A Very Good Year – for Friendship

the_woman_at_the_wellHaving a close personal friend has been a desire of mine for years.  During my youth and young adult life I often envied those ladies that had a special person in their life who spent quality time together and shared their joys and sorrows.  Their friendship was not superficial but instead it had developed into a bond that found its origin streaming forth from the heart.  There was an unspoken philio love that could be sensed when they were in the presence of each other.  I often longed for a friend such as this and glory be to God, I was blessed with one this year.

Her name is  Nancy.  Both of us being widows, we have so much in common and yet are opposite is so many ways that seem to compliment each other.  I am a wee bit on the fluffy side and she is a petite slim wisp of a woman.  Her love for the Lord is a rebuke to me and God has used her to inspire me to seek more ways in which I can serve him.  I enjoy fellowshipping with her.  On a trip to Washington DC, we shared a room together and wow, what a wonderful time we had.  We still laugh about some of the antics we enjoyed.  Being a faithful friend, Nancy will call or text to check on me if I am not in church.  And, O, you should see her precious granddaughter, Norah……..just an adorable doll baby! I am so grateful that she shares her with me.  In the coming year I trust that the Lord will give us many opportunities to serve Him together.

This year the Lord brought another friend back into my life.  Almost 40 years ago he was my Pastor.  Now a single man in his very late 60’s, he serves the Lord in the church which his brother pastors.  It has been fun catching up on all the memories.  Jim is a fun fella to be around and manages to bring a smile to my face.  His knowledge of the Bible and his love for the Lord are an inspiration to me.  Once we reconnected, which is a story in itself, he made a four-hour trip just to see me.  I sure felt special!  Anyway,  Jim has an intense love for Jerusalem and his desire is to be able to make a visit to the City of David.  The Lord has used Jim twice in my life.  It was his knowledge of Biblical separation that led me out of a worldly church into a church that came out from among them and remained separated.  In my early years as a Christian he helped me  understand the assurance of my salvation from the Word of God.  This time, the Lord used Jim to inspire and encourage me to start my blog.   In recent weeks I have neglected my writing because of attending a Bible Institute.  I will never be as knowledgeable as Jim, but at least I will better understand what he is talking about in reference to scripture.  In addition, Jim sweetly rebuked me regarding some matters on seeking forgiveness.  This is one of the qualities of a good friend.

Surprisingly, there has been another ‘friend’ evolve in my life and that is my eldest daughter.  She and her husband Pete take that ‘widow’ thing in scripture very seriously.  Now, granted, I am not feeble and fragile but it is indeed comforting to know that I have Biblical caretakers who fulfill their scriptural responsibility toward me.  We have shared tearful emotional times with each other have instilled within us a very special bond.  Many people have mistaken us for sisters, which is sorta of comical in a way.  We have become each others confidants and counsellors.  My life has been blessed by her friendship.

I would not end this article without sharing my love for my dearest and closest friend, the Lord Jesus.  This past year I have learned that I cannot in any way shape or form, out give God.  I need to start a journal to log all of the multitude of blessings that have been mine by the grace of God.  I want for nothing and the blessings of this past year have been beyond anyones expectation.  The Lord provided expense paid vacations to Washington DC and Hilton Head, Virginia and was able to attend the graduation of my firstborn grandson from the Marine Corps Boot.   Through a brother in the Lord, he provided money to repair my air-conditioning in my van.  Most importantly, the Lord has patiently drawn me closer to himself.  He has stilled my heart, calmed my spirit and strengthened my faith.  He works within me both to will and to do of His good pleasure.

Indeed, this has been a very good year for friendship!


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