenly Father for our failure to stem the tide of evil in our Nation and the World.  It is most important that we become informed of what is taking place within our government.  We must become diligent students of the Word and of the Constitution of the United States of America, which has incorporated within its 644027_452115158160059_1308777013_nframework, scriptural principles.  It is of no surprise that many of our elected officials who have sworn to uphold the Constitution do not even know what is in this divinely inspired document.  Yes, divinely inspired!  Our Founding Fathers spent many hours in prayer during the framing of our Constitution.  In addition log on to the web site and also Christians for Constitutional Awareness, two very informative sites for the Patriotic Christian.

Secondly, we need to become involved in the political arena.  Seek the Lord’s will in running for public office, whether it be in your local community, the State wherein you live or perhaps even in the Federal Government.  Contact your elected officials and voice your objection to certain proposed legislation.  Vote, when there is an election.  Campaign for God-fearing conservative candidates.  The list goes on and on.  Most importantly though is to pray for our Nation, it’s leaders and for God’s mercy upon our Land.

I am not ashamed of my Country, The United States of America!  I will stand beside her, defend her, and may God Bless her!


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