Who is Barack Hussein Obama?

As a Citizen of the United States of America, it is most important that we know the person for whom we are electing into positions of government.  Fortunately this is a fairly easy task, with access to the internet.  However, the past four years have proven that there are those folk in this country who have used their clout to prevent certain information from being made public.  Now, understand, we cannot always believe what we read, but when there is consistent negative comments circling the media concerning the character of a candidate, one begins to wonder whether or not this person is the best choice for political office.  Let’s examine some of these comments:

First of all, let’s lay to rest the confusing secrecy of ones birth.  This has been hammered in the media from the get-go.  The Constitution states that a candidate for President of the United States has to be a citizen of this great Country.  Should there be any doubt, We the People must demand positive proof of citizenship before anyone can run for any office.

Secondly, a candidate must possess basic qualifications for the office being sought.  The color of one’s skin is not a qualification!  There must be a public record of service to warrant consideration for elected office.  It is definitely true that anyone in America can grow up to be President, but it needs to be an earned privilege based on past performance in the public service.  A newbie first time Senator would seemingly not have enough experience to run a complex government such as ours.

It would seem to be a no-brainer, that the candidate should love this Country and not have ties to anti-American forces.  A man’s religion should not be the the determining factor as to whether or not he is qualified to run for an office.  However, if that religious belief is as that of the Muslim cult, then we owe it to our National security to prevent that person from seeking office, especially that of President.  One does not need to delve far into the doctrine of Muslims to determine that one of their goals is to annihilate this country.   Now that our current President has admitted that he is a Muslim, we are obligated to remove him from office,  as set forth in the Constitution.

Now let’s take a journey into a fact finding tour.  Michele Obama was a frequent house guest of Jesse Jackson.  The political regime in Chicago were looking for a ‘man’ to groom for the Presidency.  At one time, Jackson’s son was considered.  Although he fit the ‘black’ qualification, his reputation left a lot to be desired.  As the story goes, a marriage was arranged between Michelle and a man named Barack Hussein Obama, and thus the plot began.  Millions of dollars were pumped into Obama’s campaign for the Presidency.  Hush money was paid for silence in regard to his citizenship.  The Puppet Obama only needed to stand in front of the podium, smile, and poof!, he was elected to the highest office in the land, not because of his qualification, but because of the underground work of the Chicago regime.

During the past four years we have been subjected to a President who has undermined the Constitution, our American Heritage, and our Christian values.  His administration will go down  as the worst four years in our history.  One thing has transpired and that is that the American people have been made acutely aware of the character of this man.  He is not one of us.  Nor was he ever!

Even with the liberal media’s favorable promotion of their ‘man’, one has to wonder how disappointed the Chicago regime must be in their protegé.  Even with their financial backing and media control, they are going to find themselves in the position of looking for another disciple.   Will they dump Barry if he is not re-elected?  Time will tell.

I would be amiss if I did not comment on the one good thing which has evolved because of the Obama administration and that is the motivation of Christian Conservatives across this land to become involved in matters of government.  God’s people have been shaken into reality and they are marching forward, armed with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the sword of the ballot.  “We the People” have denounced the liberal media bias and have become students of the Constitution.   We will defend and protect our  Divine right to Life and Liberty as set forth in the Holy Writ and the Constitution of the United States of America.

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