In the Beginning

creating_adamSitting in my living room, gazing out the window at the gentle falling snow, I am amazed at the awesomeness of God’s Creation.  Although winter is not one of my favorite seasons, especially now that I am older, it has its beauty displayed with the artistic dabbling of myriads of individual snowflakes.  The freshness of new fallen snow can only be compared to the tingling scent of misty  spring rains.  Quite honestly, I prefer the snow to the rain in that I do not get as wet as quickly.  Anyway, the adage that April showers bring May flowers lures one into the warmth and joy of the summer sunshine.  Like a mother with her new born infant, I relish the delight in watching beautiful flowers push their infancy through the hard, crusty soil and mature  into an array of delightful colors.  And ,Oh, the fragrance, absolutely tantalizing.  The fruits of the roots demand to be harvested in the autumn time, when many a farmer is out in their fields gathering in the fruits of their labor.  Apple cider, campfires, and hayrides are anticipated joys of the season of reaping.  Much has been written in prose and poetry about the seasons, and it is truly a mystery how anyone would choose to believe that this plethora of beauty did not come from the Creator of the Universe.

In the beginning, God did create, and he saw that everything was good.  Man was created to have fellowship with God and the Heavenly Father provided everything that man would need to sustain himself.  Can you just close your eyes for a minute and envision God coming down in the cool of the evening and talking with Adam and Eve?  Awesome!  But then:

It is understandable that people question why God allowed sin.  You see, God wanted man to choose to love Him!  So he allowed Satan to tempt Adam into eating of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.  I oftentimes wonder if it was possible that God held his breath so to speak to see if Adam would resist temptation.  He failed, that is Adam did!

The LORD, Jehovah created a perfect world for a perfect man and gave that man a perfect wife.   God, man, woman, that is the divine order in which God established humanity.  It is also the way he deals with humanity.  Let us notice in Genesis 3 that when God came down to walk with man, he asked, Adam, where art thou?  He did not call out to Eve!  He was holding Adam responsible for his wife’s behaviour.  Next we read that Adam actually committed his second sin in that he blamed God for giving him Eve, a weak willed woman.  Well, Eve was not going to take full responsibility, in fact when God asked her what she did, her reply was that the serpent beguiled me.  No manning-up here!  A couple of comments before we move on – Most assuredly a man cannot blame his wife for his sinning.  Being the headship of the home, it is his responsibility to set the standards seeing  that scripture is being obeyed.  On the other hand, woe unto the woman who tempts her husband to sin; who frustrates his efforts in leading the family in the ways of the Lord.

Our Heavenly Father was not without a plan.  He loved mankind so much that he needed to implement a plan of redemption to bring man to Himself.  Sin had severed the God/man relationship, and so God set in motion a way for that relationship to be restored.

In dealing with this dreadful situation it is interesting to note that God began with the Serpent.  The evil one would be cursed above all animals, he would be doomed to crawl upon his belly and eat dust all of his life.  Ugh!  But then, God gives the final edict upon the serpent, Satan, in that He promises that the seed of a woman will bruise his head.  He who was once one of God’s most beautiful angels had become indeed a loathsome reptile.

The woman was dealt with next as God saw fit to allow sorrow in childbirth.  She was to be under the submission of her husband.  Now there is a word that is omitted in many marriages today, submission.  Since the dawn of the women libbers, the norm of society is for women to be their own ‘boss’, often usurping the leadership in the home.

Man was given perhaps the greatest chastisement, if you will.  Not only did he have the responsibility of headship of his home, but also he had to work for a living.  That would not have been too big of a deal until the Lord placed a curse upon the ground.  Now man had to earn his keep by the sweat of his brow; thistles, thorns, clay, rocks……………………..makes me tired even thinking about it.  Can you imagine these scrawny welfare males tilling the ground?  So much for the commandment that if a man does not work he shall not eat?  Recently I was very disappointed to learn that my state had more people on welfare than those who worked.  Just thought I would throw that in there.

God’s perfect paradise was shattered by sin.  Yet, through his only begotten son, Jesus, God in the Flesh, salvation was offered to man.  His sacrificial shedding of His blood on Calvary, nailed our sins to the Cross.  One day, He will come again, and establish his Kingdom on earth.  Satan will be defeated, sin will be conquered.  God will once again enjoy fellowship with his creation.  Are you ready?  He is coming again and if you have never asked to have your sins forgiven, and invited Jesus to save you, you WILL be left behind.  God will create within you a new heart, one in which the Holy Spirit of God dwells. and you will become a new creation in Christ.  He is waiting!


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