A Future “Golden Book” best seller? God Forbid!

When I was in high school it was still a shame and an embarrassment for a girl to get pregnant out side of marriage.  Sadly, I was in the beginning of the sexual revolution of the 60’s and by the time the 70’s rolled around, it became socially acceptable to shack-up with your partner and not get married.  Your roommate was considered your significant other, a term which later incorporated a person of the same-sex.  Many a teen-age girl went on the ‘pill’ just in case they gave in to 1stabortiontheir fleshly lusts.  Although the stigma for taking an oral contraceptive was justified in that is was being used for dysmenorrhea, the fact still remained that it was a preventive measure for not having an untimely pregnancy. This allowed their sin to continue without the repercussions of having an unwanted child.  After all, what teen age girl would delight in being on public display for nine months with a big belly.  The town busy-bodies would have field day exchanging rumors and well-meaning but tactless friends would offer unsolicited advice, especially when it came to the welfare of the unborn child.  Being a society of the ‘quick fix’ it did not take long for people to institute a remedy for  their sin, which could be dealt with in a short time frame……without having to wait nine months ………………with a big belly………………and no social life…………………………..And so the murdering of babies began!

I am not going to go into the statistics or the where and why-fores of having an abortion only to state that it is a murder, “Thus saith the Lord”  Millions of babies have been deliberately and intentionally killed by their own mothers. There are those who deem this slaughter of innocent lives as no more than a removal of a growing tumor.  Well, they muse,  at least this way no one will find out!  Doesn’t that sound like a slick-willy justification for covering your sin of promiscuity.  Of the two I believe, no, I know, that I would choose to have the baby and not to compound the sin by committing the sin of murder.

Sadly, there are thousands of parents who are totally unaware that their grandchild was killed by their own daughter, the child’s mother.  Moms and Dads are privy to their child having a tonsillectomy, appendectomy, and all of the other ‘ectomies, but the government declares that they do not have the right to be informed when their daughter is having an abortion.    Just recently an article was posted  at http://lynleaz.com, about the New York City School system distributing ‘morning after pills’ tomorning-after-pill-jpg teenage girls, without their parents permission.  Schools cannot give out ibuprofen without parental consent, yet they can distribute this drug to induce an abortion.  The program, CATCH, Connecting Adolescents to Comprehensive  Health is none other than a user-friendly abortion program geared to terminate the pregnancy within the first 72 hours.  Parents can opt-out to have their child participate, but they cannot be informed if the child does participate.

Folks, our Nation is in a mess.  God will surely bring his judgment soon!  It is so unnatural for a woman to kill her offspring;  this is no different than sacrificing children on a blazing heathen altar of fire, only they are the god who is being appeased.  Suffer the little children to come unto me, saith the Lord.  He did not intend for this to happen by killing them!

Yet, while ye were in the womb, I knew thee.  How grieved the Lord must be each time a baby is murdered.  Yet, because he is God, he still loves the sinner, just not their sin.  There is forgiveness for those who have aborted a child.  I think of a young mother who recently went to a Woman’s Clinic to get an abortion.  She just had delivered a beautiful full term little girl and now she was pregnant again…………she did not want this baby, not now, maybe later.  If there was only someway 77080_497113770319908_1364072473_n  baby in sacto do a fast forward toward the end of the nine months so that the Mom could see her perfect child in the womb, maybe then she would change her mind.  Perhaps as she gazed  upon the little head full of dark hair like her own, and then count the little fingers and toes, ……. Wow, looks like the child is going to have big feet!  Can we see? … the little leg is in the way,  it has to be a boy, look at those broad shoulders.

God sent His only Begotten Son into the World to die on the Cross of Calvary for our sins.  There will be repented thieves, adulterers, and even murderers in heaven.  You see, at one time in their life they realized that they were a sinner, deserving of an eternity in Lake of Fire, but the Holy Spirit opened their eyes that the god of this world, Satan, had blinded  and they were able to see the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Upon asking God to forgive them, they were wonderfully and gloriously saved.  God remembers their sin no more.  The scars of our sinful life may remain with us until glory, but as far as the east is from the west, God hath removed our transgressions.


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