Why are we so Surprised?

url3Oftentimes in our Christian journey, we are pleasantly surprised of how the Lord opens doors of opportunity to serve which were not within our wildest dreams.  The Word does tell us that if we seek the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, all of these things will be added unto us.  Not being specific allowed God the freedom to choose ministries for us that were sort of ‘user friendly’ in that He had given us the talents to pursue.  For me, He showed me at an early age that I had a penchant for writing.

In high school our English teacher gave us an assignment to write a book report.  For whatever reason, I did not get the book read and therefore was  pressed to come  up with a report that would at least give me a passing grade.  In scanning through the book and reading the back cover I hastily put together my composition.  Later in the week our reports were handed back; everyone received their report except me.  I was really becoming paranoid……..surely she had realized that I did not read the entire book and I had receive a failing mark.  Instead, she told the class that she wanted to read a report that depicted true writing talent.  It was my report.  needless to say, I was astonished.   Whew!

Not being a Christian as a teenager, I was not aware of God given talents and even throughout my life, like many pf us, the Lord continues to open my eyes to the talents that He has bestowed upon me.  This happened with my ability of being a good nurse, Mother, Grandmother, Sunday School teacher and the list goes on.

As God’s children. we should never succumb to the philosophy that we do not have the skill or talent to pursue a particular ministry.  Many are the stores of folk who have at sometime in their life told the Lord, “I just cannot do this”  Remember Moses?……………”But Lord, I am not eloquent in speech…”  God became a little testy with the man.

In the past several years I have witnessed God calling Senior Saints to the mission field, stuttering men to the pulpit, and those with hearing loss as Sunday School teachers.  In my youth there was this saying.  ‘can’t died in the poor house”  It most assuredly must have come from the precept “That with God all things are possible.”

May we continue in the things that we have learned that God may be glorified; for it is God that worketh in us both to will and to do of His good pleasure.


One thought on “Why are we so Surprised?

  1. My first response when called to do something is “I can’t do THAT!” Thankfully, our amazing God agrees with me, and gently assures me that of course *I* can’t do it, but that He-in-me can. As I now look back on ‘impossible’ things which were accomplished, I can see VERY clearly that ALL praise is due to Him.

    What an enormous privilege to be an instrument in the hands of the omnipotent, creator God!

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