Walking through the Storm

03-5-10-28sm   storm

        Many times I have stood on the front porch of my home and watched as the heavens displayed a magnificent rendition of the mighty power of the most High God.   The roaring sound of the winds, the thundering claps of thunder and  the intense crackling of lightning  are the fireworks of the Great Creator.  He is in control;  He is directing the winds and the rains; He is raising and lowering the tail of the hurricane and He is ever mindful of watching over me.   Fear not, for I am with thee!    And so it is in the storms of our lives………………..

For the most part we should agree that storms in and of themselves seem destructive in nature, yet the Lord allows everything for a reason.  We may not realize the benefit of a particular storm for many years,  but since it was allowed by the Heavenly Father, we can most assuredly agree that it was meant for good.      And so it is in the storms of life………….

The aftermath of a significant  storm leaves many felled trees which were hollowed from being infested by termites.  Old useless tattered buildings on rural farms were flattened.   Homeowners became aware of leaks, loose shingles, and drainage systems which needed tending that they otherwise may not have known……………..And so it is in the storms of life.

Our Heavenly Father allows storms in our life for our good.  When our hearts become infested with the termites of sin and God needs to lovingly convince us to repent so that He can once again enjoy our fellowship.  He allows hurricanes to flatten our pride and self serving ways so that we can be clean vessels for Him to use.  The many harsh winds that He sends our way alert us to the neglect of the protection afforded by studying His Word, the lack of spiritual sensitivity in not witnessing to the lost and the hiding of our talents in the sand.   And then there are those lightning bolts. the painful reminder that we have not been faithful in our Christian walk, that we have dishonored the Lord by walking with the World.

As in nature, we often do not realize the benefits of a divinely allowed storm in our life until years later.  Most everyone can relate to a story of    “If this had not happened, I would have never………..”  Perhaps you were unjustly let go from a good paying job…………..but it opened the door for rapid advancement at another company.  Or perhaps. like Joseph, you were sorely mistreated by your siblings only to be used years later to be their God ordained provider.   Whether the storms are small or of the Tsunami type, we must understand that they are allowed by God for a purpose.

Sometimes I believe the Lord allows literal storms as a means of chastening.  In the book  “As America has done to Israel”  the author has researched that many major devastating storms have hit the United States immediately after a negative gesture toward our Israeli friends.  One of the most profound hurricanes was the one which destroyed a Nazi community in New York during the Hitler era.  Another of interest was the one that hit New Orleans, Katrina, I believe, after the Golan Heights incident.   The United States has consistently stood by Israel until in the past few years.  We are warned that those who bless Israel, God will Bless and those that curse Israel……………..

We are not exempt from being disciplined by spiritual storms in our lives.  God has said that no chastening  is pleasant, but grievous, nevertheless it bringeth forth the  peaceable fruit of righteousness in our walk.  When tumultuous times enter our life it behooves us to examine our hearts to see if there be any sin therein which needs to be repented.  Only then can we give ourselves to trusting the Lord that his reasoning for allowing the storm is meant to be beneficial, causing us to draw closer to Him.


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