The Dark Sinister Portrait of the President

top-banner-obama-antichrist-four-horsemen-apocolypse-daniel-11-revelation-13With the newly formed Fema Militia at his command, Obama has made his intentions quite clear that he is forming his own Gestapo.  Those who pledge allegiance to Obama’s evil plot to further his wicked agenda will be so indoctrinated  that they will be zealous in persecuting those who are Christians, Constitutionalists and Conservatives.   This band of vigilantes will not be a part of the United States Military and will definitely not adhere to the philosophy of  independent Militia’s, which are Patriots who are willing to die for their beloved America.   Their sole purpose will be to further the dictatorial power of Barak Hussein Obama.

The stage is definitely set for the persecution of God’s people.  The Lord will be separating the wheat from the tares, and we shall know them by their fruit.   May we draw so close to the Lord that when that day comes He will give us the grace to endure the harshness and cruelty which will be forced upon us by these workers of iniquity.  The Rapture of the Church is drawing nigh;  Are you ready?


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