God ordained Marriages – David and Abigail

Most young girls dream of the day when they will stand at the alter and declare “to death do us part”  to the young man whom they are convinced that they are in love with.    It is a festive occasion for sure.  Friends and relatives are gathered together to wish the new couple success in their life together as husband and wife.  The stories that follow are true accounts of marriages that were not a result of ‘love’ or being in love, but of God bringing two people together in a marriage relationship to meet the need of both parties involved.  Dramatization has been added to enhance the interest of the reader.  Names have been substituted to protect the privacy of those involved.


She  had not been a widow very long.  Being single was almost a relief because her departed spouse was not the best of husbands and she suffered silently from the persistent onslaught of abuse.  Abigail determined not to marry again, she eeked out a meager living on the small income that she received, but she did not complain.  Her faith in God was carnal at best, although she did confess to know Him as her personal Saviour.  Her love was the out-of-doors and she spent many hours at a local campsite.  Among the friends she encountered was a widower.  David had been alone for sometime, his wife having passed away from a terminal illness.  Abigail enjoyed talking with David and they did have many things in common, except he did not profess to be a Christian.  Many were the times they spent together, dining out, talking, fishing and playing table games with their other friends.

On one particular occasion they were engaged in a serious conversation.  David acknowledged to Abigail that he truly enjoyed being her friend and wanted to spend the remainder of his life with her.  Because she did not have any romantic inclinations toward David, she refused his offer of marriage.  David persisted, he almost seem to be on a mission.  There was something different about his demeanor that puzzled her and Abigail began to mellow.  Within a few months these ‘best friends’ became husband and wife.  The marriage was blessed and it was not long before each of them learned to truly love the other.  It was indeed a marriage made in heaven.

Abigail learned that David had not been completely open with her and that he had harbored a secret.  Shortly before their marriage he had been diagnosed with a terminal illness.  His life expectancy was less than a year.  She was confused and somewhat hurt, but he had asked her to trust his motive and that she would soon understand his secrecy.

When the family was gathered for the reading of the will, the attorney handed Abigail an envelope which contained a letter from David.  In the letter he expressed his appreciation for her friendship and that he wanted her to give her the means to live financially secure.  His family had deserted him in his time of need and she filled his need for companionship.  The reason he was so adamant about marrying her was so that he could leave his entire estate to her without any legal hassle.

What a blessing from the Lord, but wait, there is more!  Upon a visit to the clinic for some blood work, Abigail happened to chat with one of the Nurses who had cared for her husband.  During the conversation, the Nurse related that she had witnessed to David and that he had accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as his Saviour.     End of story.


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