God Ordained Marriages – Scott and Hannah

This second in this series of articles on God ordained marriages relates to the dream of most young girls of some day becoming a mother.  Once again, the names have been altered to insure the privacy of those involved.  Enjoy this true story that has been dramatized to enhance the interest of the reader.

Hannah did not want to accept what she had just been told by he Gynecologist, surely there must be a mistake.  She would get a second opinion for sure.  The thought of never being able to bear a child was much too grievous to consider.  Ever since she was  a little girl she dreamed of the day that she would hold her little bundle of joy in her arms.   Alas, the second opinion was rendered, sustaining the original diagnosis.  Hannah would remain barren.  Anger and hurt filled her soul.  “Why, why, God, why me!”  Tears of sorrow consumed her.  In time, with the prayers and support of her family and friends, Hannah began to accept the fate that the Lord had allowed in her life.  She busied herself in the ministries of her church and concluded that she would always remain single because of her barrenness.

Her Pastor recommended that she spend a summer at a youth camp.  She was skilled in pediatric Nursing and would be a great asset to the camp ministry.  Much to her delight she was accepted.  Hannah looked forward to the change, it was as a source of relief in that she would be truly able to get her eyes off personal malady

The air was filled with sounds of voices, laughter, friendly greetings and above all, fresh air!  Scott hurdled his children toward the registration desk.  He stood back and gazed at his little band of campers.   Oh how he missed his beloved wife.  It had been a traumatic spring; the accident; the many days of sitting in the Intensive care, praying, waiting, seeking God’s purpose for allowing this tragedy to happen.   Pangs of hurt struck his wounded heart; he shook them away, refocusing on the goal at hand.  Recalling his Pastor’s advice, he shook his head.  “Why on earth does he think that I need to find a mother for the kids.”  I do not want to fall in love with another woman at this point in my life.  Beside, I think I can rear them……………other men have done so, and with the Lord’s help I can also.

The camp was under way.  Scott assumed his responsibilities in the office and on the other side of the camp, Hannah had organized the clinic and was immediately inundated with bug bites, skinned knees and sun-burned campers.   Both were oblivious to the other, until one day…………..

Scott thought for a moment, he recognized the cry, chuckled at his ‘mother’s’ ear and went to see what elicited the painful wails from his child.  Well, son. let’s just have the camp Nurse take a look this, maybe she will have some neat bandages to cover up this damaged knee.  Reluctantly the child followed his Dad to the clinic He was certain that whatever was going to be done to help his wound was going to hurt.

As he watched Hannah tend to his son, Scott was taken with her easy manner and gentleness.  It was evident to him that she truly enjoyed the ministry that she was called to perform.  Ironically, Scott noticed that his son was completely at ease with the Nurse.  That evening, Scott overheard his son relate to his siblings about this great Nurse at the Clinic, to which one of his offspring responded, “Wow, I can’t wait until I get to go there”

With his Pastors words spurring him on, Scott approached the Clinic.  What on earth am I doing, he thought.  This poor lady will probably think I am a nut!  As their eyes met there was a calmness that seem to fill the air.  While Scott was sharing his burden of the need of a mother for his children, Hannah listened intently.    When it finally dawned on her that this man was proposing to her she responded ,”But I don’t even know you.”  Pleadingly, Scott asked her to prayerfully consider the proposal and that they would talk again.

Both Scott and Hannah testify that when they stood at the altar to be united in Holy Matrimony, that they were in- like, but not in -love.  Today, their children are grown, and so has their love for each other.  The Lord had provided Scott with a mother for his children, and he provided Hannah with the children that she so longingly desired.


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