Do you Hear what I Hear?

We live in a world that is encumbered by noise everywhere.  Our ears are often timesjesus-at-the-door-39617-gallery graced with pleasant music and caring conversation.  Unfortunatley the cancerous beat of rock songs and the infectious malignancy of foul language and cursing also enter into our minds through the auditory canal.  Recently it dawned upon me that one is able to hear without use of those appendages on either side of the head.  Think that I am loony?  Read on!

During my nursing career I learned over the years to listen with my eyes.  My love for the elderly fostered my desire to specialize in geriatric care.  Old folk for the most part during my generation were not given to complain.  As I gazed upon their faces and into their eyes I could ‘hear’ them talk to me without them opening their mouths.  Sometimes it was quite evident by the furrowed brow and the tight clinched lips that they were telling me that they were in pain.  On other occasions they were telling me by licking their lips that they were thirsty.  As a mother and a grandmother the wee ones would tell me they were afraid by their wide eyes and drawn cheeks and raised eyebrows.  When I listened to the face of my spouse I was able to hear him tell me that he loved me or that he was not so happy with me.   lol    Anyway, my point is that we can hear folk talk to us without them verbally speaking.

Many of us have ‘watched’ people in the mall, the grocery, restaurant or other community places.   It is amazing the negative non-verbal  comments made by a seeming majority of folk.  We hear the groans of despair, the cry of hurt, or the whimper of sadness as the countenance of their face is observed.  On the faces of other people we hear the gritting of anger or the gnawing of hatred sending forth warning messages.  The edifying tune of the sweet lullaby of contentment and the  gentle strumming of happiness is becoming a rarity.  This is largely related to the glaring fact that the World is not attune to the still small voice of God.

As most Bible believing, blood bought Christians I become so excited when in the process of reading the Scriptures that the Lord speaks to me about a particular promise or truth.   He is the Living Word and his commandments are not grievous.  The more I peruse the Holy Writ the more I am able to hear the soothing voice of the Good Shepherd keeping me safe within the flock.  There are times when the Great Physician speaks to me as I battle physical maladies, giving me strength and endurance as well as healing with His Word.   There are also times when the Comforter calms my anxious heart with words of encouragement when a loved one is not following the Lord.  On other occasions the most Holy God admonishes me about sin in my life, spurring me on to seek repentance.    The Counsellor gives me advice and instruction in righteousness.  When I seek wisdom from God, he tells me from His Word the way in which I should go.  When I pray for my unsaved loved ones, the Savior reminds me that it is not His will that any should perish but that all should come to the saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus.

My friend is the “Still small voice of God” speaking to you?  The Lord has said that ‘whosoever shall call upon the Name of the Lord shall be saved.  Jesus stands at the door of your heart, knocking, If you would just be willing to ‘hear his voice,’  he will open your eyes that the god of this world (Satan) hath blinded so that you can see (understand) the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ


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