And He opened the Floodgate!

About a year ago, the Lord opened the door for a new ministry in my life.  Actually, it began as a hobby of sorts but has since evolved into a full time ministry.  Writing has always been a love of mine and when I began blogging I needed a competent editor so I turned to the Lord.  The Holy Spirit has been most gracious is laying upon my heart not only the subject matter of my article, but also the words to pen, (type)  It was and is my desire that what is posted from my site images  fllod gate 2will not only be Christ-honoring but also be encouraging and edifying to my readers.  Little did I know that God was about to open the floodgates, so to speak!

Within the past month I was contacted by a sister-in-the-Lord, who managed another blog that essentially had the same ministry as mine.  She had visited my blog, read my articles and was pleased with the content.  She then asked me to prayerfully consider  becoming a contributor to her blog.  I visited the site, Christian Blessings, and was overwhelmed by the number of  other contributors to her site from all over the world.  Her outreach extended into over 120 countries.  At this time there are 324 bloggers that follow her postings with an average of over 500 visits a day.  Yesterday, the total was over 1000 visits.  Whoa, was I ever impressed!

The Lord made it clear that He did indeed open this door and that he would carry me through.  This week my second posting will be published on this site.  Since my first posting last week, I have gained 9 new followers to my own site.  My prayer continues to plead with God that folks will not only be drawn closer to the Lord in their Christian walk but also those who may not know my Savior would have their eyes opened to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

With a commitment to writing for two blogs, my plate seemed full.  Not so, saith my Lord, I have another door for us  to walk through.  Last night at church, my Assistant Pastor approached me about assuming the responsibility of managing the web site for Christians for Constitutional Awareness.  The purpose of this site is to monitor activity at the State and National government level in the light of God’s Word and the Constitution.  I am absolutely thrilled at this new ministry.  My prayer is that once again, the Lord will use me in furthering his Word and his righteousness among the readers.

How appropriate is my life’s verse:  It is God that worketh in me both to will and to do of his own good pleasure.  I covet your prayers as I continue in the ministries that the Lord has given me and that he will bless my efforts as I assume the new ministry with CCA.

Thank you,   Diann

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