God Ordained Marriage – Jake and Marta

The  plethora of floral arrangements permeated the air with sweet  fragrance.  Friends and family members had gathered to pay their respects to a lady who had been a living testimony of the grace of God.    The topic of conversation quickly evolved to the solemn thought of “What is he going to do with Pizzy?     Many of those present had helped  care for Pizzy over the years because of their love for Hazel.  Their friend had gone home to be with the Lord.  Who would take care of Pizzy now?

Pizzy was the only child of Jake and Hazel.  She was born with multiple birth defects including the inability to verbalize  words.  Early on she learned to express herself with a pizzzz sound, hence the nickname Pizzy.  Her tone of voice and facial expressions would indicate whether she needed personal attention or whether she was happy or sad.  Hazel had learned to read her daughter well, and devoted her life to caring for the child that God had given her.

Jake determined to continue to care for Pizzy at home.  He sensed that his daughter was aware of Hazel’s death because Pizzy was sad and withdrawn.   With the help of his Pastor, Jake was able to hire a Christian woman to help in the care of Pizzy.   The first encounter with Marta did not go well.  Pizzy would not cooperate with her care.  As the weeks progressed and with persistence and determination, Marta was finally able to established an amiable relationship with her patient.  Their bond continued to grow until one day Pizzy made it very clear that she did not want Marta to leave.  It was not a pleasant situation, but in order to restore peace in the home, Marta stayed overnight.  Pizzy slept the best she slept since Hazel  passed away.

Jake shared his observation with Marta at the breakfast table.  Both knew that because of the potential ‘appearance of evil’  Marta just could not move into the house with Jake and Pizzy.  Night after night, Pizzy fussed vehemently when Marta got ready to leave.  Night after night, Marta gave in and stayed.  In Jake’s opinion they had no choice.  They would just have to get married.  Marta was unsure that they should allow Pizzy to force this arrangement upon them  After counseling with their Pastor, both Jake and Marta’s love for Pizzy prevailed and they were united in marriage.  Pizzy was their maid of honor.

In the months and years to follow Jake and Marta developed a loving bond while caring for their dear Pizzy.  When the Lord took their little cherub home, they were able to share their grief with one another as the loving parents


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