Women in the Word – Abigail

abigailFor those unfortunate women who are yoked together with a mate who is difficult and challenging,  God has been especially gracious in sharing the story of Abigail, one of the loveliest females in the Bible.  Her biography is an inspiration to all ladies who struggle to live a Godly life in spite of their troubled home environment.  Although her parentage and genealogy isn’t given in the Word we are told that her knowledge of Jewish history testifies to an early training in a godly home, whereby she became acquainted with the teachings of the prophets of Israel.  Her name in itself indicates that she was the “Joy of her Father”

As her story unfolds in 1 Samuel 25, we learn in verse 3 that she was a woman of understanding.  Her countenance was tempered with knowledge and beauty.  It is worth noting that the Lord listed understanding as her fist admirable quality.  Many women have a tendency to focus on their beauty rather than their brain.  Lest we are neglectful, it is good to remember that it is not spiritual for women of God to dress shabbily.  Proverbs 31 sets the example that we are to make ourselves coverings of tapestry,  Tee shirts and jeans are not an acceptable attire for ladies to wear to church.  In addition, Abigail possessed wisdom and discernment.  She was indeed capable of working under stressful conditions.

nabalWhatever the cultural or familial reason for her marriage, our dear sweet heroine was married to a fool.  That is exactly what the name Nabal means.  Although Nabal was a descendant from the house of Caleb, he did not inherit the Godly spirit of his ancestor.  God describes him as churlish and in Isaiah 32: 7  teaches us that the meaning of the word churl is one that deviseth wicked devices to destroy the poor with lying words.  Nabal was a stingy selfish, penny-pinching, son of Belial.

david-and-nabalThe third character in this unfolding drama is David.  Without taking the time to reiterate the entire story, we will focus on the fact that David sent men to ask Nabal for sustenance for his troops.  When Nabal refused, David’s anger was kindled and he prepared to seize what he needed from Nabal and to destroy not only Nabal but his entire household.  Fortunately, one of the trusted servants shared the arrogance of Nabal with Abigail, who immediately understood that she needed to take action.

Knowing that innocent lives were at stake, Abigail put herself to the task at hand without informing her husband.   She functioned well under pressure and organized her servants to prepare a meal for David and his men so that her people would not die.  The provisions that Abigail prepared for David are listed in verse 18.  There needed to be enough provisions to feed the 600 men of David’s army.   Ponder for a moment if you will, the fact that the food was loaded upon the backs of asses, the most stubborn of animals.  Yet there is not an indication that this nature manifested itself in this most important task.

abigail-and-davidThe events that transpire next can only evolve from a woman whose heart is surrendered to God.  Starting in verse 23, God reveals the indwelt spiritual beauty of Abigail.  This woman willingly takes personal responsibility for the sin of her husband, in that she herself did not see David’s men who came seeking provisions.  She asks David to forgive HER!.    David was so overcome by her countenance that God shares with us in verses 32-34 that he blessed her.

What an amazing tribute to this outstanding woman.  Her intervention in the life of David prevented him from shedding unnecessary blood.  After God reaped judgment upon Nabal she was blessed by becoming David’s wife.  There are so many lessons that both women and men can learn from this biographical presentation in Scripture.  Perhaps the most important is the correlation of this story and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Abigail, the lost sinner was under the curse of Nabal; the law.  David represents the Lord Jesus, who under his mercy, she began a new life, dead to the law.  The Lord is able to develop the character of Abigail in the life of any woman who is in a dysfunctional marriage.  For those readers who do not have access to the throne of grace, may I invite you to admit that you are a sinner deserving of an eternity in Hell?  Confess your sins to the Living God, who gave his Son the Lord Jesus Christ to shed his blood on the cross for our sins.  By asking Jesus to save you,  God will begin a new work in you which he will perform until the Day of Jesus Christ.  Once you have become a new creature in Christ, then boldly approach the throne of grace and ask the Lord to give you wisdom in dealing with all of your life’s challenges.  Follow up your salvation experience by attending a fundamental Bible preaching church and faithfully reading your Bible every day.


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