November 7 2012?

The sun begins to arise in the eastern skies on the early morn of November 7th 2012.  The cool crisp autumn air nips at the noses and ear lobes of those folk who are beginning the days routine.  What will be the condition of their countenance?  Which of these three options will affect their focus on the tide of current events.

A vibrant, hopeful, optimistic sense of security may add a comforting note to their inner being.  This option will bring jubilant praises of thanksgiving to those who worship the Living God of Heaven, the Creator of the Universe.  Their hopes that their blessed Country will return to the fundamentals established by her founding fathers are heavy on their hearts.   Anticipatory thoughts may fill their minds of good things to come; less government control; a President who loves this Country; a President who will honor the Constitution; a President who will be the Commander-in-Chief of our Military; leaders in Congress that will appeal the wretched health care system that was shoved down the throats of the very citizens who adamantly opposed the “change”.   Excitement for sure will fill the air and the Son will shine brightly upon our Nation.

The gloom of the second option will be the overshadowing dark clouds that will diminished the warmth of the sun.  The autumn air will feel harsh against the face of those who tackle the challenge of another day under the Islāmic rule of a man who did and does that ‘which is evil in the eyes of God.’     With heavy hearts these folk will console each other in the truth that their Heavenly Father is still in control and He WILL have the last WORD!  God’s people will remind each other and take comfort in the fact that this world is not our home and we are just passing through!   The rejoicing of those who practice abortion, homosexuality and euthanasia will sicken the bowels of America’s Christian Patriots.  Yet, they will continue to occupy until the coming of their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Can there be a third option.  Yes, indeed, most assuredly the worst of all.  This head in the sand, don’t bother me with religion or politics attitude will fill the air with a stench of apathy.  The lukewarm rays of the sun will hide behind the gray clouds of  ‘whatever’.   These folk live unto themselves with a backbone so spineless that it could well resemble a jelly fish.  They do not take a stand for anything fear of falling because their skeletal structure is so osteoporectic from lack of purposeful exercise.  These folk are sickening to God and He said that He will spew them out of his mouth.  O, they may honor Him with their lips, but their heart is far from Him.

So, my friend, choose for yourself which category you will find yourself on November 3rd.   Join God’s people in fostering the first option!


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