Cupid is a What?

Even as the last remnants of the Christmas merchandise is being removed from the store shelves, the nations proprietors are stocking cards, candy and cute little dainties for the annual celebration of Valentines day.  As a child I can remember my Mom buying packages of little Valentine cards to give out to our classmates. Those little embossed heart Valentine-Day-Images4-150x150shaped candy confections are still a favorite of children today.  Over the years, like many other events, the merchandise of Valentine’s Day has evolved into an art of sorts.  Gourmet delicacies, designer cards, and fantastic floral arrangements entice the lovelorn as they seek to purchase that one special gift that will express their love and adoration to the recipient of their affection, making this a 14 billion dollar annual enterprize.  So, where and when did all of this seemingly harmless celebration originate.  For some, this will come as an absolute shock!

The researching of the origin of Valentines day was enlightening to say the least.  The stories and or legends literally go from one extreme to the other with an intertwining of fact and fiction that almost boggles the mind.  There are certain facts that have allowed me to conclude that this yearly event originated from pagan worship.  Since the reference to this truth is none other than the Word of God, I am inclined to believe that the origin of Valentines celebration does have its roots in paganism.   In Genesis 10:9 we are introduced to Nimrod, the first full-time disciple of Satan.  His name means towerofbabel‘rebel’ and justifiably so for he rebelled against God.  You will recall that it was Nimrod who led the building of the Tower of Babel. After God scattered the people by instituting the various languages, the name Nimrod also became known as Tammuz, Adonis, Baal, Lupercus, and even Cupid.

The meaning of the word valentine comes from the Latin Valentinus, meaning to be strong, powerful and mighty – like Nimrod is depicted in the Bible.  Lupercus, the Roman god for ‘Nimrod’, was a heathen hero, their strong man, their valentine.   ST Valentines day was set aside by Roman pagans to worship him.  So, we can conclude that Nimrod/Lupercus, a heathen god known for being strong and powerful with his bow and arrow, a disciple of Satan, was the original St Valentine.   In fact, they were called St Valentine.

The Babylonian’s name for Nimrod is Tammuz,  the illegitimate son of Queen Semiramis.  She claimed that Tammuz was Nimrod, reborn.  Queen Semiramis the goddess of immortality, lusted after her son, in an incestuous relationship.   This is further confirmed by the incestuous  relationship between Venus and Cupid, the Greek counterpart to Semiramis and Tammuz. Their twisted sexuality is the object of Valentines Day.

Semiramis became the Queen of heaven and her relationship with Tammuz, her son, became the basis for the fertility cults throughout the world.  She was worshipped as the goddess  “Ishtar”,  during the feast of Easter in Saxon times.   During these festivals, immorality ran rampant.  Women and men sent cards to those of whom they desired to have a sexual encounter, thus the origin of Valentine Cards; bringing men and women together for sexual purposes  Nudity was a common site during these festivals and folk ran through the streets virtually naked.    Did you ever see a cupid with clothes on?

The Roman Catholic church tried to ‘Christianize’ this sordid event for whatever reason, and promoted a more Pictures-of-Saint-Valentine-11-150x150respectable celebration designed at minimizing the immorality.   They even came up with their own Saint Valentine as well as their own Semiramis/Tammuz’;  the Madonna and child.  Many of the traditions established by the church are still in practice today, such as the color red, the giving of  flowers and the heart, which originally was associated with Tammuz in that he was depicted with a heart-shaped fruit in his hand  Thus Tammuz  became known as the god of the heart.   Even though the more respectable Roman citizen was now able to participate in this religion-ized festival , the cultish practice of worshipping Ishtar continued and in fact is still practiced today in parts of the World, especially in Muslim countries.

When scholars dug into ancient ruins it was discovered that Nimrod of Babylon is the same god-symbol as Cupid.  It is not difficult to understand how Satan planted a diabolical trail throughout history of incorporating this pagan celebration into a socially acceptable practice by Christians.

As you consider your thoughts on this timely subject it may help to understand that Nimrod is depicted as Cupid, the god of love.  His followers believe that he was the seed of the woman, and that he had a divine birth.  Sound familiar?  Valentines day is not an innocent secular holiday;  it has its roots in the occult.  Would you be further surprised to learn that this pagan celebration was held yearly on February 14th?   What would Jesus want you to do?


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