What a Mess!

JunkAs I sit here and look around my living room I scan a smattering of ‘junk’ here and there that has accumulated on the floor in my determined effort to declutter my home.  Getting rid of larger no-longer-needed items was a cinch, but sifting through drawers of papers, supplies and who knows what is not only wearisome, but also time-consuming.  Yet it is this ‘little’ stuff which makes my life much more complicated because I never remember where I placed what!   My daughter has offered to help me, but her method of trash bagging my treasures (she calls it junk) is not conducive to an amiable Mother/daughter relationship.  With this challenge before me I am determined to accomplish this task prior to January 1, 2013.  There is much to be said about getting ones house in order, however, it has been a recent conviction that I also need to declutter my mind and my heart.

The world has become so infested with immorality that it has become a challenge in preventing ungodly images, thoughts and sounds from permeating ones mind.  Even the godliest of Christians can be listening intently to an inspired message by the Pastor and then all of a sudden, out of the blue comes a thought from Satan that makes the poor soul cringe and immediately seek forgiveness.  The only weapon that we have at our disposal is the Living Word of God which is quick and powerful, sharper than a two-edged sword, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of our hearts!  Men, being creatures aroused by sight,  have an extremely difficult time keeping their minds pure.  Sadly, it is just not the worlds women that tempt the men of today, even those who name the name of Jesus come to church in low cut garments and other apparel which accentuates the bosom.  Care must be taken in protecting what goes into our brain by keeping oneself from environs that promote ungodly activity whether is be visual, vocal or voluptuous in nature.  Memorizing scripture and the old time hymns of the faith is the healthy diet which promotes Christ honoring thoughts and actions.  So, in determining to unclutter what has been ingrained in my aging gray matter I set forth on a course of preventative treatment from the Great Physician.

Now decluttering the heart is a more delicate matter.  It is God that worketh in me both to will and to do of His own good pleasure.  I cannot declutter my heart on my own.  It has to be a work of the Holy Spirit and my willingness to not only be sensitive to His leading but also submissive to His conviction in order to further the process of my sanctification.   We have often heard that from out of our mouth comes what is in our heart.  Remember what the lass said to Peter? (Thy speech betrayeth thee)?  Not only our speech but also our behavior proves to the world what is in our heart.  Having a meek and quiet spirit allows us the opportunity to listen to the still small voice of God.  Unfortunatley we often put our mouth in gear before listening and our mind controls what we say or do rather than the Lord.  The heart is deceitful and desperately wicked unless under the influence of the Spirit of God.   When our brain controls our heart we are no less than carnal in our spiritual life.   It takes daily feeding upon the Living Word of God to give us the nutrition we need for a heaven healthy heart.   Nutritionist will attest to the fact that once a body is subjected to healthy foods it begins to reject those foods which are not conducive to healthy functioning.   This was realized in my own life several years ago in my effort to quit smoking.  I was addicted to nicotine and a friend encouraged me to begin taking bee pollen.  My lungs became more healthy and in the process rejected the nicotine and I was freed from my addiction.  So, as mentioned aforehand,  I set forth on a goal of purging my heart from the garbage of this world from my heart by fervently feeding upon the Living Word of God


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