Obama: Meet Norma McCorvey!

Who on earth is Norma McCorvey.  I am so glad that you asked, Barack,  although I must admit that I did not know who she was until today.  The internet provides us with a plethora of meaningful information and I just  became aware of the former and current life of this most controversial lady.  Perhaps her name should become one of those ‘household’ names, once again, as it was in the past.

Norma became a nation wide media buster in the early 1970’s, but like you, Sir, it was not in a positive way.    In those days as she relates, she could out-cuss and out drink, many of the tavern regulars as cigarette smoke barreled out of her mouth and nose.  She used her explosive tongue to slash and burn those who disagreed with her.  She was indeed a ‘mean mama’ and her temper could be ignited with very little provocation.  Through a set of circumstances in her life she became the puppet, like you, of a sinister organization, which spewed godlessness and murder upon millions of innocent human beings.

Enjoying her new found notoriety, Norma found herself employed by this sinister organization in fostering their wicked agenda.  She states, Mr. Obama, that her new found mission in life was the only thing she lived for, it seem to consume her entire being.   However, because of her caustic personality, the hierarchy of her organization soon relegated her to a less visible role.  Still no clue as to who this lady is?   Just keep reading……………………

The organization for which Norma worked was located in the dip of a ‘u’ shaped cul-de-sac.  This was strategically chosen to place the business several hundred yards from the public walkway, away from the legally gathering site of protesters.  Yes, protesters!  By the providence of God, another business also relocated in the same business park.  The goals of these two enterprises were on the opposite side of the coin.  They were sworn enemies and often heated arguments would evolve between the respective employees.  Police sirens and flashing lights were not an unusal occurrences several times a day because of the bitter clashes in the parking lot.  However, on occasion, the clashes would evolve into friendly  conversation..  This is how Norms became friends with Flip!

Flip often carried his Bible under his arm as he exchanged words with Norma and her colleagues.  He confessed to being a great big sinner, saved by a great big God.  Norma never considered him a sinner and soon became an avid listener of the stories of his past.   Other of Flips associates also began witnessing when the doors seem to be open and in return she shared her beliefs; sort of a Elijah and Baal confrontation.  Each was content to let the ‘true God win’. and He did!

The Lord allowed another friendship to develop with a young girl by the name of Emily.  You, see, Barack, God was allowing these friendships in Norma’s life to bring her to the saving knowledge of His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.  God also loves you enough to do the same.  Has he?  The unlikely relationship that developed between these two individuals is a heartwarming editorial of what God can do in the life of a sinner.  Emily’s parents had the wisdom to note that the Lord was using their daughter to being Norma to himself.    I would really like to go into detail about the relationship that God fostered between these two but for time sake I will invite you to look up the story on the internet.  Through the witness and friendship of Flip and Emily, the Lord took the circumstances in Normas’ life and opened her eyes that the god of this world had blinded (Satan) and Norma confessed her heinous sin and ask God to forgive her and accepted the blood bought salvation of His Son the Lord Jesus Christ.

Barack. even though your actions indicate that you are as wicked as Norma was, the fact is that God so loved ‘you’ that He sent his only begotten Son into the World, to die on the Cross of Calvary, shedding his blood for your sins.  John 3:16, is the very same verse that God not only used to bring Norma to salvation, but also myself.  In the Book of Romans 10:13, God states that whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord, shall be saved……………….even Barak Hussein Obama.

Oh, I almost forgot………………..Norma?   You will recognize her by her pseudonym  “Jane Roe”   Since the 1990’s Norma has been working to undo the atrocities of Roe v Wade.  God has forgiven her for the millions of babies that she was instrumental in advocating their abortion.  She is one of those ‘tainted’ Christians, like the Apostle Paul and Bathsheba, who although committed atrocious sins, are and were used for God for His glory.  This can be your testimony also, Barack.  May God have mercy on your soul.


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