O Happy Day!

As Patriotic Americans who love our blessed Nation we can rejoice at the outcome of the first Presidential Debate.  New visions of hope have stirred our hearts and energized our souls with renewed determination to stand for the truth.  Lest we stumble by being puffed up and proud let’s remind ourselves of a few moral concepts that need to be heeded.

First of all, as a Nation, we need to give thanks unto the Lord for allowing Mr. Romney to have the calmness, determination, knowledge and debate skills that tremendously aided his performance.  All good things come from above and we need to be thankful that God laid it upon Mr. Romney’s heart to be prepared.  Secondly, we need to thank Mr. Romney for his love for our Country, Our Constitution, The Bill of Rights, and strong family values.  His adherence to moral values, our unalienable rights, and the American Dream has made him the candidate of choice in this most important election.  Lastly, we need to thank the millions of volunteers who have spent thousands upon thousand of hours promoting the return of our Nation to the principles established by our forefathers.

Let us remember that a proud look and a haughty spirit will work to our ruin.  We must remain humble and not take the credit for what God is allowing.  2 Chronicles 7;14………..If my people, who are called by my name shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from haven, and will forgive their sins, and will heal their land.  Folks, this election is just not about principalities and powers.   It is a spiritual warfare between the Christians and the evil works of darkness.   God says we are not to boast when our enemy falls, lest we reap the same.   We need to pray for the souls of Mr. Obama, his family.

In addition to having a thankful spirit and a humble heart, we must be ever vigilant that we do not succumb to the tortoise/hare syndrome.    We cannot afford to slumber until the task is finished.  Vigilance  and consistency will be of utmost importance in the coming days.  An injured animal oftentimes become more vicious.  Unfortunately we, as humans  sometimes mimic wounded beasts when we have been “Mitt” slapped.

The Presidents dynamic duo, Pelosi and Reed are not going to want to submit to a Patriotic President who has moral values and those folk from Chicago of whom Mr. Obama has been their puppet do not want to lose their in road to our government.   We must be ever mindful to pray for Mr. Romney’s safety, and that he will not take the slander and malicious lies of the liberal media personally.   Yes, he will make mistakes, blunders and  perhaps  even ruffle a few feathers, but his agenda is not what the liberals want and they will not sit by idly while he soars in the hearts of the American people and the polls.

The Conservative Crusaders of this Great Nation must determine to fight fairly, to fight truthfully, and to fight offensively for the cause of liberty.  We must not act like the liberal fanatics.  In closing, please remember, that Mr. Romney will need some conservative faces in Washington to replace those of the establishment who do not honor the wishes of the people whom they were elected to serve. Lets us determine to remove those from office at the National level as well as the State level who are self serving and determined to lead our Sweet Land of Liberty down a path of destruction.


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